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How Much Would All The People On Earth Combined Be Able To Lift. Hypothetically

Ever heard of remote viewing? The government has trained people in that!Remote viewing - WikipediaOtherwise nothing it isn’t as if they’re out looking for people like that or going to target a specific person there are almost 8 billion people on earth kinda hard to find just one ya think?

Putting aside the numerous impossibilities, let’s dig to the kernel at the heart of this question: “What’s it like living on a planet with significantly lower gravity than you’re used to?”The answers range from “WEEEEEEEEE!!!!” to “Oh no, I’ll never be able to see my family again.”So, yeah, there’s a full spectrum.On the “WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” side, we have the fact that 1/6th gravity was apparently an awful lot of fun for the Apollo astronauts, once they got the hang of it:Astronauts - not chosen for their skills in the musical arts.But, of course, there’s a down side. The human race evolved on terra firma, under 9.8 m/s/s of constant gravitational acceleration. In fact, every species that has ever lived here has experienced essentially this same gravitational attraction. From our earliest ancestors, everything had to work here.But go there, and stuff stops working so well. Nasal congestion from fluid that just doesn’t fall down out of your skull quite so well. Weak muscles from the atrophy that comes with less work. Bone mass loss from that same reduction in stress. These and many other potential maladies await us if we choose to live long term on a lower-gravity world.The Apollo astronauts spent so little time on the Moon that they never suffered any consequences. But if we spent months or years on a lower-gravity world (and we will have no choice for a significant period of time - Earth has the highest gravity of all of the solid objects in our solar system), we may find that we not only suffer long term, potentially fatal, health effects, but that we are too weak to return to Earth.Even on a “short” trip to Mars, humans would experience much less than Earth’s gravity for over a year, and quite possibly 2–3 years. The one exception is if we build a ship that rotates, providing us with artificial gravity. But such a ship would be so large and so expensive as to be unlikely for quite some time.If your hypothetical Jovian alien came to Earth, he or she would be incredibly strong - they might be able to lift a car. But over the months and years, they’d lose that strength, slowly becoming more and more like us.But more sad than us - the Jovian would never go home again.

Here are two ways I can figure:invent something that the world would rely on, and make sure that only you are capable of controlling it. maybe a device that controls rainfall or anything, that's not important. What's important is that it has to be something, that once invented, mankind can't live without. By virtue of having created a market that cannot be infringed on or shrunken, you now have power. Repeat this enough times and you will have effectively taken over control of the world. Think if you create software like Facebook or google but with lower privacy against data gathering (think google but with no opt out), then do a Monsanto and invent superfoods that can only be grown after buying exorbitantly priced seeds from you, but the yield is so high that they are far better than any alternative. Then you could invent some thing like a drone swarm weapon, and any military you choose to sell it to would be able to completely wipe out their enemies. This way you can control the minds, stomachs and lives of everyone. And if anyone doesn't want to be “ruled” by you then you can isolate them from the world, and if a region refuses to follow your “suggestions” then they can be starved and if they are invaded their army will be helpless against someone supplied by you.This is the more official way that may or may not actually get you power.First of all, become president for life of UN/EUEncourage growth until every country in the world is part of at least two economic alliances such as the EU/AU/BRICS etc.Push for as many countries as possible to enter a schengen like situation where they tie themselves to each otherEncourage a merging of alliances under the supervision of the UNCongratulations, you are now president of the one world government

Why do poor people tend to be more religious compared to the rich people?

I would first like to see some kind of statistics that I can rely on that could demonstrate that claim.

I know plenty of rich people who are religous and there are a lot more poor people than rich people in the world. So the question is, are the proportions of rich to poor people in a statistically significant sized church proportional to the numbers of rich and poor people in that general community?

If it can be shown that there is a disparity then we can look for possible reasons.

Rewriting your question to read:

Hypothetically speaking given that there are significantly more poor people in religious communities compared to the rest of the world, what factors could explain this?

I could postulate that rich people feel more secure in their ability to cope with situations life presents while at the same time less secure about the motives of other people and as such are more afraid of being taken advantage of by other people than they are of being alone and needing someone to help them. For relatively poor people the reverse might be true.

This means absolutely nothing though since it is pure speculation based on an unsubstantiated claim.

