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How Old Do U Have To Be In A Wipeout Show On Tv

How can I get on the TV show Wipeout?

Option #1STEP 1: Go to and fill out an online profile and WIPEOUT Season 5 application. You MUST upload a photo to be considered.STEP 2: Our casting department will review your application. If they would like to bring you in for an audition, they will contact you to schedule an appointment at our Burbank office.Option #2STEP 1: Go to and fill out an online profile and WIPEOUT Season 5 application. You MUST upload a photo to be considered.STEP 2: You may attend one of our open call events listed below. You will need to bring along a copy of your driver's license and health insurance card (if you have it).

Is the show WIPEOUT fake?

I think alot of the participants don't know exactly what they got themselves into until it was too late. I think that is why they just kinda stand there sometimes.

What channel does the show wipeout come on and what time?

it comes on "ABC" tuesdays somewhere around 7-8pm central.
i love that show....its funny to see the people fall!!

Are there any shows like MXC?

in america theres a show called Wipeout on abc it might play on fox, i am not sure.
its the american version of MXC.

How bad is a big wave wipeout?

As with so many things, it…depends. If you are out surfing 10–15ft waves (as measured by the strange surfer’s yardstick)…then it’s most likely that you are accustomed to surfing smaller waves, comfortably.Much like a boxer might ask “what’s it like getting a left hook, and ear bite from Iron Mike Tyson” Well, that boxer will have steadily climbed to the conditioning that put him in the ring with Iron Mike. So he’s been toughened up over time.So it’s pretty cataclysmic for a corn farmer’s daughter on her first day at the ocean to get axed by 10–15ft….but not for the semi-fish son of a pearl-diver who’s been toying with 15–20ft barrels since before he got hair down there.Then of course, each wipe-out is different. I’ve popped out the back, unchallenged on waves i thought were sending me to davey jones’ locker. I’ve been thoroughly spanked by small waves, properly rinsed and ragdolled underwater and held down by small waves.In general, it’s violent, intense, dark, noisy, disorientating, frightening, uncertain, hazardous, lung-busting….and that’s just the initial part.To answer your question, the level of badness depends on your comfort level, experience and luck of the draw. Going to the mall around christmas is much more frightening.

How does a person become a contestant on Wipeout?

You apply. You audition and some are chosen. Remember it isn't just the best who are chosen; it's TV be bubbly and be bouncy.To apply here, send an e-mail, and include the following:Your nameYour addressYour occupationBe a Contestant on 'Wipeout'here is a website to help you apply.I'm not familiar with the shows, but quizzes do take ordinary people.

Have people been injured on ABC's Wipeout?

It is impossible to tell for sure. Wipeout contestants have a stick (they need to sign an indemnity clause) and a carrot (they are well insured) if injured.There are many instances of sprains, twists and bruising. There have been several broken bones and whiplash.There is no evidence of permanent injury. The competitors are weeded out and generally young and healthy so recover.I have not seen any court cases involving wipe out, nor any breaches of law.Wipeout makes the most of its accidents and you tend to see a lot more of them (it is what people want to see) , a bit like people wanting to see hockey matches break into fights.The spectacular wipeouts are relatively rare, but make up most of the show.It is dangerous but not recklessly so. I am not an expert but looked up what I could and found no evidence.Gluttons for Punishment on ‘Wipeout’ Are Balm for ABC---no evidence of serious injuries. Plenty of small injuries.Celebrity stars of Total Wipeout may sue the BBC over injuries---some celebrities injured---not seriously.

TV shows for a 7th grade girl to watch?

oh my god your mom won't let you watch pretty little liars!? then read the books, theyre downright AMAZING.
But anyways, can u watch these? i'll list my faves from 7th grade and some of my faves now (I'm in 9th grade)
- 90210 (the cw)
- Americas Next Top Model (the cw)
- glee (fox)
- Project Runway
- Wipeout (ABC)

and yeah that kinda stuff, 90210 might be a little innapropriate, but the ones your mom will give u can okay for are probably wipeout and glee

good luck(:

Is it truly possible to wipeout the human race via chemical, biological or nuclear weapons?

Most certainly. There is a proven Nuclear Winter effect from large(over 100 megatons) nuclear explosions, and studies show that in a global thermonuclear exchange when the entire arsenal is dumped, pretty much the entire earth will be deposited with so much radioactive fallout that most advanced life on earth would be wiped out. If you add every deadly virus we know about, including smallpox, ebola virus, typhoid, the old version of the spanish flu, and we make all viruses airborne and very virulent through genetic engineering, then dump serious toxins in ever river or water source, then it is likely that we can kill 99.99999999%  of all people on this earth. There may be a few in special bunkers, but if we make the world toxic enough and kill off the life forms that make oxygen, they'll die eventually. If we make a virulent virus like HIV, that has the sole effect of rendering women and men infertile, it could concievably end the human race over a few generations. Give a toxin to every human being that makes them infertile, and the job would be done.But, it would be a hard job, and carried out by enemies of mankind, not mankind itself. The motto would be: Whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.  Ha Ha ha ha