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How Much Would An Exotic Vet Make In Canada Monthly And Yearly Average

My parents won't take my hamster to the vet?

If you only got him a week ago, he should still be under warranty. Take him to the store where they are likely to have an exotic vet on-call. You could tell them you want him back. Is there any chance his nose was infected before you got him? If so, they would handle fees. To be honest I am not sure how they will handle treating him if he got hurt under your watch. They might make you pay, they might not.

I agree with you that your parents should have taken into consideration vet costs. I pay for everything for my daughters' rats and hamsters, and they definitely go to the vet if need be. (The mice are mine.)

Do you maybe have a B-Day coming up? You could tell your folks you want your hamster treated as a gift. Otherwise, try to borrow the money if possible from them, so that your little one can be treated by an exotic vet.

I am sorry this is happening, and your hamster has an injury. Unfortunately I see it a lot on here that parents refuse to take a rodent to the vet, "...because it is just a rodent." in their eyes.

Why is my iguana sleeping alot and not eating he is abot a month old and 1 foot long is it the food i give him?

i feed him carrots and lettus and iguana food mostly i give him baths every day and clean his cage what kind of bedding should i use he is in a 20 gallon tank give him fresh food and vegitables give him mist with a spray bottle hold him for a while give him a heat light during the day but at night i run a fan in our room

How much do veterinarians get paid per paycheck?

Ill echo the fact that level of education, experience, any kind of specialized field, and a host of other factors go into a veterinarians paycheck. In Texas, as a green, general practice veterinarian you can expect to land a job starting at $60–70,000 a year. That can climb, but the average peaks out at about $85–90,000 a year. Strictly small animal vets can make a little more, or vets in bigger cities can make a little more. The starting salary for a fresh out of the oven vet isn’t going to vary tremendously for the most part, baring a few major exceptions to the rule. Most board certified vets tend to make about $150–200,000. Some can make more, some less. Experience and reputation can play a big role here, especially for surgeons. Exotic veterinarians run an even bigger range of boom to bust. Some hit the jackpot with a huge salary >200,000. Some barely make 60–70,000 even as a highly experienced vet. Depends on the Wildlife/Exotics outfit and what they’re doing.If you’re asking because you’re pulsing what job will make you the most money, then I’d drop being a vet right now. For most vets, it’s not about the money. It’s about the animal, the science, and the medicine. The paycheck is a means to an end. The job is not for the faint of heart, and it’s not for someone looking to make quick money. Your student debt will take care of that. If fast cash is what you’re after, i recommend a 2 year welding degree. 2 years of schooling, get good at it, go start making 60–90,000 a year right out of school with almost no student debt. Don’t spend 8 years and $300,000 to get an education for a job that pays only as much or even less sometimes.If the above paragraph isn’t you, then good. Please feel free to ignore it. I have found working with vets to be quite rewarding, and hopefully this time next year I’ll join the ranks at A&M in the class of 2023. Good luck!

How do people really afford luxury cars? How much should a person earn to buy a standard luxury car?

There are two sorts of buyers of luxury and performance cars. Those that can afford them, and those that cannot.If you can pay cash for a car, or write it off as an expense against your business, then you probably can afford the car.If you cannot pay cash for the car, or find a way to write off the cost against your taxes, then you cannot afford the car.People that buy luxury cars do so for a variety of reasons, and affordability is not the top reason. People make decisions about their lives that don’t depend on “affordability.” But these same people probably have virtually no savings or investments for their future retirement. So while they may be able to “afford” the payments on the car, they cannot afford not putting money aside for their future.So why do they do this? There is a lot of investment in their personal opinion of themselves, and their wish to have others consider them as “wealthy.”That is one of the reasons that the majority of all families in this country have less than $1,000 in savings towards their retirement. They are “consumers” who consider that they must keep up with the Joneses to be considered as “successful.”I remember one of the partners of a very successful Philadelphia law firm, a very old family firm that also supported the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This lawyer, from an old main line family, drove a Ford Falcon. It ran. Every day. It was all he needed to get to work. He never worried about money, he had plenty. In fact, the office manager used to call my wife (his secretary) to tell him to cash his checks. He would often have a drawer full of checks that he never got around to cashing.To those that have plenty of money, the old line money, is very unimpressed with buying stuff. Sure there are those that are passionate collectors, but they are collectors, and they don’t buy cars to impress.Typically, people in the West buy very expensive cars to impress others, not because they have an intense love for the car or the brand. And usually they can’t afford both their future and the cars.