Question about gravitational potential energy?

the gravitational force at sea level is (9.8m/s2), but the further you go away from the earths CORE the gravitational strength becomes 1/d squared

eg. if it is 6000km from the surface of the earth to the core, and you travel 1200km from the core (6000 from the surface), you would be twice as far away as the relative 9.8m/s2, so the gravitational strength would be (1/2squared)=1/4 of what it was, close to 2.45m/s2.

for most physics questions you leave this law out because you only deal with short distances.

so the further you get away from a certain point 100km-1000km (I dont know where) the energy will start to infinitly decrease, technically it will never reach zero, (zero squared is zero, which in the denominator would create an asynimptote) but it will come infinately close.

Some other "slow people" have said that gravity doesn't have an effect outside of an atmosphere, THEN WHAT KEEPS THE EARTH IN ORBIT AROUND THE SUN DURRRRRRRRR, don't answer a question if you dont know it.

How many metric tons could Noah's Ark hold without sinking?

Not much , pffft christianity

there is a theory though that could Make this possible suggested by ufologist george tsukalous , on some ancient caves or etc there were more Great flood stories. On this african one , or somewhere they wrote that the Boat was A Square shape instead of a Boat the square kept overlapping then it disappeared, the theory suggested here was MAYBE this ark was 4th dimensional hypercube so if it was they were not present in our 3d world HUh huh lolz. hence they were not on Earth at that time

Another theory is that maybe this ark was a Genetic bank so when everyone died out noah/whoever still had the gene's of those animals ?!

think about it for a minute

well i hope i gave you something to think about Thanks for asking Bye

How do people on wheelchairs take showers if they can't stand up?

I work part time as a support worker and the people I know who require wheelchairs have showers in their bathrooms with no 'surrounds', the shower is simply fixed to a wall in the bathroom and beneath the shower there is a drain in the floor. The floor slopes slightly into the drain to prevent the whole floor being flooded! Therefore they simply get transferred from their wheelchair to a special shower chair (with holes on the bottom so the water washes away and so that you can give their bum a little clean) and wash them as normal. These bathrooms are obviously specially adapted for this though. I also work with a woman who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair who either has showers in this way OR she has a bath-this is the fun part! She has a hoist that lifts her out of her bed-through to the bathroom and lowers her into her bath! Obviously we control the hoist with a control pad but its runs on a 'tracker' on the roof from her bed to her bathroom, once it is in the bathroom it can also be moved up and down the bathroom (eg to the bath, the shower area or the toilet) her bath can also be adjusted up and down-she has lost of technology in her house designed to help her, its really great! As I said, these are all very special things that my clients have-many people are not lucky enough to have things like these when they need them. All the best!

What if the roman empire never fell and survived till this date?

History has proven that no empire or great power will ever last forever. The closest existing example to your question is China. I am not well verse on Chinese history, but I know that their history has dated back to the start of their language. Although there have been many different rulers, China has largely existed as culture since the beginning of written history. So that is what Rome would look like in Europe if it had not fallen. It is doubtful that it could enslave the world and maintain control, but hypothetically the world would be founded on Roman political and cultural values if it had. It would be impossible to tell of technology would have developed any differently than it has. Though in a way, Rome has always existed in western culture. During the dark ages, Charlemagne in modern day France was motivated by the ruins of Roman roads and architecture. He along with others thought that Europe had went backwards and use the motivation to sow the seeds of the Renaissance and the salvation of European life.

Gorillas plus other "giant chimps" have great pulling strength however not so much pushing which is mandatory for bench pressing, and also for overhead military presses. Also, their arms are too long which kills their power. Be that as it may, don't think a silver back gorilla will have the capacity to coordinate a world class substantial weight power lifter in any of those developments.However, the bars of gorilla nooks are intended to oppose around six times the human abdominal area's most extreme point before bowing, so a decent figure would be that gorillas can conceivably deadlift some sum somewhere around 2000 and 3000 lbs.There are some weight lifting moves, for example, the quick lift and the deadlift, that require the capacity to stand and adjust oneself or more the weight on two legs. There are some weight lifting moves, for example, the quick lift and the deadlift, that require the capacity to stand and adjust oneself or more the weight on two legs. Concerning the motivation behind why gorillas have not been taught to lift weights, it might be on the grounds that most gorillas are not utilized as carnival creatures to awe crowds. Additionally, a group would not be extremely inspired by such shenanigans on the grounds that they definitely realize that gorillas are tough. A gorilla that paints water hues would be all the more interestingA gorilla is positively much more grounded than a normal man in MOST developments, yet potentially weaker than the world's strongest men in a few developments. People are great at overhead lifts. World class power lifters are very much intended for bench press. Gorillas may beat the most grounded men in most abdominal area developments, however not every one of them. See here about the so-called Gorilla Bench Press.