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How Nervous Do You Get Before Public Speaking

Public Speaking?

Step 1 - Learn your material backwards and forwards. You need to really know what you are talking about before you can ever hope to effectively communicate the info to others.

Step 2 - Practice in-front of a friend. First have them just sit there until you are done. Then, have them interrupt you with questions during the presentation. You never know how your audience will be so you need to be comfortable with both.

Step 3 - Remember not to speak too quickly...When I first started to speak in front of people, I stammered and spoke very quickly due to being nervous...just take deep breaths and take your time.

Step 4 - Make eye contact with each person for a few seconds tthroughout the presentation. It will help you by tricking your mind into thinking you are just talking to 1 person (dont ask me why..but it works).

Nervous about public speaking ?

Don't worry about it.
I compete in competitive debate and competitive speech and I will always get nervous before and usually during my performance.

My rules for myself are, regardless of the topic, turn the speech into something you love to talk about. If you love music, integrate that somehow. If you love horses, mention something about them. If you love the quadratic equation mention that! Just make it something you enjoy.

Some people say to picture everyone in their underwear, or visualize the audience doing something funny. I suggest not doing that. I, personally will be grossed out by some of the people in their underwear, or start laughing by things I've come up with.

Deep breaths works as others have said.

Also, don't feel like you have to speak every single second. That's completely untrue. If you're having issues, stop for a brief moment, be it a heartbeat to three seconds, and think. It doesn't seem like much now, but it is up in front of everyone.

Something that helps also, is talk to your teacher before hand. If she knows you have a speaking anxiety she's more likely to be lenient in grading so she won't penalize you for something that's beyond your 100% controll.

Just smile and have fun with it. :)

How can I get over public speaking anxiety and nervousness?

You need to follow just ONE simple principle to overcome your public speaking anxiety.Just like you, there was a time when I had a big presentation coming up and was getting really nervous about it.I made sure my presentation slides were perfect.I made sure I rehearsed for it like crazy.Yet, I still had a feeling deep inside me that I really couldn’t shake off.I had this notion that I was going to blow it, badly.So, just like you, I sought advice. I went over to an old mentor of mine. He was the bees knees of public speakers. His presentations were pretty much perfect in my eyes, so I thought he would be the best man to get advice from.What he told me blew my mind.He literally told me to “smell my own fart.”Trust me, I was just as confused (and slightly disgusted) as you are right now. But his advice did in fact hold merit, and it was something I would never forget.And you know what? You won��t forget it either.This is what he told me:“When you smell your own fart, you smell something that smells bad – but that’s just the thing – you smelled something bad that you made. It’s an act that you committed, and you took full notice of it. When you apply that to the context of your upcoming presentation, you said that your slides are perfect, and you said you rehearsed for it like crazy. If your presentation or your PowerPoint slides stink, then you’ll know, because you know what it’s like when something you made stinks.”Moral of the story: it really comes down to confidence. If you did everything you can to prepare for your public speaking event (i.e. rehearsing, going over the content with peers, making sure you are within set time limits, etc.), then you already won half the battle.Take that confidence with you on stage, and when it comes time for delivery, you’ll be absolutely fine because you know, deep down, that you prepared for it.And if you really want to KILL your next presentation and/or public speaking event, check out these helpful posts:How to make your presentation STAND OUT from the rest.Use the power of EMOTION to persuade your audience.Choose COLORS that will INFLUENCE your audience.You’ll be fine. I’m sure of it!Remember, confidence.

I'm always very nervous when asked to do public speaking. How can I shed this fear?

I can relate well to this. I'll share my experience that might help you. I've always been an introverted person and the very thought of standing before an audience gives me cold feet and I used to freeze and be lost for words.I recently joined an English speaking academy. One necessary inclusion in it is a public speaking competition, which I did not know at the time. Even though they used to make us speak before some twenty people then but it was a different thing to speak before an audience of 150. I dreaded it for weeks. I only wanted to get through it somehow without being embarrassed in front of so many people. I googled for hours to find ways to aggrandise my confidence and control my fear, and some possible shortcuts, which actually don't exist. Some useful tips I found and you could use are -1) Chew gum before your speech. It tells your brain that if you're eating you're probably not in any danger so there's no need to fear.2) Before your speech raise your arms and mimic the celebration of any athlete who just won. Gets you the adrenaline rush.3) Pretend in your mind that the audience is foolish. You're not nervous in front of fools because you can always outsmart them.4) Stand erect and keep a smile on your face. It makes you look confident. 'Fake it to make it' is a real thing.5) Practice in front of a mirror. It makes you conscious of your actions and appearance, hence, it is a good practice to be more sure of yourself during the real deal.I followed all of these. And, worked my ass off for the competition. And this was the result,​I'm the one one the right. It's fun to go from 'I don't wanna be embarrassed' to 'It wasn't that difficult.'There were people in the competition who were helluva lot more confident than me, for whom being on the stage was like walk in a park. I only won because I worked like anything for it and didn't want to settle for anything less than my capacity.Underestimation is the only thing that scares you. Stay positive and half the battle is won already.

I always get SO NERVOUS when i speak in public!!?

i'm ok when chatting with a bunch of people, things only get difficult when i need to do something serious in front of them, like a presentation, speech, etc.
last time we were playing games and i lost, and i was asked to sing a song. i knew i could sing very well, for sure!!! but somehow i got nervous and my voice trembled. it was such a disaster!!!
a consellor i visited said people get nervous when they don't have confidence. but the thing is, i still get nervous when i'm pretty much familiar with the topic i'm talking about.

and i don't get nervous in interviews with people who are my superiors. i got an interviewe before being admitted into the university, by the man who is now my supervisor. he thinks i'm talented, confident, focused and so on because that's what i was like in the interview. and at that time, it felt like i could be whatever i wanted.
i think i'm afraid because i know i'm going to face my peers' judgement.

