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How Possible Is It Eventually The Mafia Will Be Blamed For Setting Off Al Qaeda Previous To 9/11

What is the purpose of the CIA?

Another way for this country to mind other country's business.

What were the biggest errors the US made when it came to responding to the 9/11 attacks?

The first major decision they made was to invade Afghanistan. This has been overshadowed by later events but in my view it was a reasonable response. When those planes hit the Towers, everyone in the world understood perfectly well that there would be a massive military consequence. We just hoped the perpetrator wouldn’t turn out to be someone with nuclear weapons.Instead it turned out to be Afghanistan - logistically, one of the single worst places in the world for the US to invade. People wholly fail to appreciate how difficult this mission was. The Taliban had every reason to believe themselves secure from an invasion.Were the Taliban complicit with Bin Laden? I think the answer must be ‘yes’. Just 48 hours before 9/11 the Taliban assassinated Shah Massoud, leader of the Northern Alliance. The NA controlled the last piece of Afghan territory from which the US could launch an invasion. Without that base, the invasion would have been impossible (because no other neighbouring country agreed to allow US ground troops).People also forget that the Taliban had been refusing to hand over or expel Bin Laden for years prior to 9/11. For instance, they had long refused to accept first hand testimony and intercepts tying him to previous attacks like the Nairobi Embassy bombing. The US was never going to accept a Taliban controlled trial of Bin Laden.The Afghan invasion was largely accepted, just as the first Gulf War received widespread backing from Muslim states.All this was thrown away with Gulf War 2.The overthrow of Saddam was not actually justified by 9/11, despite endless claims to the contrary. That’s why they needed the WMD excuse. But it did provide a climate which made that invasion easier. The ease with which the Taliban were deposed made the US too confident.As a result, resources were pulled from Afghanistan allowing the Taliban to recover from the brink of elimination. Meantime Iraq descended into sectarian chaos after the fall of Saddam. And the image of the US as world policeman was damaged so badly that it has yet to recover.The overwhelming reason for Gulf War 2 was Gulf War 1, not 9/11. But it did put the US on a trajectory that made the deposition of Saddam more likely. This was the main mistake of the US reaction to 9/11.