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How Much Oil Quarts Should I Put In My Honda Si 12

What type of oil should I use for my Honda CRV?

Equipment manufacturers are starting to require higher quality oils in your vehicles in order to improve fuel economy, protect newer fuel efficient engines that run hotter, and to ultimately provide protection that will help increase the life of your engine.Some of your vehicles don't require "synthetic," so quality conventional oils will do the job in protecting your engine at the manufacturers prescribed interval. But, just because your vehicles don't require "synthetics," it doesn't mean you will not receive the same fuel economy benefits and increased engine longevity by using the better products.The companies always recommend, at the very least, you check with your certified Honda dealer for any of your service questions or dirctly refer to the manual..2013 Honda CR-V is available in two-different engine options; 2.0-liter SOHC i-VTEC engine and 2.4-litre DOHC i-VTEC engine. Recommended engine oil for the Honda CR-V is 0W-20 synthetic grade oil, however I recommend you to stick with mineral engine oil for the initial 10,000kms.But you can use any name-brand 5W20, mineral or synthetic, and change it and the filter when you should. The CR-V has a well-engineered engine that is not highly stressed and probably won't benefit from the use of synthetic oil..For information about the newer models you can check Feedbayk App. Its an android app for getting feedback about a Car from your friends & other verified users through a chat.There are verified owners of Honda CRV and many other Cars like: VW Polo, Skoda Rapid, Maruti Suzuki SX4, Hyundai Elite i20 etc.I am thankful to a Quoran for advising me about the same.Hope this helps you too:)Thanks to James C. Maxwell for the suggestion. Edits are always appreciated.

How many quarts of Oil should i put in my car?

you probably need an oil change, put 1-2 quarts in now and try and get it changed
if you do this you will throw a rod, then you need a new engine

How much oil(quarts) should i put in my honda si 12?

If its the Accord it takes 4.5 quarts 0w20 synthetic

What oil to use in my Honda Civic (1998)?

15w40 isn't going to ruin your car, but it isn't the right oil for your car. Stick to the oil recommended by the manufacturer, which is most likely 5w30. The old myth was to put heavier oil in a car as it got older, in order to stop it from burning oil. Problem with that myth is that the flashpoint of oil is independent of the viscosity rating. Add to that, most wear on an engine happens during startup, especially cold starts, which is where thin oils such as 5w30 provide the most protection. Also, using the heavier oil puts a strain on your oil pump. If you are worried about thin oil or the flashpoint temp, then go with synthetic. You don't *need* it, but many people feel better using synthetic. Just make sure that the bottle has the API "donut" and ILSAC starburst - some manufacturers claim to exceed API and ILSAC ratings, but have not actually passed the tests in order to print these symbols on their containers.

Gas tank size for a 1989 Honda Civic?

My parents have just bought me a used, well-cared for car. It's a 1989 Honda Civic (exact model unknown at the moment). Manual, hatchback. I'm trying to reorganize my budget to figure out what my new monthly cost for gas will be. I just need to know what size gas tank my car has (ie, how many gallons to fill). Thanks in advance!

Can I drive my 2013 Honda Civic on 0% oil life?

The oil life monitor on your car is simply an algorithm created by the manufacturer to estimate when your oil is likely to need changing based on the engine operating conditions, such as number of hours, rpm, and cold starts. The manufacturer will always put some sort of factor of safety in this calculation (perhaps 20% or so) to pretty much guarantee if you change the oil by the time it tells you there's 0% life left that you won't do any damage to your engine. The oil doesn't magically fall apart when the number hits 0%, like Cinderella's coach turning into a pumpkin or anything like that.What this means is that you should get the oil changed as soon as is practical - within 2 or 3 weeks or before any really long trips.The real reason to change your oil - you shouldn't have any metal shavings or chips in it or anything like that because that's what your filter is for - but is because your additive pack is nearly depleted. If you do a used oil analysis this will show up as your TBN - Total Base Number. Your oil has additives in it to neutralize the effects of the acids resulting from the combustion of gasoline.

What happens when I put the wrong oil in my 2012 Honda Civic?

Your Honda uses 0w20 motor oil. This viscosity is only available in a fully synthetic formulation.A lot depends on what viscosity oil you put in your car ….I’m assuming you’ve done this. This is why it is *IMPORTANT* to read your owners manual before you blindly start screwing around with your car.Now. What kind of oil …what viscosity oil …did you put in your car?If, for instance, you used 5w20 or even 5w30 ….things should be okay. But you should really stick with what Honda tells you to use which is 0w20. I know because I have 2012 Accord sitting in the garage. But just to make sure look in the owners manual for your car …you’d be amazed at what all manner of useful information you can find there.On the other hand if you put in 10W30 or 10W40 or, god forbid, 20W50 ….you need to drain this oil and replace it soon …like tomorrow. These oils are waaay too thick for life in a very modern engine. The reason for the very light 0w20 has to do with quick oil flow when the engine is cold …this helps mitigate the highest wear cycle of any engine; the cold start. Modern engines have very tight bearing clearances so they need to use a light oil in order for it to flow easily into these bearings. Heavier weight oils will not flow easily into these tight spaces and you run the risk of premature engine wear. The light 0W20 oil builds oil pressure quicker, flows faster and will reach the nether regions of your engine that much sooner. Plus it saves gas; it takes horsepower to run the oil pump as it tries to move molasses through your motor. The engine in your Honda may use what’s called variable valve timing …a system where the cam timing is adjusted according to what the engine is doing. All you need to know is the engine oil is what makes this system work …kinda like hydraulics …and in order to make the system work correctly the oil cannot be too thick.Like I said, 5w20 or 5w30 shouldn’t cause any issues ….but don’t wait until the oil life monitor tells you to change it …do much sooner. With any of the other oil viscosities I mentioned you need to change it out for the proper stuff ASAP.

Is it true that for a 2014 Honda CRV, an oil change must be a synthetic oil change? If so, is it cheaper to do it at the Honda dealer or elsewhere?

NO, NO, NO.If you are out of warranty and you change the oil every 4–5 thousand mile, you need synthetic like you need a hole in your head. The zero has nothing to do with anything. The 20 is to get a miniscule gas mileage range to apply toward a the manufacturer “EPA Fleet Average”. You won't notice the difference switching to a 5–30 or 10–30 conventional oil……No, It will not damage or decrease the life of your engine. Just ignore the oil monitor. Synthetic oil is not synthetic, it is more of a rating. Its refined from crude oil. Synthetic oil does not pet the bunny, hug the tree, or keep one dime away from the crazies in the middle east.Note: before any of you brainiacs mention the zero viscosity makes the car start better in the winter , Winter is coming… try it first.