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How Much Will It Cost To Get This Lump On My Dog

How much does it cost to have a dog?

Both more and less than you'd think. A healthy, young, cross-bred adopted dog might only cost you the monthly insurance, flea and tick treatments, plus the annual jabs. They can (mostly) eat the same foods as humans, so food for a small dog could consist of leftovers. He can sleep in your bed and a collar and lead can last for years.So in theory, pretty cheap.In reality though? You'll spend ridiculous amounts of money on those treats he likes, not the supermarket brand, but those little ones with the crispy shell filled with pate that might as well be fois gras for the price they're asking. Plus a bed that he never sleeps in, then another bed that you know by now he’ll never touch but it's got the cutest little paw prints all over, and anyway you can use it to store the million toys he owns, because when you bring him a present he actually jumps up and down with joy, then takes it to show with pride to every member of the family.Of course, all of this leads you to suspect your dog is getting spoiled, so you then get him a brother in the shape of a rescue kitten, adding the cost of every cat toy on the market, as well as treats made of real meat, because you read they shouldn't really eat cereal, and anyway your cat deserves the best.For our two? About £800 a year, assuming no big vet bills that aren't covered by the insurance.

Huge Lump/Ball on My dog's elbow...Help?

Large breeds often get these on their elbows. Whenever I work with someone who has gotten a large breed puppy, I recommend they provide it a soft place to lay down.

To rule out anything serious, see a vet.

How much does it cost to have the bump on my dog checked?

You'll want to call the veterinarians in your area to get an estimate for a physical exam. Depending on the appearance of the mass, it's also likely that they'll want to do a fine needle aspirate and cytology, but a definitive diagnosis may not be possible without a surgical biopsy and histopathology. It really depends on what kind of mass it is - sometimes it's an easy diagnosis, even just by physical examination, but sometimes it takes more to really know -- but at that point, it's up to you on how far you're willing or able to go to get to the diagnosis.

As for how much it costs, nobody can tell you that. Veterinary costs vary by area and even clinic to clinic. I've heard of physical exam costs varying anywhere from $20-100. You'll need to check with the veterinarians in your area to know how much it is likely to cost.

My dog has a lump, how much $ to remove it?

(I know it sounds terrible its only I am moving across country I will pretty much do whatever I have to though I just want to brace myself) I noticed it about 2 weeks ago everyone told me not to worry, and it burst this morning (yes, I think its a cyst) how much does it cost to remove it?(she has another pea sized one on her elbow) I already have an appointment and it only seems to bother her when its touched. the size dramatically reduced is this natures way of healing itself?

My 8 year old dog has mast cell cancer. She had a lump removed from her belly but more lumps were found on her lung. Is there any way we can save her?

Thank you for the A2A.The only person who can answer your question is a veterinarian who has seen your dog and the results of all the diagnostics. There are veterinary oncologists, who have more education in treating cancer but they can’t (yet) cure every dog with cancer.The most important thing in treating your dog is for you and your vet to be on the same page. Figure out how you want to balance the various concerns regarding quality of life, longevity and financial cost. Your vet should be able to help you articulate what symptoms will tell you that your particular dog’s life has slipped below the minimum quality of life and it will be the time to euthanise your dog (I do not believe in making anyone, dog or human, live past the day when life is only suffering). There is no single correct answer, just answers that are the best for your individual situation.Then enjoy the best life you can with your dog for the time your dog has left.One thing that often happens with dogs that have cancer is that they become picky eaters, probably due to alterations in their sense of smell and taste. It often helps to feed smaller, more frequent meals. I have a special diet for dogs with cancer; I call it the “anything you want, honey” diet. I get a muffin tin and then when it is time to fix a meal for the dog, I open the fridge door and show the dog what is available. Anything they show interest in, I put a spoonful into one of the muffin cups along with whatever diet the vet recommends. Some of this, some of that. Yogurt, meat, cheese, sliced lunch meat, cheesecake, just about anything that is not actively harmful (chocolate, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, etc). Most dogs love condiments and an amazing number of them love Miracle Whip (more than mayonnaise, although most dogs love mayonnaise as well).Good luck.

The cost of an fine needle aspirate on a dog?

It depends on the vet. The lab will bill the vet a certain amount and the vet will increase the price to take into account their own costs- plus whatever else the vet does (like the exam, which will probably be required: recheck exams are generally less than a first exam done on a problem,) and anything else the vet does (injections, medical waste fee, etc.)

If you are worried about cost ask for an estimate from the vet who is going to do the aspirate.

How much does surgery at the vet cost?

If my dog was to get a lump removed from his face, near his mouth, the size of a quarter, how much would that cost?

I know that when we was little he got a hernia removed from his stomach for only $150.00 canadian, so I'm wondering how extreme this would be. It seems like a ten minute operation, but then again it's near his mouth so some complications could occur.