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How many linear feet in an acre?

There's no rule that says an acre must have a square shape.

An acre is 43,560 square feet. It could be any shape.

If you shape it as a rectangle, 66 feet by 660 feet, you will need 66+66+660+660 feet of fencing, for a total of 1452 feet.

If you shape it as a square, you will need √43560 feet of fencing, times four sides. This is 15√194, times 4 sides = 60√194 feet. 60√194 works out to about 835.70 feet.

If you shape it as a circle, you will need 2πr feet, where r is the radius of the circle, calculated by taking the area, dividing by π, and taking the square root. This gives us 2π√(43560/π), or 2√(43560π) feet of fencing, which is 30√(194π) feet of fencing. This is the shortest amount of fencing you could use. For a given area, the shortest perimeter will be a circle. 30√(194π) works out to about 740.62 feet.

Good luck getting a circular parcel, though. They're (usually) cut in polygonal shapes, most commonly rectangular, though not necessarily so.

Square feet of a room to lineal feet?

There really isn't anything to convert. A lineal or linear foot is the same as a foot. The room is 12 linear ft x 12 linear ft. If you know how wide the hardwood is, you can calculate how much flooring you will need.

If your flooring is 2.5 inches wide, you will need:
12 ft x 12 in/ft (width of the room) = 144 in
144/2.5 = 57.6 runs

You will need 12 x 57.6 = 691.2 linear ft of 2.5 in wide hardwood flooring.

Room Size: 10 ft x 14 ft

If you want the wood to run the short way:
10 linear foot lengths
14 ft x 12 in/ft = 168 in
Flooring width = 2.75 in
168/2.75 = 61.1 runs
61.1 x 10 = 611 linear feet of 2.75 in flooring.

Flooring run the long way:
14 linear foot lengths
10 ft x 12 in/ft = 120 in
Flooring width = 2.75 in
120/2.75 = 43.64 runs
43.64 x 14 = 611 linear feet of 2.75 in flooring.

Notice it doesn't matter which way you run the flooring, you will still need 611 linear feet of flooring. The determinant here is the width of the flooring.

To calculate how much flooring you will need:
Let a = room width
Let b = room length
Let c = flooring width (in inches)

(ab)(12)/c = linear length of flooring needed

If the flooring width is in ft:
ab/c = linear length of flooring needed

What is 3 linear feet in square feet?

You must be buying some kind of lumber or constructin product they use linear feet a lot , or maybe your just in school. But check it out.

When i buy material for my projects ill see a piece of siding or trim or whatever that states by the linear foot.

Lets say we are doing a deck. We have measured it to be 20 feet by 10 feet so that equals 200 square feet.

Well you have 10 feet boards you can buy for $1.50 a linear foot, but you have a square foot measurement. Well get the square foot of each board.

Lets say your board is 6 inches wide by 10 feet, convert inches to feet so you can multiply feet by feet get square feet

6 inches = 6in / 12 in ( in a foot) = 1/2 foot
Area of board = (1/2ft)(10ft) = 5 square feet

Now knowing your deck is 200 square feet and each 10 foot board will cover 5 square feet you divide.

200 sq ft * 1 board / 5 sq ft = 40 boards

You need 40 boards minimum for the project.

Well the price of the board is $1.50 a linear foot. Well there is 10 feet per board ( or linear feet ) so you mulitply

$1.50 * 10 = $15.00 a 10 ft board

You have 40 boards so

40 * $15.00 = $600 dollars minimum price you will need to cover your deck.

Hope this helped.

Some commercial products are measured in Linear feet (just the length as the width is pre-determined or fixed by the product) line a roll of twine, or a length of garden hose.Square feet is used to size an area such as flooring (e.g.: how many 8″ x 8″ ceramic tiles do I need to cover my 12′ x 10′ bathroom floor?)If you have been given 310 linear feet of something, let’s say it’s a maple wood flooring, and you want to cover a living room with it you’ll need to know the size of the width of the boards (say 3″ to 8″ in width?). Then multiply the width by the total length (3″/12″) x 310′ = 77.5 square feet. So, in this example 310 linear feet represents 77.5 square feet. You’ll have to change your numbers to fit.

How to determine how much linear feet needed for a room?

If your buying carpet that's on a roll that's 12 feet wide, and your room is 12feet by 39 feet you would need 39 lineal feet off of that roll. Lineal feet would be the length of a object , so a 25foot tape measure would be 25 lineal feet long. Another needed measurement for measuring rooms would be square feet. To get square feet you take 12feet and multiply it by 39feet this gives you square feet of the room . when buying flooring or paint the package will usually tell you how much square feet the can of paint or box of tile will cover.

"How do you convert lineal feet to square feet?"I have trouble with Anonymous questions like this."How do YOU compute the sum of 2+2?" Simple, my head already has the answer."How do YOU convert lineal feet to square feet?" I can't. Nobody can.Please check your question, go back to your textbook, whatever it takes, to figure out why it can't be answered.BTW, lineal foot might be something your granfather had. A LINEAR foot is easier to measure... Hope I helped, nice and respectful...

A linear foot is one foot in length or 12 inches. You may also hear it called a lineal foot. The square foot (plural square feet; abbreviated sq ft, sf, ft) is an imperial unit and U.S. customary unit (non-SI, non-metric) of area, used mainly in the United States It is defined as the area of a square with sides of 1 foot.Although the pluralisation is regular in the noun form, when used as an adjective, the singular is preferred. So, a flat measuring 700 square feet could be described as a 700 square-foot flat.

You Can’t—at least not directly. A “foot” is a unit of length, while “square feet” is a unit of area—-which means you need two measurements, both a length and a width, to get an area measurement.The equation is “Length x Width = Area”, or” L x W=A” If you know any two of those factors you can find the third one, but if you only know one of those factors, you cannot find an answer—or at least know you have the right one.For instance—If you tell someone else that the room is a 100 square feet, they can only guess at the shape of it. They could take the square root of 100, but that only gives the equivalent size of a room with equal sides,( or 10 ft by 10 ft.) If the room is actually 5 ft by 20 ft, it’s still 100 square feet, but their answer is wrong.

What is the rule for number of brackets per length of shelf?

If its really going to hold light things, as picture frames and all, you don't need much.
You have to use from 3 to 5 brackets to assure its stability. You have to put one right in the middle, and other 2 each on each side, one on the far left, one on the far right.
Apart from those 3, to be safe, as it is a large planc (11 foot, like 3.35 meters), you should add 2 more in the middle points(one in the middle between the far left and the center one, and other one between the far right and the center one).
That five should do the trick, as you aren't going to hold heavy things.
Anyways, if you intend to put heavier things, or you don't know about the future, you can add 2 more of them(just keep the 7 of them at the same distance to make it more stable and share the weight among all of them)

Have a nice day, and good luck!!

Of course, all of this depends on the brackets too, its size and strength. The stronger and larger, the less you need(Kinda obvious right? but anyways, i had to clarify that!):)

How do you convert square yards to linear feet?Ignore the people that tell you it can’t be done.This conversion depends on how wide you want the strips to be.Let’s start with 1 square yard equals 9 square feet.If you want 1 foot wide strips, 9 linear feet.If you want 6 inch wide strips, 18 linear feet.So set your saw to desired width and start cutting.