How Much Can I Pull A Wedding Off For

Can't get my wedding ring off?!?

Soak your hand in cold water. The colder the better, this should cause your fingers to contract {no pun intended} and you can get the ring off. Also do not pull the ring, but twist it around your finger, it causes the skin to depress and using a rotation motion will get it moving better.

As to the second part of the question, if it is not cutting your circulation you can wear it through delivery. A few hours after birth the swelling should go down.

How can I pull off a beach wedding without a beach?

I'm not sure anything will really make them feel as if they are sitting beachfront, and trying to make it look like that could back fire and it could look cheesy. But I do love beach wedding themes (I'm from Miami and LOVE the beach), I do however feel as if keeping it simple is the key though. Your wedding colors should be ones that are similar to the beach (White, Light Turquoise, and Turquoise or Ivory, Coral, and Mocha).

Have a centerpiece for the tables that represent the beach:

Beach wedding favors:

Beach wedding cake:

Just be careful on how you put it all together, you want your wedding to still look elegant no matter what budget you may have. You don't want your wedding looking like anything but your dream wedding. It can be simple/cheap in price but still look elegant at the same time. Don't over due it with using everything beach, match it well. Focus more on the colors.

Hope it all works out, Congrats on the wedding

What kind/type of person can pull off tattoos?

If you were to give a description about the type of person who would suit a tattoo, how would you describe them? I'm thinking more in terms of personality...

Reason i'm asking is that when i think of some people (friends etc), i think that that their image wouldn't really suit a tattoo. I guess those people with the 'preppy' image wouldn't really suit it.

could someone please provide a well-phrased description of the type of person who would suit a tattoo?

btw i'm not necessarily talking about a full body of tattoos/sleeves, but even just a moderate, decent sized one (but i'm not really referring to those tiny tiny little ones on the foot)

My fiance pulls his engagement ring off in his sleep is this odd?

Not sure how this is a wedding planning question, but I'd be concerned that you aren't getting the full story.

It wouldn't be unusual for a guy to do something like that in his sleep, especially if he's a strong dreamer or gets uncomfortable in the middle of the night. I pull my socks off all the time at night, it's no big deal. My hubby can have entire conversations asleep (albeit strange conversations) and never remember them. If it feels weird, then yes, he's doing it subconsciously, but not for the reasons you are thinking.

Flowerfield wedding cost?

thanks for the info, i noticed that they have 3 different sunday options, one in the morning(11-5pm) and one at night, (6:30-11) and then one for whatever time you want.... all have varying prices depending on which you chose (the one where you pick the time being the most expensive.) I was hoping to be armed with a lot of info about what previous clients paid before i set up my first appt! thanks for the help!

What style of wedding dress would be best for a short bride?

As a petite lady who disapproved of way too many poor choices on Say Yes to The Dress, here’s what I recommend for a short bride:LengthFloor-length looks better than midi, knee-length, or mini. If you are going for a shorter dress, avoid embellishments that would add volume to the top. Avoid dresses that cut off at your joints, such as ankles and knees.SilhouetteDO go for any silhouettes that would appear to elongate your body, such as A-line and column silhouettes. Silhouettes that emphasize your natural waist line or empire waist (below bust) are also flattering.A-line wedding dressColumn wedding dressDO NOT drown in extreme flare and baloony skirt - avoid princess ball gown, trumpet, mermaid fit as the first stretches you out horizontally and the latter two cut your lower body into two separate shapes - above and below knees. They look great on these 5ft10 models, but unfortunate for most ladies under 5ft3, they don’t look as flattering.Princess ball gownTrumpet wedding dress - flares out above kneesMermaid wedding dress - flares out right around kneesThat said, photography can be deceptive and for your bridal photoshoot, you can wear silhouettes that are usually not flattering. Poses, camera angles, and editing can make you look statuesque even in a dress that makes you look short in person. For the actual wedding, in addition to choosing a more forgiving and flattering silhouette, opt for strap or sleeves over strapless. V-neck and deep-V in the back also elongate your body. Blings, bows, and laces should be small and delicate. Avoid big, colorful blings that may look overwhelming on your frame. And most importantly, be confident :).

How much does a persian wedding cost? an overall budget?

Depends on how much You want to pay. You could easily pull it off for a modest 10,000 or you could go extravagant and pay over a million.