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How Much Money Did It Take To Move Form Italy To Canada In 1930

What did an Italian immigrant bring to America?

Depends on the year (1850's immigrant would bring something different than a 2010 immigrant), the social-economic status of the immigrant (first class passengers would bring something different than a steerage passenger), sex (woman and men would bring different things), regional variations also existed (northern Italy vs Southern Italy), etc.
The mothers of two friends both brought with them a crucifix, a table cloth and at least 1 cooking item (Mrs. Z brought a pasta bowl and Mrs. B wooden spoons and a rolling pin.) They both came in the 1930's. What else they brought I do not know.

Relatives emigrated from Italy to Chicago. Who helps me?

Post again, but under Arts and Humanities->Genealogy.

If these relatives of yours are now deceased, someone there will help you. Genealogists consider it unethical to look for living people. As far as helping newbies get started with finding their ancestors and relatives of old, genealogists are very helpful to each other.

It is very important that you post dates. At least approximate dates. And post the names that you have, and the relationships, like so and so were husband and wife.

If your relatives came to the US before 1930, it should be very easy to start you on your path to finding your relatives. If you re-post in the genealogy section, and your question is not answered in a few days, I will personally come back and find your relatives in the 1930 Illinois census for you. If they came before 1940, we can still find them, but it will be a bit more difficult. There was an enormous wave of immigration from Italy just before and at the start of WWII. Your relatives may have come then.