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How Much Will I Get Taxed

I need to know how much I will get taxed on $120,000.00.?

check out this link for tax brackets.

Assuming your taxable income after any deductions is $120,000, your total tax will be:

$27,578 if your single
$22,688 if you are married filling jointly.

note: this is based on the 2008 tax brackets

Do syep nyc get taxed?

They take out a small percentage for taxes. For example, this past school year, I worked for a similar program, and the paycheck was $60 every 2 weeks, with about $4 taken out for taxes.

I hope this information was very helpful.

How much will I get taxed with an 80k income in the US?

On 80K, the social security tax at 6.2% is $4,960. Medicare at 1.45% is $1160. (This is fixed whatever is your filing status).
For single without any dependent, the federal tax is $14236.
So the net take home income is $59,644.

For Married Filing Jointly (with total combined income of 80K), the federal tax is $8,593. Net take home income is $65,286.

The federal tax will further reduce based on the number of dependents.
Also if the federal tax withheld by your employer is more than what your actual tax is, then you will get a refund when you file your tax return.

How much will i get taxed on my USMC bonus?

I did 4 yrs active duty. I have been contiplating a re-enlistment into the reserves. there is currently a bonus being offered for a 15000 dollar lump sum. Just wondering if anyone may have an idea of how much I will actually get from that amount. Thanks


Why do i get taxed more for bi-weekly than weekly?

I just started a new job. I started it in the middle of a payperiod (they pay bi-weekly). wehn i got my first check (for 40 hours) it was 520(gross) and 471.41(net). but now this week when i got my check for working 80 hours my check was 1040(gross) but only 861.23(net). why am i getting taxed more just because of when they cut checks?

How much money will I be taxed on $8,000 dollars for egg donation?

I am becoming an egg donor and you receive compensation for this. It is $8,000 and I have been told that I will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year. I want to be sure to put enough aside so that I will be okay. How much do you suggest? How much is usually taxed on $8,000 for something like this? Let me know! Also if there are any other women that have done this in the past, their input would be a great help. Accountants who have dealt with this would also help a lot. Thank you!

How much will I get taxed from my paycheck? [Long Island]?

employee with an employer that will withhold the required taxes Single and -0- ZERO Allowances for this guesstimate and purpose.
Long Island NY RIGHT.
1280 GROSS wages and earnings for the biweekly pay period.
Gross pay $1,280.00
Federal income tax $162.87
Social Security $53.76
Medicare $18.56
New York $53.06
Net pay (take home) $991.75

Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 12/06/2012

If I win a lottery does it get taxed?

Yes.It will be taxed as ordinary income at the federal level, no matter where you live. If it is a big payout this tax will amount to about 35%.On top of that, there may be state taxes owed as well. Each state taxes lotto winnings differently, and the tax rates can vary by a lot. you live in NYC, there is also an additional city tax you have to pay.

How much do lottery winners get taxed in the UK?

UK lottery winnings are not taxable (but see: Do you have to pay tax on a lottery win?)