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How Should I Tell My Mom About My Boyfriend

How do i tell my mom i have a boyfriend?

If you're close to your mom better say it. If not try to build a closest relationship with her and try to open up topics like relationship, love, etc.. In that case she'll give u advises.. If the advises are positive then open up.. If you think she'll get mad as in MAD, try to keep it for awhile and built more relationship before trying to open up again.. :)

Its better not to lose the one you love (BF). Just be careful and you'll learn :) And you're mom as a family she wont leave you whatever mistakes you've done. It will only take time to heal and accept the changes. :)

HOW TO DO IT? Take it slowly. Tell her when everyones in a good mood..

Or u may want to TELL IT AS IF IT IS A JOKE then see her reactions right then and there.. and you know what to do next right?

I'm 14, how do i tell my mom i have a boyfriend?

This actually makes me smile. I was in your exact position about a year ago, and my best advice is to just tell her! Trust me, she'd rather know! :D And by the sounds of it, your family is just teasing about the whole "NO BOYFRIENDS" thing. If your mom talks about boys and stuff, she wouldn't have a problem with you dating, within reason of course. You sound like you got a good thing going for you so congrats on that! Just tell your mom:) if she's met him already, that'd be great! If not, invite him over! It's always grey for your parents to know who your dating. I remember my first bf, my whole family, even family members I barely knew KNEW EVERYTHING. Ha, they thought it was cute. But anyways, tell your mom sweetie, and it'll flow like nothing! Just go up to her and be like "mom! Look at this boy, isn't he cute? Well, guess what? He/I asked me/him out! And he/I said yes! He's so nice" (that's if she hasn't met him). Or be like, "hey mom remember when ____ came over? Well, we're officially dating now." it's really nothing to worry about. :D

How to tell your mom you have a boyfriend by text?

Make sure to tell her this right before you go to school or when class is about to start, so you can have an excuse why you didnt text her back all the way till school gets out and that will give her a while to cool down :)

Hey mom.. I just want you to let you know that i have a boyfriend and he's coming down on saturday.. and i didnt want to tell you in person because i'm afraid of how you will react well.. I gotta go to class by love ya!

How do I tell my mom my boyfriend cheated on me.?

So my bf of 5 months cheated on me so I broke up with him and my mom keeps asking me to get back with him and she wants me to get with him but I don't want to and I need her support but I really don't want to tell her bc then she'll tell everyone in my family :/ what should I do.?

How do I tell my parents that I have a boyfriend?

You: Mom. Dad.Them: ????You: I'm pregnant.Them: What!?!?!??!You: Yes. It's happening. I've met an amazing guy. He's the father. He's a tattoo artist. And he sings in an amazing band. I'm pretty sure the band is gonna make it.Mom: no……You: Yes. I've decided to name the child after him. And I got a tattoo already with his nameDad: Uhh what's his name?You: Satan.……….You: I'm kidding. The only part that’s true is the boyfriend part. Except he's an engineer. You'll love him. No babies till marriage — promise.

Should I tell my parents about my boyfriend?

Parents are around to help you and guide you just as much as they are there to protect you. Even as you become older and start making decisions on your own, they are still going to be there for you and want to help. Yes you are in high school and are at the beginning of being an adult capable of making her own decisions, but you are also underage and still living under your parent's roof. You may not like that they take an active role in your siblings' love lives and maybe that is something you could talk to them about, but you should tell them about your boyfriend. If you want to be treated like an adult you have to act like one.My parents were very lenient as I hit high school. I did online schooling and most of my friends were older than I was. I was still in high school when they began their freshman year of college. After lying to my parents about drinking and getting caught, I realized that my childish behavior was what was preventing my parents from trusting me and not because they were being overbearing. So I started telling my parents where I was going, who with, and what we were doing. My boyfriend at the time was living at home and commuting to school and I would go over and spend the night there almost every night. My parents knew I was there and they chose to let me make my own choices and be there for me rather than being strict and risking our relationship and me rebelling. But I earned my parents' trust and I had to keep it by acting like an adult and not a kid.Don't lie to your parents and try and sneak out because it won't end in your favor. When they find out, and they will, you will lose their trust and they will not treat or see you like an adult. You will also seriously hurt your relationship with your parents and they will be hurt that you didn't come to them and be honest. If you want a little more respect of privacy, be an adult and talk to them about it and see if you can reach some sort of compromise. But you're parents deserve to be respected and they deserve to have you trust them with coming to them with your news and your concerns.

What is the best way to tell my parents about my boyfriend?

Edit: this was written as a one to one advice for an Indian situation. This may seem a little odd in a western context as the questions have been merged.I was in a similar situation before we got married.When my parents told me that they were planning to start searching for a groom, I decided to let them know about my boyfriend. I was 25 then and had just started my first job. So, just as I was starting for Bangalore, I told my mom. I asked her if they would be OK with me marrying him. My​ parents knew that we were close friends but this came out of blue. She was shocked but I escaped the sudden explosion.Ofcourse they didn't agree. They emotionally blackmailed me to even meet a few guys. And some were extremely good too. But who doesn't have a flaw? I would exaggerate the tiny negative and say no. Lots of guys said no to me too. But I still feel guilty for their ​wasted time. And wasted snacks and tea! My​ parents put in so much effort for something useless.Then one day, my dad relented. I suspect he found a love note from him and realised that my guy is very caring. I don't know. I never asked my dad.It's another saga about his family. Anyways we got married with my parents’ blessings and his parents'​ reluctant blessing.Now, my​ mom calls my husband if she needs something done. She says he teaches her recipes! It's a lie. I searched online​ and found it for her. She says he knows better than me and says he is her son and I am acting like a daughter in law (that too, mega serial kind)!Only thing I still regret is wasting people's time and effort for a groom when I already knew whom I would marry.Please ask your boyfriend to find a job and inform your parents. Then if he needs he can always try for government job after marriage as long as you can support him with your salary. And plan for a family only after few years.Otherwise, do talk to your parents and request to give you 2 years time before they start searching for a groom. They deserve to know your decisions.You know how your parents are, talk to them the way you know is best!Write a letter.Ask a relative to talk to them.Don't make them look foolish later.

How to tell my parents that my boyfriend has a child?

i just wouldnt. you guys might not even be serious so...i just wouldnt tell them