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How Much Should I Pay For A 2014 Toyota Rav4 Le Awd

For how much should I sell my 2014 Toyota Corolla LE?

Look up the wholesale/trade in value of the car using Kelly Blue Book.

You have to use trade in value because as an individual you cannot charge retail price for a used car. You aren't a dealer and retail is reserved for dealers because a dealer can offer more perks than any individual can.

Any way you look at it you are going to lose a ton of money. You bought the car at retail price, you added on all kinds of costly extras. You have to pay interest on the loan. You have to calculate the depreciated value of the car since it is now a used car.

You owe the bank a total of $22,000
The trade in value might be as low as $15,000

That means if you try to sell this car you are looking at a financial lose of $7000, maybe even more. So obviously you need to attempt to sell the car as close to your loan payoff as possible but the actual market value of that car is nowhwere close to your payoff amount. Good luck trying to close that gap. A $7000 loss is hard to overcome.

What does CE, LE, XLE and SE stands for in toyota cars?

Its a trim level design...meaning higher the trim better or more options the car would have...

CE: Basic, just car with CD player (????)

LE: will have MP3 player, electric driver's seat. (Limited Edition)

Now SE is sports edition or special edition, not sure? but This is an edition where the handling is a little better than normal, it has better parts to improve handling but it will have slightly bad ride quality. Meaning it will handle better but ride hard (slightly)

XLE has everything, heated seats wooden trim, navigation, leather etc.... This is the most comfortable camry of them all. (Extra Limited edition or Luxurious Edition Not sure??)

You can get a V6 engine on LE, XLE, SE models.

The higher the trim level, the higher your car insurance will be because car insurance are stupid companies who don't like it when you have luxury items in your car. they're being greedy.

Have you heard of a serpentine belt in Toyota Rav4?

Well you need your belt for your car to run because it powers other things under the hood,

Have a friend that knows something about cars look at it, if its cracked or missing pieces on it, its a sign that it needs replacing.

Replacing it will avoid a breakdown when the belt snaps

If it snaps, you will lose power steering and steering wheel will get hard to turn and your engine might shut off, because the alternator wont be running anymore to supply power to the spark plugs and battery

So yeah, it'll run, but have a friend look at it as soon as possible

In case it snaps, use your brakes and hazard lights and pull over to the nearest shopping center or the edge of the road and call a tow truck or a friend to fix it.

Buying a Toyota With Over 100,000 Miles Yes or No?

You've gotten a lot of great answers so far. I'm gonna help you buy this car.
1. When you go look at the car (again?) don't act interested in it. Just ask some general questions about it. When the salesman starts talking about the car say a few things like, "The color is horrible, the inside looks ripped up, it looks a LOT older than it is, etc." FIND something NEGATIVE to say about it.

2. After 10 minutes tell him, "I think I want to make a deal with you."
Tell him you'll offer 3 9 for it. SAY THE WORDS 3 9 (not thirty-nine hundred or three thousand nine hundred). DON'T SMILE. BE SERIOUS.

3. He'll come back at you and act completely offended and say some comment about how he can't do that, are you crazy??? etc. THEN SAY, "What's your best price for this piece of junk?" HE'LL come back with some weak offer like, $5,700.
SAY: That sounds good to an idiot, but I want your real price.
HIM: That is my real price.
Believe me HE WILL TAKE IT.

ok, if you're trying to finance the car, then after he says that's his real price say, "My highest price is FORTY FIVE HUNDRED." If he says he can't do it. Say, "Well, I wanted to get this car because I wanted to show my mom and dad that I could actually do this on my own. They said wherever I buy my car that they would buy their next new one there. And they're buying a brand new one. Not a crappy one like me."


See what he says. He should come down lower.

If he says come on into the office. GO. Make sure you have the price you want to pay in your mind and that you WILL NOT GO ABOVE IT. Even if he says he can't do it and says you can leave. GET UP. GO TO YOUR CAR AND START THE ENGINE BUT DON'T CLOSE YOUR DOOR!!!

He'll follow you out there stop you before you leave so that you can buy the car.>>>>>>>

EV ModeEV (short for Electric Vehicle) mode is only available in hybrid vehicles and is much more particular in its uses than other driving modes. If a vehicle is running in EV mode, the vehicle is only pulling power from its battery. This results in the potential for very efficient driving, but it also means the vehicle in question doesn’t have access to as much power as it normally would. That’s why EV mode typically works for just up to one mile and is only applicable under certain conditions at very low driving speeds. Due to these restrictions, it’s best to reserve EV mode for driving extremely short distances that don’t require much speed such as moving a vehicle out of a garage or driving in a parking lot.Drivers need to be especially careful when utilizing EV mode because it can make vehicles practically silent. This means pedestrians, bikers, and other vehicles may not hear an approaching vehicle while it’s in EV mode. Therefore, it’s paramount that you pay close attention to your surroundings when using this feature.

First there is a big variation on type of engines Toyota makes, also different ways to repair your problem. You can rebuild your engine, buy a new engine, or buy a used engine from a reputable auto recycler {uninformed people use the old junkyards} who can sell you a good motor lower miles guaranteed motor for a very reasonable price. The cars were insurance write offs not junk cars and trucks!