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How Much Would A Round The World Ticket Cost

How much would it cost to travel around the world?

Hi John,

I like your idea travelling around the world. Last year I travelled 10 months through Central and South America and it was so much fun. Anyway, you should purchase a Round-The-World Ticket from "Star Alliance", which includes well over 20 different airlines. You can purchase a Round-The-World Ticket for 29K miles, 34K miles, 39K miles, or an Economy Round-The-World Ticket for 26K miles. Depending which one you are buying they are kind of inexpensive, probably starting at around $ 3,000/person. Their website is:

When planing the trip you should NOT include all the cities mentioned in your Round-The-World Ticket. For example, let's say you start in Europe. Fly to Great Britain, and from there take either a train to other countries within Europe (it's a lot of fun travelling by train), or purchase tickets from local carriers within Europe, or within a region where you are. This will save you a lot of money.

Regarding accommodation, some countries like Colombia, India, etc. are very inexpensive, and other countries are more expensive of course. In those expensive countries you can stay at hostels. Book through either or

For food, eat where the locals eat and avoid the tourist restaurants.

The total cost of your Round-The-World Trip really depends of course how long you wanna stay. I would say a 6 months trip should cost you about $ 15,000. per person.

Have a great trip.

How much is a round the world ticket?

A round the world ticket means only that you have crossed both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. With that you can imagine that flying from San Francisco to Hong Kong and return from say London to San Francisco you would have your RTW ticket at a very good fare. So as you can see, it will depend for most part on how many cities or stopovers you wish to make.

What is the best round the world ticket?

Bear in mind that the Round the World tickets sold by the three alliances (Star, oneWorld and Skyteam plus a number of adhoc groups of airlines) have various limitations relating to the maximum number of stopovers, the number of miles you can travel and, maybe most important in your case, how long the ticket is good for; one year fullstop.   As for stopovers it's down to the number of flight coupons but that's not the same as flights.   For example, New York Buesnos Aires on a plane, one coupon,    Buenos Aires Sao Paulo by land one coupon.   Sao Paulo London on a plane one coupon for a total of three, absolute maximum 16.Here in the UK there are a couple of companies (STA and Trailfinders spring to mind) who can cobble together a selection of separate one way tickets to create a round the world journey.   You need to find someone who can advise you whether to do that.   Look in the LA Times and NY Times weekend editions for adverts.   Each ticket has its' own one year validity which depends on the first flight date so you can stretch beyond 1 year maximum.

Have you bought a round the world ticket? Was it worth it?

I looked into around the world tickets for a family of 5. The cost for 4 continents was approximately $22,000. I didn’t buy it.Instead, we’re planning to travel around the world with one-way flights. For example, I’ll get the various long haul flights set up (for example, getting from the US to Europe). Then we plan regional travel with local, low-cost airlines, trains, busses, and boats. And then I book cheap long-haul, one-way tickets to the next continent. We’re planning to travel for a year and will likely be able to do it this way for half the price as an official around the world ticket…

How much does an average world series ticket cost?

$200 at the least, expensive much

How much does World championship tickets cost?

Hey everyone this is my friend Jon(Can). Here is his question:

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2. Is the ticket cost just for one game(if so against who should I buy the ticket,Italy? since we always beat them)?
3. Any additional info?

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How does a plane ticket around the world work?

I have booked and flown several dozen of these types of tickets. They can be an extremely good value if you plan them right, especially if you are traveling business class (will explain more). I usually used OneWorld, but also flew on SkyTeam once and a promotional one on Emirates.Additionally, most of the alliances have some variations that do not necessarily go around the world (OneWorld's Circle Pacific fare springs to mind).In general:1. You travel either Eastbound or Westbound - in general. A little backtracking is usually allowed (within a single region).2. Business class is usually priced about 2 X the fare of economy. You also usually earn many bonus miles. Being that your flight miles are around 40,000 each itinerary, flying two of these fares will bring you very close to top tier status on most alliances.3. You usually have one year to complete the itinerary.4. The fare is usually based on the general number of stops.5. These tickets are a GREAT way to visit expensive destinations. For example, on OneWorld two members are Qantas and LAN. You could visit places like Christmas Island, Lord Howe Island, Easter Island, and the Falkland Islands with the fare only counting as a single stop. Airfares to these locations are usually extremely expensive when purchased on their own.At the time, I was based in Los Angeles and used these for business. A typical itinerary:LAX to MIA or IAD to visit US customersThen to LHR to use as a base to visit my European customers using short haul BA flights to the places I needed to visit.Then to AUH or DXB to do the same thing in the middle east.At this point I would either fly to HKG or NRT and handle Asia or go to Australia on Qantas.Finally, I would return to LAX with a stop in HNL or YVR to visit customers in those places.Which ticket should you choose?Based on my experience,OneWorld was fantastic if you needed South America or Australia (LAN and Qantas).Star Alliance if you need Asia (due to Singapore, Thai, and ANA) and United and Air NZ for South Pacific Islands.SkyTeam for Europe / USA / Africa due to KLM / Air France and Delta.Smallest number of stops I did in RTW: 4.Most number of stops: 37 (It actually made for a very complicated checkin... The computer could not handle the itinerary. 35 stops was the most programmed in... American Airlines actually had to call the IT department in Dallas to check me in).

How much would airfare cost for a trip around the world from America?

Just Google itI found lots advertised for £999 = $1300They usually allow five or six stops, you have to keep going on one direction, WE or EW.Eg NYC- Los Angeles - Sydney - Bangkhok - London- NYCAny on line travel agent will give you a range of options.