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How Much A Video Camera In Dublin Ireland

Red light cameras in Pleasanton, ca?

I was driving in this little town/city, and I wasn't able to stop in time behind the crosswalk line when the light turn red. I was already in the intersection, so I thought it would be easier to just keep going instead of backing up and causing annoyances for other drivers.

I researched this area, and couldn't find anything on red light cameras. Other cities that are busier and have more traffic have them, but I don't know if they have any cameras or not. Does anyone know if there are cameras around that city, if so, where?

Serious answers only!

I am planning my first trip to Ireland. Should I stay in Dublin or a smaller city?

During my last trip in Ireland for 20days,I visited Dublin,Galway and Cork and thought that Dublin and Galway should be given priority.Traffic there by bus will not take you too much time (half a day is enough)to travel both Dublin and another small city,for Ireland is not very big.I spent about 5days in Dublin that time,and Dublin must become the first destination of your tirp …if you still don't have enough time to other smaller cities and will not come Ireland again.Because its famous bar streets where T emper Bar is located in and some important museums.Here are some Photos taken in Dublin:Then if you have enough time,lets talking about Galway.Galway is really tiny but very exquisite…every house is colorful and well decorated…in the little habour,you can see a row of colorful houses opposite to you.In the main street,you will be offered an opportunity to attend a local market…What's more.There are some singers,musicians,dancers,painters performing in the main street ,which make there more attractive.Style of Galway is quite differrent from that of Dublin and I think Galway can be called as a lovely town while Dublinis regarded as a capital city.And I also took manty Photos of Galway but are in my camera,I will update it after going home.I hope my experience could help you.

Do all traffic lights have cameras?

No traffic lights have cameras. You will see cameras mounted near the traffic light at some of the busier intersections. Most intersections with traffic lights will not have any cameras at all. The expense of the cameras, installation, and maintenance makes it more efficient to install them only at high volume traffic areas. They will improve the traffic flow at these locations, but may not be as effective at the intersections with lower volumes of vehicles.Contrary to most ‘big brother’ conspiracists, not all of these cameras are attached to a network that sends video to a room full of recorders and police officers who are constantly watching you.Some cameras do have their video received at another location. This is to allow manual control of the traffic lights during heavy periods like ‘going to work’ time or 5 pm ‘going home’ times. A human can see the lines of cars at the intersections and control the timing to get the greatest number of cars per minute through that intersection. Also, these camera feeds are not normally recorded. They are used as real time tools and not spy devices.

Do you take pictures/Videos at concerts?

Hey Tron, hows it going?
Yes, ive taking a few alright, I have a clip of Megadeths Holy Wars on my phone when they played in Dublin (Ireland) 2 years ago, quality is crap coz i have an old phone, I refuse to buy a new one until this one claps out haha, biting the credit crunch, you know what I mean?!!
Also on my phone, 2 different Slayer clips from 2 seperate gigs, one quite cool actually, its the start of Jihad and you can see the giant screens in the backround with the planes flying towards you, that was the time they came here with Children Of Bodon and In Flames,they had all their amps stacked up on each side in the shape of upside-down crosses, pretty cool lol.
On my digital camera we have a few clips of Hate Eternal from last year, and Napalm Death clips from when they played in Cork, didnt make Gorgoroth and Watain sadly haha!

Packing List for a month in England Ireland Scottland Wales for a teenager?

Travel light on the way over. It'll make the trip easier and you'll be able to buy clothes in the UK you wouldn't get at home and these will be souvenirs for a few years (until you grow out of them).

The mains electricity in the UK is 250v so anything you are thinking of bringing that won't cope with that (unless you have an adaptor from 110 -250) you should leave behind. If you have access to a washing machine and shower regularly you can get away with bringing fewer clothes.

You don't say when you're coming. It's cooler by the coast at night. Inland it can be pretty humid. Clothes are cheap enough to buy when you get there according to how you find the climate. Travel with enough clothes for the first 3 days and buy some on your 2nd day.

Take a good book for the plane / airport. Shoes that you can kick off or which are loose and breathe, How much money? That depends on what you're planning on doing and the exchange rate.

Get your cash before you leave. You get a better exchange rate.

You can get a kind of credit card which you "charge up" with funds and it becomes useless unless more funds are put onto it. Like a top up credit card. That may make sense for you. A UK radio station called "TalkSport" used to do them.

What is the name of the song at the very end of the movie "Veronica Guerin"?

This is an excerpt from Yahoo Music regarding the Veronica Guerin soundtrack:

"The heart of the score is "Bad News," a heartbreaking version of the Irish standard "Fields of Athenry" sung by a homeless child Brian O'Donnell whom Williams discovered singing in the streets of Dublin, and accompanied by flute, violin, French horn, and percussion."

I just played the DVD and the lyrics include a reference to the Fields of Athenry, so it would be "Bad News"

Actress's Name that Played.(10pts who gets it First)?

If I am right in the movie her name was Lara...and that would make it: Ashley Scott.
The Rodriguez chick was on the SWAT team and they got together in the end!