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How Much Money Should I Ask For In Medical Buyer Position

Is buying pain meds online legal?

If the pain killer is legal over the counter, then it's legal to buy online. For instance, I can buy as much aspirin online as I want.

If the painkiller is prescription only, then the buyer must have a valid prescription for this transaction to be legal. I have a valid prescription for Vicodin, so I can buy it online...but only in the amount and strength as the prescription calls for. I can't buy as much of it as I want, I can only buy what the doctor has prescribed for me.

I would be VERY wary of buying any medicine from overseas. Different countries have different standards, and I've heard way to many stories about someone who bought a prescription medicine and got basically sugar pills.

What Things need to be Consider While Buying Medical Equipment Online?

The quality of patient care depends on the efficiency of medical equipment and hence it is required to consider few factors before buying medical . Online shopping would of great help to save your time, efforts and sometimes money as well as most of the portals run promotions occasionally.  Most important is to check the warranty period of the product. Always ask for documentation from website seller. Details such as: Reference accountsIndustry certificationsInsurance detailFinancial informationRegulatory and quality credentials

Where can I purchase medical supplies?

Disposable medical supplies market is poised to grow at a steady rate during the forecast period owing to the growing demand for medical supplies in the developed and developing countries. There is a growth in healthcare infrastructure in the developing economies such as India, Brazil, China and other countries in the Asia Pacific and Latin America. Moreover, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Brazil and India have the lowest number of hospital beds per 100,000 population. Thus, this high unmet need will further drive the market in the market. The Asia Pacific emerged as the fastest growing market in the global disposable medical supplies market owing to the above factors. Other factors driving the market include a growing volume of surgeries in the market, growth in the prevalence of chronic diseases and growing medical tourism in the region. North America held the largest share in the global disposable medical supplies market owing to highly developed healthcare infrastructure, a growing geriatric population in the region and a rising number of ambulatory facilities in the region. Efficient reimbursement scenario in the U.S. and insurance scheme under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have created a huge demand for disposable medical supplies in the region; thereby driving the market disposable medical supplies market.The global Disposable medical supplies market is attributed to growth during the forecast period owing to stringent infection control and prevention protocols for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Growing cases of hospital-acquired infection have led to development for stringent safety protocols. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), infectious waste increases the risk of nosocomial infections to hospital personnel and patients. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that surgical site infection has an occurrence of 300,000 cases per year, the second most prevalent hospital-acquired infection in the United States.

Medical bill - What happens if i just don't pay?

My wife went to the emergency room. We have insurance with a high co-pay. We own a home and don't plan on buying another one any time soon. We have enough cash to pay the bill, some in my wifes name. I believe that the law is that a creditor can only force you into bankruptcy if you are delinquent on debts totaling around $11,000. the bill will be under $11k. My questions are 1 - If we just don't pay I know that it will show up on her credit, but what else will happen? will they sue or will it just go away in 7 years? 2- my credit is great - will it hurt my credit score if they charge it to her? (If you are wondering why I am thinking of not paying it is because I am FED UP with this crappy system. I'm not rich but I work hard and try to save + provide for my sick wife who cant work. It seems that people like me bear all the costs of the system in high taxes/insurance, and we get to pay for all the living expenses of everyone with a hand out to the govt.)

Should I quit my job as a bank teller to become a medical billing and coding specialist?

The pay for billers and coders vary greatly depending where you and what certifications you have. Working for a hospital requires the CPC credential and the money is good and benefits excellent. Working for a doctors office or clinic w/o certification pays about $12-$15 an hour starting out. With certification, working in a doctors office would be around $15-$18 an hour. Hospital coders make about $20 an hour starting w/ benefits. Working at home- some coders work at home for doctors offices and some billers do the same. If you get into electronic claims submission, it can be lucrative but difficult to find the clients at first. Bank tellers do not make good money, in my opinion. I feel the career change would be beneficial to you. I recommend reading AHIMAs website. Also check out You can get quality training online, but BEWARE of companies that are really software vendors pretending to be schools to rope you into buying their software. Good online training should not cost more than $2,000.

Another thing, if you plan to do billing at home, there will be a hefty software expense for you. For example, the going price for Medisoft Patient Accounting Software is about $1,000. So, there will be start up costs.

Your best best, in my opinion, is to get some good online training. Get your CCA credential from AHIMA and start out in a doctor's office doing coding and billing. Then, study and get your CCS P credential and then continue moving up from there. Eventually, I'd shoot for a hospital coding job.

It is a good career choice, stable and solid, and growing.

Medical billing? (work from home)?

I have a 2 month old son and although I have a pretty good job (pay is good for the hours I work and what I do..), it's salary based so I can't earn anymore than I already am. I'd like to look into something that pays more, and ideally work out of my home so I can stay with the baby most of the day and not pay for childcare. What is medical billing all about? And how can I go about getting trained for this type of job? Also, where do you find a job opportunity for this field? I've never seen them in the local papers... Anybody have experience working as a medical billing specialist, and is it worth it? Thanks.

How much fund is required for medical emergencies in india?

Life can be a testament to the popular phrase, “expect the unexpected.” While emergencies have the defined nature of being contingent, readiness and preparation to deal with the same can really shape the way accidents pan out.Sometime things happen so quickly that one can’t expect to have time to even process the happening(s). During the time of accidents, it is common to presume that everything stops and that the pause button can just become perpetual. However, it is important to understand that that might not be the case. Life moves quickly, which is why it is always very important to stay prepared for a medical emergency. Staying informed and knowing what to do during medical emergencies can really help one disassociate the actual cause of emergency from anxiety, worry and/or fear to a great extent.So how can one possibly stay prepared for a medical emergency, you ask? This article will tell you how to do just that.1: A First Aid Box is never a waste.“Prevention is better than cure”, I’m sure this is something all of us have heard at least once in our life. It is very important to have a first aid box in your premises- be it your house or the organization you work in. It helps to keep the first aid box in a place that’s commonly accessible by everyone in the house and/or organization. While considering the accessibility, think about the height and safety of the place and the material in which the components of the first aid box is stored. A first aid box typically consists of plasters in various sizes, tweezers, disposable gloves, antiseptic liquid, wads of cotton, thermometer, sticky tape, distilled water, eye wash and eye bath, alcohol-free cleansing wipes etc. It also helps to label the box with the sign for universal first aid.2: Be well informed about emergency medical services in India- medical professionals and hospitals are public information.To know more about how much fund is required and how you can handle medical emergencies in India, read our blog.