How Much Weight Did I Gain Eating Half A Gallon Of Icecream/cookies N Cream

I am very skinny and I am eating a mid amount of ice- cream every day to gain weight. Will that help me to gain weight quickly?

Don't attempt to gain weight quickly. Rapid weight changes aren't healthy. See a doctor before you start to both make sure you're actually underweight and that you're otherwise well.Recovering anorexics frequently eat calorie dense foods like ice cream. In their case it isn't to gain weight quickly, but to gain it at all. It's perfectly fine for them but, depending on what a "mid amount" means it might be too much ice cream for you.Any diet with a calorie surplus will result in weight gain. But see the doctor first, please.

How bad is it to eat ice cream at night?

Eating dairy before bed is healthy (taking into consideration that every person is different and what’s healthy for one might very well be very toxic for another) but, as always, it depends on the quality of the food we’re talking about.If the icecream is full of synthetic stuff/refined sugar or if you eat a lot of it, or if you have a sedentary lifestyle, etc it will be unhealthy.

How much weight did i gain eating half a gallon of icecream/Cookies n cream ?

One has to carefully plan food and workout habits to keep fit and healthy. Following are some tips: Eat little (say 50% of your stomach capacity. or even less at a time). Work more means spend more calories. more than what you eat. Don't starve yourself. Just eat little of healthy protein food. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates, fat and stop Sugar, Sweet, banana, potatoes, rice, and bakery items.

1. For ex. you take one or two egg white (boiled) with little salt. Yellow part should be removed which is full of fat. You can add one or two slices of bread. Oat meal can be taken for breakfast. Like this you can take 2 or 3 times a day to give you energy for work out.
2. Drink water half litre 4 times a day.
3. Can take lemon juice 1 spoon with 1 glass of warm water and half spoon honey, in the morning and evening.

Don't sit idle or before television or computer for long hour. Be active whole day with some domestic work, shopping, walk, playing, dancing, rope skipping, cooking, cleaning, whatever. And relax every 2 hours for 15 to 30 minutes or so. Dinner should be early and light. Sleep after a gap of 2 hours after dinner.

Is eating ice cream every day unhealthy?

Ice cream has milk fats and those fats are 85% saturated. Your cell walls are made of fats. Mostly unsaturated, some saturated. Eating too many saturated fats will change the proportion of saturated to unsaturated data in your cell walls. When there are too many saturated (or worse, transfat) fats in your cell walls the insulin rafts in your cells can't rise to the surface as quickly and it is as if you had lost half of them. Your cells message your body that they are not getting enough insulin and that they are starving. Your body responds by releasing more insulin and sugar. But your cells can't use it well. In the meantime you become hungry as your body attempts to get your blood sugar up. And that is what is called type two diabetes. But if you measure your ice cream it would probably work.

I ate REALLY bad today. Will I gain weight right away? Here's what i ate?

ok, you slipped today! Don't beat yourself up over it, it happens to all of us. I think if you seriously want to lose weight, you will get back on track and eat healthier. You didn't do too bad, I don't think. You didn't eat a box of chocolates or a half gallon of ice cream. Peanut butter is mostly protein, so that is good. I don't count calories, but i don't think you went that far over. I doubt if you will notice any weight gain over a binge, just work harder. It is not easy and unless you have been there, it is hard to understand. I drink a lot of water, and limit my ice cream to once a week and eat pop scicles the other days. I just think the weight didn't come on in a month, and it ain't going off in a week either! Slowly, but certainly, thats my motto.

I just ate a whole bowl of cookie dough ice cream without saying Grace first. What's gonna happen to me?

Your sister Grace is going to be upset you didn't share it with her.

I'm upset you didn't invite me over.

29 weeks one evening of binge ice-cream eating going to fatten me and baby up too much?'s Scotsburn Butterscotch Ripple, if that makes a difference. Holy yum.

BQ: What is/was your guilty pleasure food during pregnancy? I know ice-cream is so boring and typical, but I honestly never touch the stuff. I'm in goddamn heaven right now.

If I eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream would I gain fat from it even if I'm below my calorie intake for the day?

When you add cash to your bank account, the balance grows; when you make withdrawals, the balance diminishes. The source of the deposit does not matter.When you consume calories in excess of your energy needs, the surplus is stored away as fat; when you use energy that exceeds your intake, fat is metabolized and the "balance diminishes". As far as caloric content goes, the source does not matter.Enjoy your pint!