Is it hard to become a vet?

Let me say that it is statistically harder to get into a veterinary medicine college than it is to get into a human medical college because of the limited number of veterinary colleges(only 27 in the United States) compared to medical colleges. Therefore, your grades have to be very competitive.

It requires 4 years of college and an additional 4 years of veterinary medicine. Internship or residency credits are not required but are offered to achieve advanced qualification or specialty certification. The exception being that it was recently required that foreign graduates need additional veterinary medical residency credits. This is a debated subject.

You first have to pass a demanding national veterinary medical board exam - similiar to the bar exam in law.

Now don't let this scare you if you are truly drawn to being a animal doctor. I love my vet and she is a woderful caring and intelligent woman. There is a lot of math involved so be extra diligent in your math studies so you can handle the chemistry, Remember that our bodies are just chemical reactions and you need to understand this to become a doctor.

But, when you are done with all the preliminaries, you get to work with all kinds of animals. Maybe your interest is in exotics? or large animals? Some vets have even helped people with difficult diagnosis's in their own bodies because a vet must utilize more of their intuitive side because their patients cannot talk to them.
Good Luck in your search. The world needs all kinds of doctors.

Thinking of being a vet??????????

Hey, when I read this, I was really surprised of how similar our thoughts are! So basically I love animals, like wayyy to much, and I want to be a vet as well. I have the exact same problem with blood and needles. I'm a 15 year old guy by the way. I don't know what you wanna do as far as vet classifications, but personally, I want to be an exotic zoo vet treating large, small, and maybe marine animals. So anyways as far as school, you will need four years a highschool, and obviously to graduate, then four years of regular college, most likely your undergrad with just the basic classes, then lastly four years of vet school. I'm a really good student going into sophomore year in august. I'm actually really good at science, but for veterinary medicine, you won't really need to be spectacular with biology (really the only science you'll need) but then again you still need to take it and get good grades all around, in and out of science. As far as money goes, it depends on your specialty, like how I said I want to be an exotic zoo vet, the payments are different. Large animals get about 60,000 a year to start, meaning this is kind of being a "minimum wage" vet but making more obviously, and the salary can go up a lot (like maybe 100,000 more!). Small gets about 40-50,000 per year to start. And you can make even more if you have your own practice. Since I'm thinking of working as a zoo vet, that is a mix of sizes, which you can also do out of zoos by the way, and that's even more money. This would however depend on the zoo. Like I live in San Diego and that's a world famous zoo along with its Wild Animal Park lead off, so that'd make more than a tiny zoo in Ohio... All together, I think if I really wanna help animals that much I can get over the blood thing, or you can still be a vet and not a surgeon by doing general care and stuff. It supplies a lot of money for a good life and if you truly love animals, you'll love your job! Just remember not to only do something because of money, do it because you love it. And fortunately for vets, and if you do love animals, both come into play. Email me if you wanna talk about it more, good luck with your decisions and study hard!! Hope this helps:)

Anyone own a Iguana?

I am wondering a few things about iguanas.
How's the temperment? What is the average size, and weight? How much food do they eat per day, and what kinds? How much can they cost? What size tank or other place do you keep them in? Do you buy them from a breeder? Do they like other iguanas as friends?
I think I asked all I wanted to know but, you can add more, if you know more.
Thank you in advanced!

How much would it cost to buy and take care of a pet alligator?

My girlfriend wants a pet alligator, and i know it sounds really stupid and I've told her that but she really has her heart set on this and she has for a long time so I'm planning on getting one for her as a suprise I was jus wondering what it would look like costwise. I already know they need alot of matienence.