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How Old Is Spongebob Squarepants

How old is Spongebob Squarepants?

Im 17 and I still watch cartoons lol. Spongebob is the shiz thou. Anyways I just want to know what yall think his age is. If you think about it he cant be a kid on the count of he has a job and lives by himself. He cant be a adult(or could he?) because his azz still cant drive. Anyways again, what do you think? How old is Spongebob Squarepants?

How old is SpongeBob Squarepants?

Haha, interesting question

However, I think he is about 15 or 16.

BECAUSE he goes to drivers ed school [he has never had a car, each time he did, he lost it because he sucks at driving lol..]

And no it never states his age....[trust me I have watched every episode of this] he has a job as a fry cook, so that is why im thinking age 15 or 16

He can be quite mature in some episodes, and rather immature in others.

I bet Patrick is like 13 LOL get a star!

I never thought about

How old is Spongebob Squarepants?

isn't it different when you live in a pinaple under the sea?

How old is Spongebob Squarepants?

Spongebob was born on july 14 1986
this means he is 24 years old! Because in an episode of spongebob it showed this drives
lisen which had his date of birth


technically, he should be 49 years old. At least.
In the spongebob movie he states hes been the employee of the month 374 times. thats 31 years and 2 months.
In the first spongebob episode he is not living with his parents, so its safe to assume hes 18. 18 + 31 = 49.

Hope this helps

How old is Spongebob Squarepants? (his age)?

Spongebob is out of college so he is at least in his twenties. He still goes to bubble parties and is called a kid so he can't be older than 39. Considering how many driving tests he's taken and assuming that he gets a test once a month I'd say about 21-25. His employee of the month awards suggest he's really old but I think the creators just did that to make their point. Cartoons don't have to make sense. I wouldn't worry about it too much cartoons don't age that much Spongebob will be the same age 5 years from now and whatever age he is Spongebob will always be 8 in his heart.

How old is SpongeBob Squarepants?

He is around 26 yrs old, according to wikipedia.

"SpongeBob's age is yet to be eaten. He is rumored to be at least 26 years old even though he acts like an elephant. He lives by himself and can afford his own ungerdon. He has also taken a driving test 890000 times."

How Old Is Spongebob Squarepants?

okay so lets figure out the facts. Okay so you have to be 16yrs old to get your drivers license. Sponge bob has been taking his boating test since the third maybe fourth episode. Spongebob first aired in 1999. and its 2008. 9 years. so he would be, 25 years old. And thats only if he just turned 16 when the show started. Now you have to be, 18 to work at a restaurant, and thats just to be a bar tender or a waiter, and spongbob is a waiter and a chef. He first started being a chef in the first episode. You have to go to collage to be a chef, so he must have been at least 21, 22 when he got out of collage. So, in the first episode he would have to be 22, in the second or third episode he was introduced to boating school. so 22 yrs old at boating school. 22+9=31 yrs old now and still hasn't had his license so technically speaking he would be 31 yrs of age. you wanna no something else about spongbob? The show was originally made to be a show like family guy but then later changed it to a kids show.

He is 28 now!--According to WolframAlpha,the knowledge-based search engine : )

How many years old is spongebob squarepants supposed to be?

You could go with the answers of the people that say that SpongeBob's 21 years old already...But I love the yellow sponge!! So I watch Nickelodeon everyday for him. And this year, Nickolodeon holds their Year Of The Sponge celebration in honor of SpongeBob's 10th birthday!! The official birthday of Spongebob was 1999, because that was when he was officially introduced to the world of Nick and to beloved fans and viewers worldwide. He gained renown and fame throughout the world of TV through his awards. After the push off and the acceptance of fans all over the world, SpongeBob's fame was born!!
This year, he released his birthday album with songs that people sing these days such as the F.U.N song, All You Need is Friendship To Fly, The Campfire Song, The Gary Song and many more!! In honor of his birthday, Nickelodeon takes over campuses and schools all over the Philippines these 3 months, and afterward, Malaysia, Singapore!! The theme is Bikini Bottom because of him!!
It's really his 10th birthday this year, please believe a hardcore Spongebob fan, we're all united in the name of the yellow Sponge!!

Happy 10th birthday SpongeBob!! May you have many more to come!!
We love you!!!

SpongeBob SquarePants is nostalgic because millions of us grew up watching it and because it’s memorable.It is common knowledge that its peak lies in the first three seasons of its run. Those are the episodes that are timeless because of great humor, simple but brilliant writing, wonderful characterization, and a marvelous soundtrack. It has immensely high rewatch value.Of course, I've only scratched the surface of the answer to your question.