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How Much Is An Unopened Star Wars X-wing Vs Tie Figher Pc Game Worth If The

How much are does these UNOPENED PS2 games worth?

24: The Game:
$1.99 Pre-Owned
$14:99 New

Beyond Good & Evil:
$5.99 Pre-Owned
Not sure about new.

Virtua Fighters 4:
$1.99 Pre-Owned
Not sure about new.

If you want to know the prices for new Beyond Good & Evil and Virtua Fighters 4, you can go to your nearest Gamestop. They do trades and I think they also buy. And if you don't want to sell it to them, you could always go in just to ask them how much they'd be anyway.

Star wars galaxies owners!!!!!! is/was buying the game worth it?

No, they ruined the game, dumbed it down to 9 professions that are imbalanced and horribly boring.
In addition, the space part of the game doesn't even hold a candle to the old xwing versus tie fighter series.
If you enjoy paying 15/month for a game that has half the replay value of the matrix reloaded, then sure, buy it up.

Because back in 1970s when series first came out, such a concept was not known well among public, unusual, and also non-entertaining. Also Lucas seems to have wanted to make a 'action movie in space where WW2 like dogfights happen'.The film is exactly that for a good part.Later in the prequels, robotic fighters suddenly made appearances, with Trade Federation drone fighters, drone soldiers and so on.Some things in movies are just due to the perceptions and public reception at the time. Or, popularity, technical capabilities.For example how everyone in early Star Wars movies sport the hairstyles of 1970s US. A long time ago, a galaxy far, far away, collectively chose to have 1970s hairstyles from America. Because until 1990s or so Hollywood had a habit of giving in-movie characters contemporary hairstyles. Even if they were historical characters and had nothing to do with that kind of hair.

Because they're being piloted by Rebel scum, duh.The BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighter/bomber are a solid spacecraft, if you're fighting in the Clone Wars. Trust me, I used to work on TIE fighters before I got my hands on Interceptors.Y-wings are outdated. They're at least 15-20 year old and it shows painfully in any engagement between Y-wings and TIEs. Most of the hardware and software they use are sub-par compared to modern spacecraft.They aren't designed to effectively combat TIE Fighters. Fighters will always outfly, outmanuever, and dominate conflicts with bombers. It's what they do. Bombers, well, bomb and fighters fight. Gunners on Y-wings are meant to deter enemy fighters, not destroy them.Where there is one TIE Fighter, there are more. TIE Fighters are rarely deployed solo, their strength lies in numbers. Insurgent forces find themselves vastly, hilariously outgunned and outnumbered. A swarm of TIEs hunting down a small group of bombers is like target practice.TIE Fighters are the Emperors gift to the galaxy. They fly circles around most modern spacecraft, never mind an ancient dumpster. TIE Fighters are designed to kill slower, heavier armored opponents. Even insurgent X-wings have trouble facing TIE Fighters.Most of them are lacking armor plating. I suppose it goes without saying, but if you want to live in combat, you want some form of protection. Rebel scum, however, are woefully lackadaisical and would rather trade platform survival for ease of maintenance. I guess dead pilots and crushed dreams aren't worth the extra man-hours. Instead they'll rip off the hull and hope pilots don't die.I would ask the Force to save the fool piloting a Y-wing against a TIE fighter, but considering the Y-wings are all piloted by insurgents and traitors, I just laugh when I see them go boom.Questions, comments, and edits are authorized. Rebel scum and their sympathizers will be silenced.

Star Wars X-Wing vs Tie Fighter Anime Youtube Clip?

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In Star Wars - why do X-Wing Fighter wings open up in attack position?

They open because of the laser trajectory when fired. If you watch the X-wing fire its lasers, all 4 lasers blasters fire to a single point, in front of the X-wing. The seperation of the wings allows for the laser blasters to be adjusted for short of long range fire, where all 4 lasers meet at a single point which allow for the maximum destruction of the lasers (concentrated fire power).
When the wings are together, the single point firing can not be achieved, due to lack of seperation from the wings....

