How Should I Catch Up With Season 4 Pretty Little Liars

How to watch season 4 of pretty little liars?
this website always works for me!

Season 5 of pretty little liars?

Okay, so i started watching pll on netflix and i ended on season 4 and have not gotten the chance to catch up. I want to watch the Big A Reveal tonight but i dont want to be confused, What major points do I need to know to understand/ catch up

When did Pretty Little Liars Season 3 start & how can I catch up on the episodes I've missed?

i'm sorry i can't help u with when it started in usa, i'm in a different country, but you can watch the sneak peeks of the episodes on youtube or read wikipedia or read the books:

Pretty Little Liars Season 3!?

I've seen season 1 and 2 of Pretty Little Liars But I've been busy so I haven't been able to watch season 3 can someone please help me catch up and tell me what's been happening, please tell me everything and every detail from the beging of the season all the way till now!

Where can I watch Pretty Little Liars season 1 online for free?

Well you can watch on the original website (ABCFAMILY.COM) but its super slowww! Like it takes forever to load and theres commercials and SH**. I never get past the first 5 mins!! So you can go to 2 websites: (which i haven't check if they have all the episodes but i know they have it and that site works!!) & (i haven't checked this site at all!! but im sure they have it considering how popular the show is. this site works though!! I watch a lot of shows there! but i will say not all of the episodes may not be there)

If that doesnt work try

And lets not forget the channel Abc Family is having a marathon going on right now!! So you can catch up.

What is a good summary of Pretty Little Liars Season 4?

I'll try to give it a shotSpoilers, of courseAfter Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Mona return to Rosewood after the fire in the season 3 finale, they discovered Detective Wilden’s dead body in the trunk of his police car. Since the gang thinks they saw Ali that night at the lodge fire, they start looking for more clues to prove that's she alive. Toby starts looking for answers about his mom’s death in Radley and he goes to A for help. Hanna’s mom is a suspect in the murder of Wilden and Hanna tries to prove her innocence. They then head for a different town called Ravenswood, after receiving a message from A. In Ravenswood, they see two red coats. One of them is CeCe and one is Ali, and Ali leads Spencer to A’s lair. Caleb stays in Ravenswood to stay with a girl. Emily tries to meet with Ali through Shana, Ali’s childhood friend who has been contacted by Ali. Knowing she is alive, they race to find her before A. Toby signs a document saying that he would stop looking for answers about his mother’s death, and Hanna meets a man named Travis who testifies that he saw her mom leaving the crime scene before Wilden was shot, and she is no longer a suspect. They find out that Ezra is “Board Shorts”, and used to date Ali, and he has been writing a book about Ali and the liar’s lifes, with the mystery of trying to solve Ali’s death. They finally manage to contact Ali and they meet her in NYC. There, Ali tells them the story about what happened the night she disappeared, and how her mother buried her alive because she thought she was dead. That night, Mrs Grimwald, an old lady who Ali knew, pulled her out of the ground and tried to drive her to the hospital, but Ali ran away once she arrived there. Mona picked her up when she was walking on the side of the road and drives her to the Lost Woods Resort, and tells Ali she would be safer if she disappeared and pretended to die. A meets them where they are meeting Ali and chases them to the roof and holds them at gunpoint. Ezra tackles A, getting shot in the process. Hanna grabs the gun but A jumps to another rooftop and gets away.

Should i watch pretty little liars?

Well if you get scared walking around your house at night then I wouldn't really recommend it. It is a great series but when I first watched it I got a bit scared that A was in my house or watching me ahahaha. But if you really want to watch it then maybe in the morning/daytime but I can't say that you won't get a bit creeped out at night.
There are 4 seasons at the moment and the second half of season 4 starts on the 7th of January!! So if you do watch It then there might be a bit of catching up to do :)

Hope I helped!

Is Pretty Little Liars a good show to watch?

The Best. It's fantastic! Seasons 1+2 are on netflix and season 3 is on hulu.

Who killed Alison in Pretty Little Liars?

Nobody killed Alison. It’s a bit complicated and a spoiler alert before I say this. Alison’s mother has a twin sister named Mary Drake, Peter Hastings (Spencer’s dad) slept with Mary thinking it was Ali’s mom. Anyways, Mary Drake had three children, one of them was Charlotte Drake (Charles Drake, actually) She was placed in Radley since that was where she was born and then later escaped to follow someone named Bethany. She was at Ali’s house and Alison was outside. Bethany and Alison were wearing the same clothes and so Charlotte mistaked Alison for Bethany and hit her in the head with a rock. Ali’s mom saw this. Realizing her mistake, Ali’s mom and her buried her, and Mrs. Grunwald found her. I watch way to much PLL. Complicated, I know.