How Much Do Weddings Cost Nowadays Average Wedding 100-150 People

How much does the average wedding cost these days?

Here's what I've got so far: My dress (including veil, petticoats, and alterations) is $900. Reception site: $700 for the day Catering: Will end up about $3,000 Bar: $800 Cake: $250 Flowers: will be setting a $500 limit. Ceremony site: $325 Photographer: $1200 DJ: $375 invitations: custom-designed by a friend for free, will only be the cost of printing at Kinko's and stamps. Hope that helps. Also, this is for a summer wedding in Southeast Wisconsin. (I know the locale can make a difference).

How much do weddings cost now-a-days?

*catering/bar- How much will you spend per person on a plate? Will you have open bar the whole reception? Will you give your guests a limited selection of cocktails or wines? Will you have open bar for only a few hours and then convert it to a cash bar at a particular time?How about a champagne toast? Will you offer appetizers or hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour?

*officiant/reverend/priest/rabbi- How much will they charge? Will you buy unity candles? aras? chuppah? What about a pillow or flower basket for the ring bearers and flower girl(s)?

*photographer/videographer- Are you willing to splurge or skimp on your wedding photos and video?

*limo/luxury car rentals- Do you want to rent transportation for you and the wedding party to arrive and depart from the ceremony and reception site?

*florist/decorator - Will you or some friends be buying and making your wedding decor or do you want to hire a professional florist to take care of bouquets, boutonnieres, table center pieces, and flowers at the ceremony site? How ornate do you want your wedding to look?

*dj/musicians- Do you want a dj to play music and act as master of ceremonies at your reception? Do you insist on having a local musician(s) instead? Do you want to play recorded wedding music at your ceremony or do you want a professional pianist?quartet?harpist?vocalist?guitari...

*table and chair linen rentals- How many tables and chairs will you need to be covered at the reception? Does the reception hall already have linens available?

*wedding favors- Will you or a friend make or buy wedding favors for your guests?

*wedding consultant/designer/consultant- Are you too busy and overwhelmed with the sole responsibility of having your wedding run smooth? A certified and experienced wedding planner can coordinate events the day of, track your RSVP's and updated guest counts, make sure all vendors are paid, make sure your desires are clearly explained to vendors, offer solutions to stressful situations that arise, offer ideas on decor and theme, refer you to the most reputable local vendors, ect. She is your right-hand man.

Check out and you can get ideas. They even offer an online wedding/budget planner to help brides stay on budget and schedule by helping her keep track of expenses and to-do lists. Best wishes.

What is the average cost of a wedding cake for 150 people?

It really varies based on your geographic location and the baker you go to. Our beautiful three-tier wedding cake for 150 people cost $350, including the baker transporting it to the reception. It was delicious (a different flavor and filling for each tier) and decorated with pearls and roses. We went to a Chinese bakery that specialized in yummy pastries -- because not many people thought to go there, we lucked out in terms of price (and it was the best cake we tasted!).

My friend who's getting married in June, on the other hand, her cake for 150 costs $10 a slice -- $1,500.

I would recommend searching for cake bakers in your area and calling up for an estimate. The and both have tools to help you do that.

How much does the average wedding cost?

I honestly don;t think there IS a true 'average'..and it's very regional as well..up in the Northeastern States, for example, weddings can be as much as 25-30 thousand while say, in the Southern States the simpler cake and punch receptions are more common and cost far less.....

I imagine the same range of costs exists in the all depends on how elaborate you want your wedding to figure out the kind of wedding you want and take it from there.....

How much does the average US wedding cost today?

My sister is getting married later this year and so I have been sitting through all these appointments with her and my mum in the states, and it to me is completely out of hand. Who really buys a £2500 wedding cake? I'm not even sure what that is in US dollars, but it must be far more. And her dress, it took her only a day to find one and she managed to drop like £13000. Then this reception, my god it's in NYC and my dad said to rent the room and hire a caterer it was something like 49,0000 american dollars. Then to add all the transportation, entertainment, specialty wine gift bags, etc. in, the number keeps multiplying. That's not even including flowers. These bloody things are incredibly expensive to fly in. The worst part I think, is that no one is even blinking a lash here at the prices. It's just sign and write more checks, and it's not like my mum and dad are paying for all of it. The groom is covering like half and flying guests in from all across GB. Anyways, that makes me curious. How much is a wedding in the US exactly?

How much would a wedding for 100 people generally cost?

it all depends on your unique choices that you make for the wedding, we cant really predict it. some people might spend 30,000$ some people might spend under 5,000$. some coupples may choose to have a backyard wedding with an informal buffet dinner with plain chicken and vegetables, but the bride dropps 4,500$ on her dress while another coupple has gourmet food at a fancy venu, but the bride borrows an heirloom dress from her aunt, cutting costs there, it all depends what you choose to make a priority. some people even have 'cake and punch' reception, where they have a very classic wedding ceremony at a church, but then time everything so the reception is at a non-meal time like 2-4 in the afternoon, so guests dont expect a full meal. also if you plan to buy all your bridesmaids and groomsmens dresses and tuxes, that ups the price, verusus expecting them to pay for their own, which some people do. choosing seasonal flowers can also lessen the cost, otherwise the florist has to have them flown in from somewhere, possibly out of the country. all in all there are ways to have a beautiful wedding on a budget, but you have to be willing to be more flexible with the details. oh and an open bar versus a cash bar makes a big diffirence too. some people choose to have a few wines and beers available, with a signiture coctail reflecting the coupples style. thats what im going to do! less expensive than a free for all, but still not expecting guests to pay for themselves. i would say for a tasteful simple wedding, considering you only have a year and a half to save, and i dont know your limit here, you could propbably make it happen for 10,000$ to 15,000$. goodluck!

i suggest you check out this site, thep make a really awesome magazine too, im addicted to it! the link im putting up here is for their budget section

How much does a wedding of 150 People cost?

In the US, a traditional wedding for 100 people (the Bride, the Groom, the parents, the wedding party, and guests) will cost $20,000 - $25,000. And the Reception (banquet hall rental, food, beverages, wedding cake, and entertainment/DJ/band) will always be 50% of that budget.

A wedding is like everything else in this world . . you can spend a little . . you can spend a moderate amount . . you can go crazy . . or you can just eliminate that service or item.

Example: You can ask your Uncle Joe to drive you to the church in his beat-up VW bus OR you can have a friend drive you to the church in his new car OR you can hire a limousine service for you and all of your wedding party OR you can walk to the church.

Example: You can bake and decorate a batch of cupcakes from a box mix OR you can bake a wedding cake from a kit OR you can order a simple pound cake from a grocery store bakery OR you can order an ornate custom made cake from a French bakery.

YOU, the Bride and Groom, make all of the decisions.

Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant