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How Many Ppl Are Satisfied With What Obama Has Done As Your President

WHY is President Obama refusing to speak at the NAACP convention and instead sending Biden?

Because he is a loser and a failure. All we need to know. I know it was Bush's fault somehow. Waiting on that lame excuse from the BDSers.

It seems to me that President Trump's main mission is to dismantle everything that Obama accomplished? Am I correct?

I”m not sure if that is his conscious decision but his actions do seem to be based on some set agenda rather than anything bordering on common sense or wisdom.Trump operates on a fathomless desire to be loved. He will do anything to get it, and he will punish anyone who doesn’t give it.So far, he seems to desire the love of his core supporters, no doubt counting on the fact that they don’t even realize that he is giving them something with one hand and taking it away with the other—to give to someone else who he wants to like him.In a way, he’s running a kind of emotional/pathological Ponzi scheme. Paying off his emotional investors with other people’s assets.So he tries to repeal Obamacare, which makes his rich friends very very happy, but that screws the coal miners in West Virginia.So he pulls out of the Paris Agreement, which makes the coal miners happy (not for any good reason, but nonetheless), and makes many of his business friends unhappy.So then he tries to cut consumer protection laws and environmental protections to make THOSE rich people happy again, and that of course, screws the middle and lower income people.He’s basically rudderless and impulsive, citing reasons for his actions which in the big picture, make no sense at all…unless your plan is to run a Kleptocracy.

Freedom of Information Act -- Obama's birth records?

Nice comments. Some nice, some not. My question still stands. Is there proof, show me.

Let me add one more thing.... Columbia University where Obama attended... Think of all the news you have watched since he announced he was running for president, and even since he was president. Doesn't matter what station you watch, just think about this:

Have you even seen a single person come forward and say they knew Obama while he was in college? Any? Good or bad things to say about him, not a single person has ever come forward who has said they knew Obama while he attended college. It's not like he was some hermit who was unpopular and uninvolved. Even if he was those people still have hermit friends in college, and at the very least someone remembers who they were. (Even if it's just a professor) By his own admission he attended political activist rallies. You’re telling me nobody remembers him? Not a single person? Doesn't that seem odd to you?

Am I wrong? Show me proof? Post it.