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How Old Do You Think The Characters In

How old do you think sofia the first characters are?

7 to 9 years old.

How old are the characters from The Office??

I agree with Aaron on most of them, but I think Jim is 32, Pam- 30, and Ryan is the youngest, just out of business school, so he is 24.

How old is Dorothy (the character)?

She was not a teenager in the movie, she is supposed to be a kid.
They were going to use Shirley Temple originally and she was only about 11 years old.
They also did a whole bunch of things to make Judy Garland look younger.

She is supposed to be about 9-11 years old.

Which character from the book do you think should have been added to The Lord of the Rings films?

Oh my gosh.Tom Bombadil. I know he was a bit kitschy and there are a lot of songs and whatnot, but even if the songs had been taken out, I think including him would have introduced a level of ancient magic and emerging darkness that the movie almost sort of hints at. The Old Forest and the Barrow Downs are really the first sort of evil the hobbits encounter, outside of side-eyed views of the Black Riders. Plus, considering the fact that even Celeborn and Galadriel consider Bombadil ‘old’ is rather impressive and gives the notion that Middle Earth is yet more ancient than even the elves perceive.Glorfindel. Now, I appreciate Arwen’s presence in the movies, I think it gives a balance to the films that would probably feel slightly lacking otherwise, but one of my favorites in all of Tolkien’s work is Glorfindel, from whom Arwen got all of her lines. He has an awesome history; being there for Turgin, Tuor, the Fall of Gondolin, he witnessed the battle of Ecthalion and Gothmog and he killed a balrog, during the wars with Morgoth. He was slain by the balrog as well and was brought back due to his pure spirit and unfailing nobility. He arrived in Middle Earth in time for the forging of the One Ring, and therefore was engaged in both wars against Sauron. And in time for the films, he saved Frodo at the Ford of Bruinen, and was such a threat that five Ringwraiths fled from him.I think leaving him out is a tragedy. He also spoke of Bombadil, which would have rounded things out nicely. I have a framed picture of Glorfindel because he is simply that awesome.

What do you think of my Character Description?

We are doing a short story unit and we had to write a short character description. I know is unbelievably repetitive. But do you think it is good, what comments do u have on it. What do you think?

Everyone in the neighborhood likes Grandma Betty. That is what everyone calls her, Grandma Betty, even though she is nobodies grandmother. She is quite old. At her last birthday party, her cake had so many candles on it that the cake started on fire. But no matter how old she gets, she is still the fastest runner in the town. Every year the city has the annual Neighborhood Olympics. Grandma Betty always runs the mile. She never loses. When she runs, all you can see is a cloud of smoke.
Her hair is always really messy, especially after she gets done running. It always just looks like a big gray knot. She probably hasn’t brushed it since she was twelve, but who knows. Although she’s old , she has a good sense of style. Her outfits are amazing! One day she was wearing diamond earrings, a shiny dress, and diamond high heels. Which doesn’t really go with her ratty hair, but is still a great outfit. It seems like she always wears those same things, a dress, earrings, and high heels. Just on a regular day, with nothing going on. When she’s running, she wears her lucky sneakers. Everyone says there magic, because when she puts them on their so fast. No matter how lucky they are though, they are ugly. They’re green, red, and pink. Then they have yellow spots all over them. Nobody knows where she got them from, because no store would ever sell shoes that ugly.
Grandma Betty has more wrinkles on her face than most old people have on there whole body. She’s also really short and skinny. It makes her look like someone took a shrink ray, and shrunk an old lady. It is pretty obvious that she is old. Her age doesn’t slow her down though. She could probably run in the real Olympics and win a gold medal

What do you think about the character Boromir in The Lord of the Rings?

(Spoilers, I guess? Which hopefully won’t matter)I think he is an interesting mid-point between his father Denethor and his brother Faramir. It’s clear that the vision that brings Boromir to Rivendell in the first place was intended for Faramir, and we know that later Faramir resists the temptation to take the Ring where Boromir did not. But Boromir is not as bad as his father, who falls completely to despair and ends up trying a murder-suicide while his city is under attack.I’ve always wondered, though, how things would have worked out if Faramir had gone to Rivendell instead of Boromir, as the vision clearly intended. Maybe Frodo and Sam would have died in Ithilien, who knows?In reading the trilogy over once again (after many readings), I do feel like sometimes Boromir is set up as the guy who is clearly going to fall, but when I first read the trilogy I think it felt more like normal foreshadowing.He has the pride and grim outlook that sort of typifies Gondorians, and he’s clearly widely regarded as heroic and worthy. And it isn’t like his concerns aren’t somewhat reasonable, in terms of bringing the Ring to save his people contrasted with sending the Ring in the hands of a hobbit straight to Sauron.In the first two books (of the six) I like how he is characterized. You get to know him more than Legloas or Gimli, about whom you learn more in the next four books, and he’s a good foil for Aragorn in both the books and the movies.My 2 cents, anyway.

