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How Many Isis Members Are Coming Across Our

Will he be granted emergency leave from the Army for suicide if I contact the Red Cross?

I've dealt with these issues over the years in the military.

You are correct that usually, only the Red Cross is the vehicle for him being granted Emergency Leave.

You, on the other hand, must accept that he must APPLY for the EL and, if approved, may return to where you are at his expense.

One of the things you will have to impress, if I may say that word, is that you are in fact his fiance. Simply telling the RC may not be enought as they get this stuff from time to time. In turn, his Commanding Officer and First Sergeant of the training unit will get the official statement from the Red Cross.

Now, I don't doubt for a moment what you are saying and if I take it at face value, you are in pain. That said, I would encourage you to contact your priest or religious minister for additional help in this regard BEFORE you ask the RC to relay this request to him. In other words, think carefully so as its not all about you. He has a serious job to do and if he comes back to you, he can be delayed in his cycle.

I would gamely offer that if you do have this kind of mental distress, it 1) won't go away easily, even with treatment and 2) if you marry him while he is in the service, you will have to expect him to be away not only for schooling, but long term if he Deploys to AFG for a year. Is this the kind of long term relationship you want? Does this meet all your expectations or is it just "all about you"?

Pls consider the above.

What would happen if a Nuclear Bomb got dropped on ISIS?

Here's what would happen:
1. One bomb would take out a handful of ISIS, considering that they are spread out over a huge area. If you want to take out the majority of them, several bombs would be needed.
2. For each nuke, plan on an entire city being destroyed. That means killing upwards of 100 civilians we are trying to free from ISIS for every 1 ISIS member in that city.
3. For each nuke, plan on lot of radioactive fallout spreading across the region, possibly further.
4. The international community, along with the majority of our own citizens, will be up in arms that we launched a first strike, and will be even more pissed because of the huge amount of collateral damage and long lasting effects.

Is ISIS a threat to America?

I predict one day they will although not on the scale of 9/11. They seem the type to do a mass shooting or something similar to the Boston Bombing. I wouldn't worry they would be killed immediately. I actually saw a funny video of a captured ISIS member held by the Iraqi military balling and rocking back and forth with Iraqi soldiers kicking him. I don't care what they do with terrorist try can torture them or kill them as ISIS is one group who doesn't give up unless you kill it.

Can ISIS do the same with India as they did with Iraq and Syria?

​The key support areas of the Islamic State are confined to flat deserts. Key supporters are descendants of tribal sheep and camel herders. In Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Nigeria, Sinai, Saudi Arabia and of course the Syrian Desert.Farmers, and cattle herders from mountainous regions never warmed to their ideology and way of thinking. So the good news is: Don't worry about Afghanistan, Kashmir or Bengal - the only threat to India could come out of the Thar Desert in Rajastan, Gujarat and the adjoining parts of Pakistan (Sindh).  In Surat At-Tawbah [9:5] of the Qur'an, Muhammad is very clear on what any pious Muslim should do with polytheists like Hindus: Kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. According to the lu-lu-land theology of the Islamic State - they indoctrinate their followers with this sura to attack India kill the men, turn the women into sex slaves and sell them to Gulf monarchies. To my knowledge Timur and his direct descendants - the Mughal - tried (and failed) to execute those Muhammad's commands and this how Jai Hind came about. I think the prospect of having your sister or daughter turned into a sex slave is the biggest motivator to fight until your last breath. Last time I counted there are more than a billion people in India. So Indians shouldn't get worried because of some Islamic State tourists, sorry terrorists....But they should stay vigilant.Endnote: Because of the principle of Abrogation or Naskh (tafsir), Sura 9:5 supercedes any previous (peaceful) passage. If you want to know more about that please read Islam: Does Islam Condone Slavery & Sex Slavery? And my answer to What verses of the Koran do ISIS use as justification for war, mass execution, slavery and rape?

If the Nazis fought ISIS who would win?

Nazi Germany. By far.If we look at the Nazis tactics for intimidation and fear, we can see that they’re very good at it. The Nazis meant to cause fear through intimidation and discipline. So, let’s say the Nazis conquered Syria and own the place. ISIS fights back, causing terrorist attacks around the nation. So obviously, the Nazis would do the next logical thing, massacre the entire village where the terrorist came from.The Nazi’s are infamous for reprisals and I’m sure that the Nazis would spare no one. For example, we have the massacre at Lidice. After Reinhard Heydrich, one of Hitler’s henchmen, was killed by a freedom fighter, the SS exacted their revenge on the Czech town of Lidice. The SS rounded up most of the 450 civilians in the town and shot 172 men. Seven women were shot while trying to escape and the rest were sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp. The children were sent to Germany to be indoctrinated into Nazi life. They were given new German names and sent to loyal Nazi families to be reprogrammed and indoctrinated into the Nazi ideology.After all that, the SS destroyed the entire town. If ISIS killed a superior in the government, their entire village would have been destroyed, and lives eradicated. The United States has almost destroyed ISIS by using only conventional warfare, and we’ve barely touched the civilian population. We don’t go after terrorist families and informers, but the Nazis would have them all shipped off to a prison camp.The Nazis were notorious for violently putting down partisans and terrorists. I have no doubt that the Nazis’ terror tactics would have squashed ISIS’s terror operations. No matter how fanatical a terrorist is, they’re still susceptible to normal human emotions. In the back of their head, they know, once they detonate that bomb, it’s all over. Maybe he has a family.One like this. In the back of his mind, he knows what will happen. His wife, will be shoved into a cattle car with 200 other women, and shipped off to a prison camp. His sons go in another cattle car, straight to an extermination camp. The Gestapo, takes his infant son, and holds him by the legs, upside down. The officer swings the baby against the wall, killing him instantly.The guilt and fear will be enough.