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How Shall I Wear My Nike Hightops

What jeans should you wear with high tops?

Jeans gives change on ur look with the top u wear!! Normally if u see they all looks alike but it totally effects your dressing,It can cause u to rock the time and vise versa!!Okay Coming to the question! it completly depens on the figure you have!~If you are quite fluffy and broad at your belly:•••Wearing a high waist jeans on high tops looks good! It hides tyres and make the the dressing comfortable and confident!~And if you have a flat and a well shaped belly:•••You can wear a low waist jeans,With a broad belt! It suit such figure! And gives a hot and sexy look to you!LoveTanishka <3

Nike hightops are hurting the back of my leg?

well that means your feet are bigger than the shoe so itll will still have pain but you should try putting something soft like a bunch of tissues at the heel of it

Do nike high tops make your legs look short?

i really love them and i want a pair but one of my friends said that she doesnt like them coz they make your legs look short and you reckon they do?

Can u wear black high top nike socks with sperrys?

you can wear both. The boys at my school usually wear white nike socks with them but i have seen black a few times

How do I exactly wear Nike Air Force Ones (high tops)?

Very confused,
I don't get how i wear them exactly. I primarily wear jeans just regular jeans, sometimes straight jeans.
How do i wear them?
A picture would help big time.

here are the ones i have:

do i do the buckle up?
do i tie the lace behind the tounge like thingy or infront?

I really don't know!


No show socks with high tops?

I mostly wear high top nike shoes but the only socks I have are those no show dri-fit socks. Does it look bad to wear no show socks with high tops? I usually wear jeans so it doesn't matter, but for P.E I wear shorts and I don't think it looks good with shorts.

Im a guy by the way.

Any advice?

High top nikes cut the crap out of my ankles. help?

Wear thick socks, or just throw a bandaid over the part of your ankle that they cut into. The bandaid keeps them from rubbing up against your skin, therefore preventing the cuts from happening. The bandaid trick works great for flats too :)

Is wearing high tops (Nike or Red Reeboks) with a dress, tacky?

It depends on the dress, as well as the attitude of the wearer. A casual tee shirt dress is a natural with sneakers, but a dressier look can work as well provided 1) the sneakers are immaculate (especially if they are all white or light-colored) and 2) the wearer carries herself with so much confidence that one wouldn’t dare question her.Example of woman pulling off Sneakers with a dress (well, skirt):

Should I get white Converse Hi-Tops or white Nike Huaraches? If I don't get the other in white, I'll get it in black.

In my opinion, I think that the Nike Huaraches are the way to go. Now I should point out that I have never owned a pair of Converse, but I have owned a pair of Huaraches. Huaraches are a basic but a good looking shoe to wear. I find they are a very comfortable shoe to wear and look great with basically any outfit you wear. Another reason I think Huaraches are a better is not only because of how you can style them, but also how they hold up. They are a very strong shoe and can hold up with pretty much everything. For example, I played field lacrosse with my Huaraches and they were easy to run in and did not tear or rip at all. Converse are still amazing for a casual shoe. You may disagree with this statement but I think they may be a little difficult to rock with some outfits, but otherwise, they will do the job. They also do not look like they could hold up very well when playing sports. You may not be a sporty person, in that case, ignore that point.Of course this is your decision and you may pick whatever shoe you would like. Just thought I would help you out by stating my opinion on which shoe I prefer. I hope this helped you with your choice :)

Can i wear grey nike jogging bottoms hi top converse?

wear them over your jogging pants.
converse match with everything even high tops match with stuff.
you can wear em with skinny jeans, jeand, sweats, shorts, skirts, etc.
my friend has neon high tops and she wears em with patterned pants like leopard patterned pants and purple ones to make em pop. its rly cool.