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How Many Hours Of Sleep If I Wake Up At 5 45am

Is 5 hours of sleep one night ok?

Well why not I am sure you can make it through the day. Although its possible that you will feel a bit sleepy and lazy butyou can. In my life on many occasions when I am too excited or too worried I cant sleep all night and I made through the day easily with a bit of slepiness of course. ANd Its has hapenned to me not only 1 ,2 or 3 but so many times that I lost count. So you will be ok with it . This is also happens with me that if i sleep early than usual then i wake up at night . Then two things happens either I fall sleep again and get up a little late or I cant sleep at all .
So I am sure you gonna survive. and yes research says that you must sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours .

Is it better to wake up naturally after 4-5 hours, or go back to sleep and wake up with the alarm after 6-7 hours?

Every natural function is widely preferable to any technical intrusion. When you sleep 5 hours long and wake up rested and feel well, there’s no reason why you should still lay down and try to sleep again and undergo an alarm.Each one of us has similar needs, an adult suould sleep about 6–8 hours. But there are some people whose need is wider, and some whose need is shorter. An alarm is necessary when you must go to work, and you’re not sure you’re able to wake up in time.

Amount of sleep in AIT?

Is there any specific amount of sleep you are required to have in army ait. Currently we get lights out at about 9 pm, have a two hour fireguard shift, back to sleep and then wake up at about 3:45 am. This equates to about 4 and half hours of sleep a night. These weird fireguard shifts just started and i am currently in my 4 month of an 11 month ait that is very electronics intensive. To say the least it is very taxing and alot of us are falling asleep in class, any ideas on how we can change this through our chain of command or other means?

I know that army tradoc reg 350-6 says 7 hours of continuous sleep unless on some sort of guard duty, but what if we have guard duty every night?

Any help on explaining the regulations would be greatly appreciated.

How do you train yourself to stay awake from 11pm to 7am?

I was an 11 P.M.- 7 A.M. shift nurse for many years. I don't think I ever "trained" myself to stay awake. I covered my bedroom windows with blankets so it would be dark in my room, I made sure all phones were turned off when sleeping and I hung a sign on my front door saying "night nurse sleeping, do not disturb". It required that I take extra special care of my body. Then, while at work I kept my brain stimulated (conversation, etc.--- not chemically!) and my body moving. When I came home in the morning I went straight to bed and slept until my body was ready to wake up, no alarm clock! I can tell you I never felt "normal" but was able to stay awake more easily when I did the things I just mentioned. Night shift will take a toll on you because it is against human nature and physiology to stay awake all night and sleep during the day. Good luck to you!

What time do you sleep and wake up? And how tall are you?

I go to sleep at 11:00 PM and wake up at 5:45 AM

I am 5"4

Why do I feel tired even after 9 hours of sleep?

How old are you? Do you have any medical conditions? This can make major differences either way to how much you need. And too much is just as bad, and sometimes worse than too little.

Most adults need about 6 hours sleep a night, 8 is OK but getting on the "too much" side, 4 is OK but getting on the "too little" side. It sounds like you need more the 6 than the 9.

Some teenagers though can actually need 12 hours.

So basically without more info we're all just guessing.


Oh dear. You obviously don't have the option of trying to get 12 hours, though I doubt you'd actually need it. You probably just need to get in a proper routine for a couple of weeks, say going to bed at 9:30 every night, even weekends, until you're in a proper routine.

I'm trying to get in touch with my little sister. She had similar problems at your age and will probably have some better advice than that.

I just slept for 18 hours whats wrong with me?

Sleeping once for an 18 hour period isn't a sign of any particular problem, but based on everything you've told us it sounds like you have some kind of fatigue problem.

If you're going to sleep at 7 and waking up at 4:45 you're getting about 10 hours of sleep, which is on the very upper end of the amount of sleep an adult needs to function well. You absolutely shouldn't need naps during the day with that amount of sleep.

Are you taking suboxone recreationally, or as prescribed for a pain management/detox program? Opiates (in general; I can't find any scientific data about suboxone sedative effects) at high doses can cause fatigue. If you're taking it recreationally I highly suggest you detox and abstain for at least a few months to see if your problems are fixed. Otherwise you might want to talk to your doctor about your dose and how it might be causing fatigue.

Have you seen any specialists, or have all of your tests been done by your GP? Your problems could be caused by a disorder that would require a sleep study and might not show up in physical tests.

Do you have any symptoms of depression or other mental illness? These can also cause hypersomnia, and again wouldn't be found by a test. You would need to see a psychiatrist if you believe this applies.