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How Much Sugar Do You Have To Consume To Get The Diabetes

How much sugar can you eat before you go into a diabetic/sugar coma?

If you do not have diabetes, your pancreas will make enough insulin to counteract whatever sugar you put into your body.

Initially when a non-diabetic person eats, there is a slight rise in blood sugar. The body's feedback mechanisms will be triggered, and insulin production increases according to the levels of sugar present.

It is not true then that eating a lot of sugar can put a non-diabetic into a coma. It is also a myth that eating lots of sugar can cause diabetes.

Your mother is probably trying to scare you into eating less junk, because it's not good for your teeth or weight = )

Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar?!?

Okay, so lately I've been freaking out about this! I was looking on here to see if eating too much sugar Causes Diabetes, and I ahven't gotten a correct answer because some people are saying yes, and some people are saying no!
So, does eating too much sugar really cause diabetes? I mean, directly? I know that you can get it from obesity, but, what if you eat too much and you don't get obese? Do you have to eat too much and get obese?

Does eating sugar cause diabetes?

Foods or drinks DO NOT cause either type of diabetes!!

Type 1 is caused by disease or damage to the pancreas!! period! one percent is genetically caused! But in no way is it related to consumption of sugar.

Type 2 is caused by 75% genetics!! the other 25% MAY be due to poor choices in diet and exercise, but I highly doubt it. Who knows what will trigger the faulty genetic cell to become diabetes. But it absolutely has nothing to do with eating sweets!

ALL plant derived foods have some or a lot of carbohydrates in them! It is much more likely to be the cereals, pastas, breads, other grain products and potatoes and other root veggies to blame for any of the non-genetic diabetes than for sugar to be.

Carbohydrates is a fancy way of saying SUGAR! so hit them with "so will carrots and pizza!"

And diabetics can have sugar in tea, desserts, that little bit of chocolate, or whatever else they want as long as they plan it into the day and meal!! Other people do not need to worry about eating sweets, chocolates, or drinking sweet tea for that matter! they do not have a problem with sugar!

NO! Sugar does NOT cause diabetes of either type!!