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How Much Does The Us Army Pay E-1

How much does an e1 make after taxes in the army?

Single? Then it will depend on some things like does your state have income tax, how much will you make the SGLI and so forth but figure around $900/$1000 a month with the first pay have up to $300 deducted for things you needed. In other words take off around 28%.

Married? Then you pay less in taxes and you also are eligible for BAH w/dependents that is based on your zip code when you joined and you also get Family Separation which is $250 a month when gone longer than 30 days on orders (prorated for partial).

How much is the E1 ARMY pay after taxes?

Generally after taxes you're anywhere from $900-1200 a month. You are blowing your whole pay check on a car and phone. Cut down on the expenses, get a cheaper car so atleast you can afford gas or an air freshener for it. Life is too short to be paying for a car you can do nothing with. Heck even if u spend $200 a month on a used economy car, that's extra money you can spend on other hobbies

How much does the Military PAY?

I'm not looking for tons of money. I'm not a tough guy and am VERY critical of the military. But I just need the money. Not doing this to be part of the military, so please tell me the yearly income. Is it over $20,000 a year? I am in the US

How much does it pay to join the U.S. Army?

Good question!  Our pay is a matter of public record, but it's slightly complicated.  See this.Our base pay is based on rank and years in service.  So if you join the Army as the lowest private (E-1 as I did) your initial pay will be $1,430.40 a month for your first four months.  Where it gets complicated is you receive other pays that are dependent on your situation.  The two main ones are a basic housing allowance and separate rations.  Both of these are for people who live off post, so if you're single this probably won't apply.  BAH in particular can be substantial, and it's tax free - BAH Calculator.  For example in Hawaii that same private (with dependents) will get $2900 / month.  Those who don't receive these allowances are provided barracks and food through the dining facility.The thing that's slightly misleading about this, is it doesn't give you timelines.  Even if you join as an E-1, unless you mess up you pick up the lower ranks quickly.  E-1 to E-4 is about 2 years.  Depending on how much college you have you can come in up to E-4.  Of course there are other options, to come in as an officer or warrant officer if you qualify.Subjectively, the pay isn't bad if you're coming straight out of high school (again like I did).  If you live in the barracks, you have no bills.  Not necessarily the best food in the world, but your $1400 a month is enough to go out a few times, maybe make a car payment or have a cell phone.  And it does rather quickly get better.  Families with junior Soldiers have it hardest.

U.S. Army private base pay?

You will start getting paid the day you ship to basic training. It will take a month or so for you to receive your first pay check (direct deposited in your bank account) back dated to the day you shipped to basic..then you will be paid on the 1st and 15th of the month from then on out.

Basic pay for an E-1 with less than 4 months of active duty is $1,378.80. Before taxes

After 4 months it goes up to $1491.00.

And unlike the Marines the Army does not charge for your uniforms. So that will not be happening to you.

Is there an E-10 ranking in the US Army?

The two answers currently are both correct. However, I’d caveat by pointing out that “For the Sergeant Major of the Army, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, Senior Enlisted Advisor of the JCS, or Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chief of the National Guard Bureau basic pay is:  $8,165.10. “ [1]Clearly the intent of this is to give the very top enlisted leaders extra pay. It’s actually not much - just $280 over maximum E-9 pay, but you could argue this is a “spiritual” E-10 rank, as it’s clearly intended to bump these positions over “normal” E-9s.[1]

Is the pay in the US Army as an E-1 enough to live off of?

Is the pay in the US Army as an E-1 enough to live off of?If by “live off of,” you mean “pay for all of the essentials of life and basic hygiene,” yes. Mostly, this is because virtually all of the essentials of life are provided to the E-1 soldier—and all soldiers.If the E-1 is living in the barracks, they don’t really pay for their housing (when I was in, there was a small deduction for barracks-living soldiers, but it was single-digit dollars/month as I recall). Barracks-living soldiers are expected to eat either in the dining facility, or (like their non-barracks-living counterparts) will be provided a field kitchen or MRE or other rations when deployed or in the field for training, and are not charged for this food. The Army issues all of the required uniform items to enlisted soldiers—either in basic/OSUT (One Station Unit Training) as part of the initial issue of individual clothing items, or from the CIF (Central Issuing Facility) for unit-required item such as the rucksack etc.—and virtually all such items can be replaced through supply channels. In addition, enlisted soldiers receive a clothing allowance yearly, which is intended to supplement the soldier’s ability to maintain their individual issue uniforms.Small sundry hygiene items like toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, and so forth, these can easily be obtained on a regular basis on the pay an E-1 living in the barracks makes. Soldiers must arrange to get haircuts to stay within regulations, often by visiting the on-base barber. Some soldiers will purchase their own basic haircutting equipment (a Wahl trimmer set, complete with various lengths of guards and cleaning tools, can be had for about $20). It’s pretty much always within AR 670–1 for a soldier to have a 1/4″ length of hair on their head (not sure if that is true of women soldiers, though, but for men soldiers it definitely is). The barracks-living E-1 can easily afford both of these haircutting options.By and large, the E-1 soldier living in the barracks will be able to live on their base pay. They may not be able to afford the payments on a 2018 Lexus LC 500, but they probably could afford them on a Honda Accord, especially used. Car insurance, car payment, cell phone bill, some civilian clothing, and a few other things, including the occasional meal eaten somewhere other than the dining facility, these are all things that an E-1 living in the barracks should be able to afford.

US Army Article 15 pay deductions?

If you owe the Federal government money, then you will have to pay it one way or the other. If you don't write them a check, then don't expect to see an income tax refund until the $300 is paid back!

Edit: Then why aren't you asking the people that sent you the bill! I could tell you "no, you don't owe them anything". That and $1.00 bill will get you a $0.99 value burger with a penny change!

How much does a salary does a US Army infantry sergeant (E-5) get?

United States Army Enlisted Salaries(Photo Snip- Source: 2018 Military Pay: Enlisted Pay Rates E-1 through E-5)