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How Much Sleep Does A 15 Year Old Girl Need

How much sleep does a 15 year old boy need?

actually goonna be 16, i mean how much sleep do u need per day?? i have this question in mind since i came to senior high school last year, bcoz since i got heavy school work everyday, i use to sleep like around 1:30, 2 or even 3 or sometimes even like 5 or something and wake up at 8 at schoool times and around 12 to 1pm when am at home. actually i want to quit this way of working since i sleep at times at school too and when i come after home also its been like a practice and finding it hard. so i would like to know a medical reason on what will happen if i keep going like this and also want to know how to overcome it. thanks ppl and wish u 'Happy new year 2009' . bye.

How much sleep does a 14-year-old teen need?

I usually go to bed at 12 and wake up at 7:30 on weekdays which is 7 and a half hours of sleep. To be honest I'm tired the whole day. Sometimes I go to bed at 11 which is 8 and a half hours of sleep but still I'm tired throughout the day.Teenagers need between 8 - 1o hours of sleep. I probably need 10 hours of sleep but its very hard for me to get because I’d have to go to sleep at 9:30. Since school takes up the whole day, I would have 5 hours for my self. Subtract homework (3 hours) making it only 2 hours for my self. This would mean no social life during the week. Is that worth the 10 hours of sleep? For me it isn't but you decide for your self.Here is a video about 3 annoying things about sleep

How much sleep does a 14-year-old female need?

There’s a good way to find out how much sleep you need.Get a good sleep environment where you won’t have any disturbances or interruptions. Go to bed early enough that you can sleep as long as you want. Do not set an alarm clock. In all likelihood, you have some sleep debt, so for the first several nights you will sleep long to catch up on lost sleep, but after a few days you should find yourself waking up naturally. The time between when you wake up naturally and when you went to sleep is the amount of sleep you actually need.Teenagers need on average 1o–12 hours of sleep a night - as much as a toddler! Because, like toddlers, teens’ brains are undergoing rapid changes, and sleep helps the brain consolidate all the new connections that are formed. Unlike toddlers, it’s quite common for teens to become night owls, even if they are early risers before and after adolescence.There’s no documented difference in the quantity of sleep needed by males and females.

How much sleep should a 15 year old girl get?

I'm an underweight (not by much) 15 year old girl. I normally wake up at about 6:30 AM every morning for school except weekends. On school nights I wake up normally at about 4-5 in the morning completely not tired, but I'm able to quickly get back to sleep. Then when I wake up at 6:30 I'm SO tired. I was wondering if maybe I'm getting too much sleep? But I go to sleep at about 10-11 PM.. How many hours of sleep on average should I get? I'm also pretty active in sports if it matters much.

How much sleep should a 19 year old girl get?

The most recent sleeping recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation may make you want to think twice before sleeping. A lover discovers that sleep is the key to physical health and emotional vitality, but how many hours of sleep you need depends on your age.Sleep is important for mental functions such as: vigilance, memory strengthening, mood regulation, and physical health, "says Felice Jim Ze, professor of neuroscience and director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Northwestern University of Medicine in Chicago.Too few hours of sleep or lack of sleep can pave the way for countless emotional and physical problems, such as diabetes and obesity, Dr. Zee explains. "In fact, the data show that with a lack of sleep, changes occur in the way the body handles glucose, which may lead to a state of insulin resistance (pre-diabetes)," Ze says. "There is also evidence that a lack of sleep changes the regulation of appetite, which may lead to over-eating or food and these can also contribute to overweight and obesity.Most adults need at least seven hours or more to sleep each night.National Sleep Foundation and a team of 18 experts surveyed more than 300 studies to determine the ideal amount of time a person needs according to his age:Neonatal (0-3 months): 14 to 17 hours of sleepChildren (4-11 months): 12 to 15 hours of sleepYoung children (1-2 years): 11 to 14 hours of sleepPreschool (3-5 years): 10 to 13 hours of sleepSchool-age children (6-13 years old): 9-11 hours of sleepTeens (14-17 years old): 8-10 hours of sleepYouth (18-25 years old): 7-9 hours of sleepAdults (26-64 years old): 7-9 hours of sleepSeniors (65+): 7-8 hours of sleepGender affects the number of hours of sleepAlthough most men and women need approximately 7-8 hours of sleep every night, women often sleep more than menPharaonic Women: How did the women of the Pharaohs keep their beauty?Food and health To Life without disease

How much sleep should a 15-year-old get?

Absolutely everyone is different. I was always told I need 8 hours sleep per night every night. For years and years I would go to bed 8 or more hours before I needed to get up. I would spend hours lying awake, unable to sleep as I don’t feel tired. Then when I WAS tired, I’d be too stressed from all those hours of failing to sleep to get much sleep. It lead me to believe I was an insomniac.Nowadays, I go to bed 6 hours before I need to get up, maybe 7 if I’m particularly tired. Even after an extremely active day (I’m a long distance runner) I feel 100% refreshed after 6 hours of sleep. In fact, if I pull an all-nighter (as in, I have a night where I just don’t go to sleep) the following night I only need about 9 or 10 hours to compensate for the night of sleep I missed. I simply don’t requie as much sleep as the average person.Moral of the story: Everyone is different. Listen to your body, not what science tells you.

How much sleep does a 14 year old teenager REALLY need?

It depends on your body, although the norm is 8 - 10 hours. Although you may feel that you are just fine with less, it will eventually tire you out excessively. Everything else in your life will be affected including your personality and the way you react, which in turn could have other consequences.

Although it may be hard to believe right now, there will come a time in the future when you will wish that you had more / enough time to sleep. So my advice, fully enjoy it now, cause once you grow up....

Take into consideration that no matter how much you sleep, your video game, pc and tv will still be there when you wake up.. they will not disappear or feel ignored!!

15 year old girl getting 6 hours of sleep?

Teenagers are supposed to need from 8-10 hours of sleep per night.

How many hours of sleep should a 15 year old girl get? Also, what wuld happen if she didn't get enough sleep?

At the early teens, they will seem like all they do is sleep. It is the bodies way of recharging the brain and the growing body. There is so much going on with them at that time. I would think probably 10-12 hours per day. I have a 12 year old girl and she usually gets an average of 10 hours. If she doesn't get enough, she is cranky and quick to cry and snap at everyone. If she didn't get enough the night before, I will make her go to bed at least a half hour earlier the next night.