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How Much Is A Herschel Bag In The Philippines

How do you use the headphone port on a backpack?

you take the end of your headphones that you plug into you iPod, or whatever you have, and you run it through thers so you can hook it up inside your bookbag. make sure the headphones are sticking out of the bag

Can I wash my backpack in a washing machine without ruining it?

yes long as you dont put lots of detergent and its on gentle wash oh n no bleach..

When flying, can I bring a small magnet in my hand luggage or should it go in my check-in luggage?

Sure, there's no reason you couldn't bring a small magnet on an airplane.I often travel with small magnets in my bag.  They serve the purposes of stress relief, memory improvement, and mood boosters.This one reminds me of my uncle. Edit: Seriously, unless it is a strong electromagnet or could in some way be construed as a weapon, magnets are not on the the TSA's list of banned items.  You're probably safe to either carry it on or pack it in luggage as you wish.

Where can I find a manufacturer for backpacks and bags?

We design military, school, work, leisure, hiking, sports, gym backpacks in our factory in Thailand. We produce all the material in our factory and manufacture for brands globally. We are based in Thailand and can produce high volumes of backpacks per month. Our bags and backpacks are manufactured under strict quality control and samples are provided. Inquiries are welcome. visit our website which lists only a few of our designs Wholesale Backpack Factory - Summer Genie Wholesale

How can I make my Backpack LESS STIFF?

So I had my backpack for over 4 years, very comfortable however starting to tear. So recently i had purchased a new backpack. Pretty much the same material used from Jansport but has a fur like material on the bottom. You know when you buy a new backpack it's all hard and stiff and just hard to look at? I pretty much want it to look like my old backpack, worn out and comfortable, and i don't want to have to go through the trouble of wearing the backpack to do that. Is there anything I can do?

Is it cheaper to buy luxury products in Europe than the USA?

The answers from other users regarding your question are very confusing. I do not know from where they got such information.Buying luxury goods from European designers is cheaper in Europe than in America.I hope this example helps me explain myself better:Last year I was looking for a pair of shoes at Salvatore Ferragamo in Madrid, where I live. I told my friend (salesperson and store manager) who works there to please check if there was availability in any of their stores in Miami, because I was heading there in two days.My friend reccomended me not to buy any European luxury brand in America for 3 reasons:1. Europe gets every new season inmediatly; whereas the U.S. also does, but on a slower pace and always behind.2. Shopping in Europe means shopping “locally”. In the U.S. it means shopping imported which results in a higher importation tax-rate and prices overall.3. Not every state in the U.S. offers tax free; Europe does. VAT is 21% and you get at least ⅓ of that back at the airport if you are not a European Union citizen.Enjoy your shopping ;)