I think the X-wings are cooler in the sense that they are much more capable than a TIE (just the standard TIE/LN, not one of the variants like the interceptor or defender). The TIEs were designed to be used in the hundreds to overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers, but they aren’t that capable on their own. A standard TIE/LN starfighter mounts two laser cannons, a seldom-used proton torpedo launcher, and no hyperdrive. The X-wing however, is a highly capable fighter that has a hyperdrive, can carry proton torpedoes, and mounts 4 laser cannons, which is twice what a TIE/LN carries. Add to that the X-wing’s clearly superior visibility (seriously, TIE pilots can only see a cone about 90 degrees forward), and the X-wing is the clear choice. Not to mention the fact that X-wing is capable as a fighter, a bomber, an interceptor, and even an interstellar transport.This comes from the differences between the doctrines of the empire and the rebellion. The empire has vast logistical systems that ensure that supplies, repairs, and armaments are always available to their TIE squadrons, and imperial doctrine uses the Star Destroyer as the base strategic unit, so the smallest vehicle that would ever be sent anywhere on its own is a destroyer, which can support several hundred TIE fighters.Contrast this to the rebellion, which had no significant logistical system in place, few capital ships capable of carrying starfighters, and relied on hit-and-run harassment strikes to inflict damage to imperial assets. Rebel fighters had to be able to launch from hidden bases, go into hyperspace to reach their target, fight their way through a swarm of defending TIE fighters, deliver explosive ordinance, and then fight their way back out to get home. This ultimately leads to a much more capable fighter for the rebellion than the empire.This is not to say that the empire could not accomplish the same missions as the rebellion, the empire just chose to develop several variants of TIE fighter such as the interceptor, defender, bomber, striker, enforcer, hunter, phantom, rather than build one multirole starfighter.So in my opinion, looking at solely the Incom corporation’s T-65B X-wing and the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/LN, the X-wing takes the win hands down. But if you consider all of the TIE variants out there, the empire has some seriously cool toys to play with.

I assume you mean the T-65B X-wing, and superior to the TIE/LN used during the Galactic Civil War.They are two totally different craft, for two different purposes.The Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/LN is a light, short-range space superiority fighter, a role in which it excels. It’s not supposed to fight capital ships, it’s supposed to destroy light bombers and multirole spacecraft. Without a hyperdrive, it’s limited to use as a carrier fighter, and so the only use for it is at close range. It is also designed to be deployed in massive numbers, trading shielding and a hyperdrive for speed, maneuverability, ease of production and massive numbers.The Incom T-65B X-wing, used during the Galactic Civil War, is not comparable to the TIE/LN. X-wings are multirole, long-ranged fighters, with a hyperdrive, shielding, and heavy weapons systems. While the TIE/LN cannot be equipped with proton torpedoes or similar heavy weapons, the X-wing can. It is perfect for the kind of warfare favored by the Rebel Alliance: hit-and-run attacks on lightly-defended Imperial targets, then slipping into hyperspace before Imperial reinforcements could arrive. A T-65B was also much more expensive than a single TIE/LN, and so deployed in smaller numbers.If you are talking about the New Republic-era T-70 or T-85, they were made to be superior by a manufacturer with more resources than the opposition. They were able to take out the updated TIE/LN fighters in The Force Awakens due to superior technology levels.

Joystick on X-Wing vs Tie Fighter?

I had this exact same problem. It was a year or so ago now, but i believe i solved it by running xwing vs tie fighter in 'Virtual PC' which you can get free from microsoft. This lets you run windows 95 in a window on your new pc and you can then make sure the joystick is working properly in that (then run the game through it) and then it should work!

Hope this helps

Spaceship games like X-Wing vs Tie Fighter?

Unfortunately, this classic genre of gaming has been having a hard time, and for the most part, only mods (and not full retail games) have attempted to capture the flavour. You might want to try Freelancer out though. It's a Microsoft game. It's a few years old but still looks quite nice, and there are many, many mods for it. Infact, one of them, called Freeworlds, features the Star Wars universe in the post-war Expanded Universe era. It's quite good.