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How Much Did You Pay For Your Ps4

You have to pay to play online on the PS4 wtf?

Microsoft have been asking for payment for a long time now and now Microsoft have bought contracts with EA, Call of Duty, Foza and Ubisoft I think.

This means that already the Xbox got DLC for CoD one month early and now they will get priority on many other games including Fifa, Battlefield, Foza and assassins creed and other games developed by the companies they now have a contract with.

They were able to pay for this because they got a lot of money from stuff like customers paying for Xbox Live.

Sony are probably doing this so they can add benefits to their users.

You will probably be able to pay for like 12 months of online and when the time has almost finished you will be notified and will be able to pay again.

If you don't pay your data will be saved your profile will be the same when you come back and pay for it again.

I would think that you can transfer you PSN account because you can do that with the Xbox one so Sony will probably let you do it as well.

Hope this helped.

How much should I pay for a used PS4?

Honestly, you missed the Black Friday boat from the sound of it. I paid $160 for a used PS4 in November that I found on Letgo, right before Black Friday. I was originally planning to spend $200 on a Slim bundle, but obviously I skipped out on that for a better deal. Included were Four game discs and two controllers.A PS4 original and Slim are the base console - no matter what these are identical in hardware and performance, the appearance is all that’s different. If you’re lucky, someone may still be trying to sell theirs for under $200. But if you want a used PS4 Pro, get ready to pay around $300.I’ll warn you that the Pro is only worth it if you have a 4k TV, for the most part. It’s a cash grab, otherwise. I don’t recommend buying the Pro unless you have some financial legroom.

If I bought my PS4, can my parents take it away?

Below 16:My daughter recently asked me a question like this. She wanted to know if she bought her own tablet would I install the software that disables it at 10pm and informs me of what she installs.I told her that I had duty of care for her, this includesFoodShelterPrivacySomewhere to sleepSupport to help her growLoveThings like access to the WiFi, power sockets in the bedroom and the large bedroom rather than the tiny office are not part of that.If my daughter does not follow the rules then she does not keep access to everything else.With the tablet it would first be the case that just her tablet would not be allowed on the WiFi. If she used it after 10pm then she would lose access to the WiFi on her other devices. Then we'd move from there.16–18If you Are worried about your parents taking things away between 16 and 18 this should be a red flag. Either you are untrustworthy and you need to sort your shit out or your parents are overly controlling and you need to save up to make leaving at 18 simple.18+Move out.I do find the comments on this interesting. I would not give an under 13-year-old unrestricted access to the internet. I’d also not give one access to an entertainment device that worked all night long. I was young once (a long time ago) and I know the temptation to use it all night and not be awake enough for school would be too strong. Making sure kids are awake enough for school so that they are prepared for life is a key part of being a good parent.That means tablets (and the like) needs good controls and switching them off at the router is not good enough.Now I’m also a big believer in giving my kids choices to go their own way, but they have to accept the consequences for it. Access to my WiFi requires acceptance of my rules, like software installed on her tablet to turn the device off at 10 p.m. and web filtering & monitoring. If she does not like it, I’ve shown her how to set up a WiFi hotspot on her phone. But if she does not turn her tablet off at 10 p.m. then I’ll turn off the electric to her room to force the matter.As my children grow and show that they are mature, I’ll lower the rules until they are 16 when, assuming I’ve done a good job as a parent, they will be mature enough for me to take all the safety nets away and let them run wild.My hope is that at 16 the ‘taking the safety nets away’ and un-installing the software would be largely symbolic as all the restrictions will have been turned off anyway.

Can you play online PS4 without a PS Plus?

Very few games offer online without Ps Plus. The biggest free online game would be Fortnite. There are many other smaller ones but are mainly pay to win.

How much does a PS4 cost?

PS4 (1TB)- $299.99PS4 (500 GB) Jet Black · Uncharted 4 Bundle- $369.99PS4 PRO- $399.99Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Pro Bundle- $399.99STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II PlayStation® 4 Bundle- $299.99Call of Duty®: WWII PS4™ Bundle- $299.99God of War PS4™ Pro Bundle- $399.99

How much will the ps4 cost with tax?

In the US around 400 or 399 as they like to list the price at some time around the second week of November 2013 and in the sales and use tax in that area of the country might be 10% and that would add close to 40 more to the list price at that time in your life.
So just plan on having enough in hand at that time 440 to 450 should be a good safe amount at that time to make your purchase of that PS-4 at that time in your life.
Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 10/25/2013

PS4 Pro 1TB did I get a good deal?!?

So I bought an PS4 pro 1TB from a second shop for £90 but only problem is psn is banned but my intentions for this PS4 is to jailbreak it did I get a good deal or na ?

My ps4 won't load Hulu plus?

When I click on hulu plus it says loading on the top left corner but nothing happens and it doesn't load. I tried redownloading it and restarting my ps4 but it doesn't work. Does anybody know how to fix this?