Help i get nervous when I do public speaking in class?

Gosh, I can relate. I used to feel just like you. Not only did my hands shake but my head would get sort off a tick and jerk around, lol.

The tip someone gave about going first is one that I did and it's true not only is there as much anticipation, but you get it over and done with.

I also reminded myself that the people I was talking in front of were only people just like me...nothing better or worse. They go to the bathroom just like you etc.

Deep breathing also really helps to relax you. practice it at home. Even Yoga helps. You'll get more focused, calmer and look and feel better too in the process.

You could always just admit to everyone that you are really nervous and that you hate public speaking and to bare with you. That makes you appear human like everyone else. I bet a lot of people feel just like you.

Then there's always imagining everyone naked trick. That made me feel less vulnerable.

You sound like a really smart person so no worries there.
Just think of it as acting...fake it till ya make it !

Good luck !

Why do people feel nervous when they do public speaking?

Since you asked the question I would answer it through my story. So, it goes like this….As a kid, I was always that one in class who was good at debating and all the other public speaking activities. I even won many prizes in the inter-school competitions. But this was only until my 7th standard and then teenage hit me. So, I speak a little bit nasally but on the mike, my voice becomes 10x nasal. I was unaware of this fact until in my 8th standard I was started to get bullies and being called “Himesh Reshammiya”(An Indian singer who is known for his nasal singing). And that’s when all my self- confidence that I had collected over the years got drained in just weeks of bullying.Now, I avoided every possible competition or opportunity to speak in public. Right now I am in 11th standard and still trying to get over the fear of sounding nasal. So, personally, it was my nasal voice that made me fear my much loves ‘public speaking’…And as for the question, I think it is the fear of being judged and being laughed at that gets people nervous in speaking publicly.PS:- These are my personal views from my personal experiences….-Tanishka :)

Public Speaking: How do I not get nervous when presenting a speech in class?

There are many tips that can help. Now, the first thing to need is practice, practice practice. The more experienced you become the better you'll know how to...One tip: Feel your nervousness. Feel it hundred per cent, before going. The more you feel it, the more you become able to overcome it. Another tip: When you really feel your nervousness, ask yourself the question: is it really fear ... or is it excitement? There is a way to change our mind and realize that we are actually excited about it! Another tip: When you are doing your speech, make eye contact with your listeners. Eye contact is a way to feel connected, so it helps calming down. Another tip: I hope you have friends in the class. There are always people who look more friendly than others. There are always at least one or two smiley faces. Speak more especially to them, they will make you feel good. Another tip: Repeat to yourself: you have the right to be just who you are. Life gives you this right. You have the right not to be perfect. All human beings have flaws. We all have qualities and nobody has all the qualities. It's life. It's OK. The more you accept yourself with your qualities and your flaws, the more confident you'll become. I let others add their tips....

Does anyone not feel nervous when public speaking?

To directly answer your question, I would postulate that there are certainly people that do not feel any nervousness at all when speaking in public. Along that same vein, I would posit that there are people who do not get bothered in the slightest acting in ways that their neighbors would believe to be galling. Much in the same way that it is believed sociopaths lack the ability for empathy, certain individuals may also lack the ability to feel an emotion best described as a variant of "shame" or "guilt". Sans those feelings, it would be hard to be nervous when there really is no pressure emanating from the actions you are committed to doing. In terms of practical application, Tim below is right. Relax, and care not of what others think of you. At best, it is a passing feeling, not a judgment on your lasting character. Our thoughts come and go, often without leaving lasting impressions on our attitude towards a person or a group. Even if you mess up, it likely won't matter, so just go with it.

Why do I tend to shiver and get nervous during public speaking, even though I am very good in speaking and sharing my ideas?

There are two primary reasons for fear of public speaking.Reason 1 : you might have given a speech or sang or danced in front of audience earlier but it ended up badly. Your heart is hurt so badly, it does not want to get into that situation again. So whenever you attempt it again, it goes blank.Reason 2: you did not attempt speech till now. Now you want to speak but feeling what audience are gong to think about me ?? Will my speech go well ?? What if everyone laughs at me ?? What if they asked me to get out of the stage??All these questions will pop in your mind. So whenever you attempt a speech , you go blank.It happened to me. When I gave independence occasion speech, fellow students laughing because of pronunciation. It hit me very hard that I did not attempt any speech till engineering. Even engineering, people laughed at when I gave introduction in fresher's welcome session. So I did not participate in any public speaking session in my college.After joining Accenture, when I got know that toastmasters is going to help in public speaking, I attended some meetings. One thing is they encourage a lot and when you are speaking on the stage everyone stays clam even speech is wrist to boost confidence of speaker. This helped me a lot as unlike in other situations no one is laughing at my speech. Soon I started giving more speeches and joined as a member.Its been 3.5 years and I can speak in front of any audience. I attempt extempore speeches a lot. My filler words in my speech has come down.Recently, I delivered CC10 project from competent communication manual at s2tech toastmasters. This project is the last project on cc manual and after completing this project, you will get a competent communicator certificate from toastmasters international.I hope my journey inspires you to try public speaking slowly. All the good speakers are first bad speakers. Try your bad speech as soon as possible.All the best.