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How Much Does Cat Cafes Make In A Year

Does it seem like these cats are drugged?


There is definitely something going on here. Also, generally the cats look the same, I think they are breeding their cats to do this.

This is not normal. The cats look unhappy but they look as if they can't move. Those videos have deeply disturbed me and I feel that something has to be done...

I have had cats all my life and I know this is not right in any way. I don't really know what can be done about it as it is in Japan...

I watched many of their videos and the cats are always acting as if they do not want to be doing these things but they're too drugged to move away. They can't even open their eyes properly and when they where placing the oranges on the cat it's head was too still.

Wow... I'm seriously disturbed by that. I hope something is done...

What are some good names for a cat cafe?

Feline Sad Cafe. Sad Cafe were a group in the late 1970’s, who had a song called Everyday hurts without you

What do you think of cat cafes?

They are such great ideas. First of all, they get the cats out of the shelter and into an environment where they can get more exercise. Instead of being confined to tiny kennels all day, they are out in a big room with lots of vertical spaces, windows to get sun in, and interaction with humans. The cafe I’ve been to takes cats directly from the local shelter. Second, they get so much exposure! Many people don’t like going to the shelter. It’s depressing, and it makes you feel guilty if you don’t leave with at least one animal. Cat cafes are fun, AND you get to see how the cats interact with many different types of human, and also how they get along with other cats. It’s a fantastic idea. Many people who can’t adopt cats themselves sponsor the cats in the cat cafes, making several of them free or very cheap to adopt!Not to worry, cat cafes are clean. They have an entirely separate room for the cats. In Java Cats in Atlanta, you go through one door, close it, walk through a short hallway and go through another door to the cat room. This keeps the cats well away from the coffee. All their food is provided from an offsite supplier. (Which, side note, is a supplier that employs homeless people in an effort to provide them with a steady income.) So no food is prepared in-house and comes pre-packaged to avoid cat exposure.

Cats (pets): What countries have cat cafes besides Japan?

To have a glimps of the cat cafes in my city, you’d check out this link:“吸猫” or sniffing the kitties has become increasingly prevalent among the youngsters in mainland, who not only apply for the accounts for their cats, but also post the pix of the commodities on the cats to appeal to the social media consumers. I have posted the pix of an exotic short hair in my city last year, which has about 500,000 followers on microblog. It’s worth more than 30,000 RMB, but the number of this breed is still on the rise in my city. Besides the exotic short hair, the Scottish Fold, Ragdoll, and Chinchilla have also gained popularity here. These cuddly and lovable creatures have changed our perception of the cats as mousers.

Is it safe to bring children inside of cat cafes?

Depends on the age and behavior of the child. If the child is old enough to understand how to properly behave around cats and to not force themselves on the cat, then they will be fine. A cat won’t injure a child unless they are provoked. Most cat cafes will let you know which kitties are more friendly. Cat cafes always have rules, so make sure your child understands those rules.

What is the average lifespan of my cat?

You're playing Russian Roulette if you let him outdoors. Very surprised he's lived this long. What's an "outdoor cat", anyway? Cats are domestic animals - not wild animals. Do you never let this cat in the house? Please read this and educate yourself about the dangers of allowing cats to free roam

My cat died and i can't get over it :'(?

Please, any support will be greatly appreciated. About 18 months ago me and my younger sister both "bought" two cats - who were sisters - from a friend of my mothers.Then about a year ago, our family moved into a new house, and we asked the owner about pets, however she stated that because her husband was allergic to cat hairs, we couldn't keep them there, so i was forced to persuade my grandparents to take them in (more specifically, my Nan) at first she didn't allow it, as she had had cats before and they had died on the road just outside their house. However, eventually she agreed to let them live with her until we could buy the house or i could have them live with me . Now, i knew they where going to die eventually, but i thought that wouldn't be until i was about 30 ish, as i'm 14 now. Anyway, just yesterday, i was told that my cat was hit by a car this Monday, which killed her instantaneously. I couldn't stop crying, i tried to hold it in and not burst into tears, like a lad does, but i just couldn't, and especially since i hadn't seen her very often before her death, i felt even worse. It's stopped now, but i keep having moments where i just have to sit down any have a bit of a cry. But nothing feels "real" i know that Cookie (my cat) 's dead, but i just can't accept it. I've even been to the vets to see her, which helped, but also hindered, because she just looked so peaceful, as if she was sleeping. Luckily, there isn't any major damage, because it was basically a quick blow to her head as yet another car came down the road at a ridiculous speed. But i still feel as if i need to preserve her. I know that she's dead, i just can't bring myself to accept it. And now i'm already stuck with what i have to do with the corpse, cremate it or let her be buried, and i can't even choose that, because "the flies haven't even began to settle". I just need some support, that's all. I watched "the rainbow bridge" which definitely helped, but because i'm only a teen, it's such a long wait before i'm reunited, and although i want to believe it, there's a part of me that wants it to be true, but there's also a part that tells me that she's dead, and she's gone forever. And that's what gets at me. That fact i'll never hear her purr, i'll never be able to stroke her again... i just miss her so much...
Sorry that it's so long...