What real people in history do you think the characters from Game Of Thrones are based on?

Thanks for the A2A.This is a difficult question, because while we know that Game of Thrones is supposedly based off the real life War of Roses, the succession of the English crown, we’re not exactly sure what people GoT is based off of. Accordingly, I’ll simply give a few possible speculations.Henry VIII of England is Robert Baratheon.Both were fat kings who loved women. Henry also had several wives, a few of which enjoyed sexual relationships with other men, similar to Robert’s wife, Cersei. Both loved hunting and sports as well.Catherine De’ Medici is Cersei Lannister.Was part of a rich family and would later become the Queen of France. Ruthless when protecting her children, and I’m pretty sure off the top of my head that two of her sons would become kings in her lifetime. Experienced at politics as well.Edward IV is Robb Stark.Edward ascended the throne of England after his father was killed. His reign was partly plagued by civil war within the nation. He also broke his own betrothal to instead follow his heart and marry another woman. Sound familiar?Anne Boleyn is Margaery Tyrell.Clever, and both married into the royal families of their kingdoms. Both had their downfall brought upon by other noble rivals within their kingdoms, as well as partly because of their own doing.Elizabeth I is Daenerys Targaryen.Both relatively successful, independent women who ruled. Both never really married, but instead had quite a few affairs with lovers. Both also were willing to banish key supporters if they turned traitor, just as Daenerys did to Ser Jorah Mormont.Joan of Arc is Brienne of Tarth.Both are warrior women who are fiercely loyal to those they swear for and are willing to give their lives for a cause. Able military commanders as well.Attila the Hun is Khal Drogo.Images credited to Wikipedia.Both were the leaders of powerful nomadic tribes but later died, perhaps mysteriously. Throughout life, however, they were powerful and feared.

How old are the characters in the Mass Effect games?

Shepard is 29 in the first game. Two years pass from the first game to the second. I'm not sure what the time span is from the second to the third, but it's definitely not more than a few months.Kaidan Alenko gives his age as 32 in conversation in the first game. Liara is 106 in the first game. According to the Wiki, Ashley would be 25 in the first game, and Tali 22 (seemed younger). Don't know about Garrus or Wrex but krogan are almost as long-lived as asari, and Wrex has been around the galaxy quite a bit, so I'd say he's got to be at least 300 or so.As far as the second game, according to the Wiki Miranda would have been 35 (she seemed younger), Jacob 28, Jack 24, Thane 39 (that sounds about right). Morinth is approximately 400, Samara is close to 1000. Couldn't say for Mordin exactly, but salarians usually don't live past 50, so he's probably late 20's or early 30's. And obviously neither Legion nor Grunt would have a biological age. Unsure about Kasumi or Zaeed, either.I'd guess James Vega to be his 30's. Javik's biological age (not 50,000) is difficult to say since we don't know if he looks old or young for his species. The Wiki says he was born "in the midst of the war with the Reapers," but Vigil tells us on Ilos in ME1 that that the extermination of the Protheans took centuries, so it's hard to say with any precision how old he is. 30's or 40's probably, since his flashbacks show him to be an important leader.

How old are the characters from spongebob? (age)?

I actually found it somewhere. Spongebob is about 23 or 24, Patrick about 25, Squidward is 31, Sandy is about 24, Mr. Krabs and Plankton are about 50, Barnacleboy is 63 (Mermaidman I'm not sure maybe 73 or 80), Pearl is 16, and the Flying Dutchman is appearantly thousands of years old. Some of them you can kind of guess, like Mr. Krabs is old enough to have served in a certain war, he is too old to have fought in the Persian Gulf (and they didn't use the navy a lot) so he might have been in Vietnam (maybe near the gulf of Tonkin), and Plankton is the same age as Mr. Krabs as certain episodes imply.