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How Pathetic Is Smoking Just To Be Friends With The Smokers

Are marijuana smokers pathetic or what?

Well, I suppose we all have our own opinions. I could give you all of mine, but I won't; drug use is a controversial topic that I don't often like to discuss unless I'm with people I know well. Suffice to say that I have never smoked marijuana, and I don't plan to do so. I don't believe it's something I need in my life in order to be happy (or to relax).

However, I do not have angry feelings towards pot smokers, nor do I believe they should be "thrown under the prison". I think each person makes his own decisions in life, and those that smoke know the legal risks they are taking. A lot of those that smoke end up "growing out" of it; others continue to smoke throughout adulthood. You might be surprised at how many pot smokers there really are, and even more surprised to know that some do contribute to society. I suppose it depends on the individual in question.

I recently quit smoking bud. All my friends are smokers . Can I stop?

Of course its annoying. I was a smoker, Ive been there. But you know what? I was also diagnosed with cancer because of my smoking, and at quite a young age. I was 21. Honestly, I dont think anyone who hasnt had cancer honestly knows the consequences. I knew it could cause cancer and copd and all that... But I had *no* idea how bad cancer would be until *I* was the one who had it. If I can help even just one person quit, then their annoyance is worth it. What I went through was so bad that I just dont want other people to have to go through it. They dont have to. There are a ton of tricks and methods out there that you can use to help you, and many that dont even require money. The question is in how much do you want to quit, and how hard do you want to work at quitting.

Are marijuana smokers pathetic or what?

No. I find your attitude to be bigoted and ignorant. I'm 50 years old and I know pot smokers who are perfectly healthy, hold responsible jobs, make six figures and are successfully raising families.

Some people can't handle pot, same as alcohol. However, the damage that alcohol has done to people I know and know of is one thousand times worse than anything I have ever seen in a pot smoker. And millions of people drink responsibly -- I don't think that everyone thats drinks should be thrown in prison.

This is supposed to be a free country, but I wish their were fewer people like you, who want to throw people who aren't hurting anyone into prison or worse.

Do you find marijuana smokers pathetic?

Sir, are you telling me that you would personally murder me because I smoke an herb that makes thinking about God, listening to music, and spending time with the people I love more fulfilling? You would take my life for that?

You're the pathetic one. You have made yourself a highly specific enemy of a vague, overgeneralized stereotype, and in doing so you have chosen to judge me, my worth, and my right to live. You don't have the right to judge anyone, unless you are God, and you obviously aren't.

Saying that potheads don't contribute to society is subjective too. I guess, maybe if you have no sense of spirituality and hate art and artistic people, since a weed bud is hand in hand with practically every creative genius whose ever lived. Go back to your nine-to-five job and stop judging things you don't know ANYTHING about.

Can you be friends with a smoker and not breathe secondhand smoke..?

..Or is it practically impossible?

Just curious, because I've met a couple of acquaintances who are smokers, and if we became friends, we'd be taking walks, hanging out outdoors, sitting at cafes, etc. They smoke pretty regularly too.

I am just wondering, if you smoke or have experience with smokers, is it a huge inconvenience for them if you step away whenever they light up - or ask them to step aside if they smoke?

Is it possible to spend a fair amount of time with a smoker and not breathe secondhand smoke? (I'm super sensitive to cigarettes)

Are smokers pathetic drug addicts in denial? And if so...?

Some smokers are apologetic & polite, they will accommodate non smokers and so they should.
Young children are non-smokers & if we want a filthy, anti-social, expensive ( £7.50 for 20 carcinogens sticks ) habit to be removed from sight, we need to continue banning it from public areas.
Parks, high streets, shopping arcades etc the inhaling & exhaling toxic fumes must be banned.
I hope one day all the tobacco factories will shut down & the tobacco industry will curl up & die like so many dead smokers.
Some smokers are almost angry militant, ask them to put it out is meet with an icy stare & defiance.
They have a pre-programmed speech about all the other toxins in the environment or the NHS will run out of money if all the smokers gave up tomorrow.
I've heard it all.
Toxins in the environment are enough to contend with why do smokers feel the need to add to the problem?
And the NHS would save money by not having to treat smokers & the smokers families.

Are smokers pathetic drug addicts in denial? And if so...?

it somewhat is often disheartening to work out infants shabbily begging money or smokes from strangers, and putting around tobacconists asking human beings to purchase them cigarettes, yet there are strategies that human beings who smoke can set approximately making little ones greater autonomous, and how I do it somewhat is to teach them survival skills functional interior the wild. as an occasion, in spite of the undeniable fact that the government now place regulations on the sale of cigarette papers to those below 18, it somewhat is achieveable to style a working pipe out of an previous drinks can, in plenty an identical way as crack shoppers and dope freaks do. The 'human beings who smoke corners' outdoors place of work blocks are a sturdy source of useable butt-ends, and a tobacco bowl would be lit with a magnifying glass on a sunny day. As Oxfam say: provide me a fish, and that i consume for an afternoon. prepare me to fish, and that i consume all my life.

Do smokers know how pathetic they seem to normal people?

I'm a man that is a off and on smoker over my lifetime. I find your comments particularly insulting.

While I understand that smoking is not an addictions that has many upside arguments, your self indulgent diatribe is even less tasteful.

I have found in my life many times that I need a temporary support package which cigarettes provided.

Smoking in America was not always looked upon with your attitude and such statements would have you removed from most businesses.

Now we know the dangers of smoking, which you youngsters have grown up with, and we no longer participate in what years ago was a simple pleasure.

However judgmental you think you feel you have the right to be, try to remember times do change and what we once did was and still is legal.

The stuff you choose to partake in is not, and I don't see anyone barking trash at the sickness you spread.

Try to remember it's a free country and right still trumps wrong.

Smoking in high school to fit in with my friends... HELP!!!?

I think you know the answer to that question yourself. If your friends are pressuring you into something it's clear that you don't want to do; they're not really your friends. You should make new friends, ones who don't want you to throw your life and career away for a few moments of loosing your mind. While smoking once in a while won't kill you; cigarettes contain an ingredient hat's both addictive and harmful. Before you know it you'll be hooked. Read what I typed below.

"One day you'll love me; the next day you'll hate
But you never resist the hook and the bait
You cry for escape but what do I care?
The net that I cast is a permanent snare
What am I?"
-Author Unknown

The answer is addiction and that's what you'll face if you start now.