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How To Apologize To My Mom After A Huge Fight

Just had huge fight with mom?

At fourteen (14) you should be listening and trying to please your parent at all times. She hasn't done anything that I as a parent has not done, when angry with my children. They are now adults. I was not an abusive parent, physically, mentally nor emotionally. However, I did get angy with them. Just because your parent might be angry doesn't mean she don't love and care about you. You have to examine yourself, and ask self did my parent have a right to be angry. Decide for yourself. Did do something that was a no-no. Did I originally know that the situation was wrong? Talk to mom!! But, examine self first. If you made a mistake, apologize. If it was something you didn't understand, explain that to mom. You are old enough to have a conversation one-on-one with mom. Let her know you love, and respect her. Show her you respect her by living and doing the best you can every day of your life. Few more years you can make your own decision, and be able to say I never disrespected my mom. I loved her the best I could, and you will be proud of yourself.
I never disrespected my mom, even as an adult. She spanked me, whip me, hollered at me when she was angry. Punished me when I was wrong and she had even told me about the wrong choice I made. She stood me in the corner with my-face to the wall. She made me stand with 1 foot on the floor and the other in the air. I say, Thanks Mom. Haven't been to jail, stole, robbed, been raped, or any false accusations on me or others. You are blessed. Remember "No Parent is Perfect". They will make mistakes even with their children. Although there are some things parents should know, it's on the job training for each child you have.

My mom wants "ME" to apologize?

a few weeks ago i got into a huge fight with my grandma. She walked in my house talking crap to me. I'm not the type of person to just let anyone disrespect me, so i kept talking back to her. She punched me in the face and i tried to block her hit but she kept on punching me so i started to hit her back. Everyone says that i was in the wrong and i deserved that and that i'm a child. im 19 years old. today is her birthday and my mom wants me to apologize and wish her a happy bday but i dont want to. i'm not talking to her untill she apologizes to me. it's her fault she started it all. i don't care if i go my whole life with out speaking to her again.

How to apologize to your mom after getting caught sneaking a boy in the house?

A proper apology should always include the following:
a. a detailed account of the situation - what happened (no excuses here)...(I want to talk to you about ....... and apologize for my behavior., is now a good time to talk?)
b. acknowledgement of the hurt or damage done - (I feel really bad and know that I broke the trust you had in me to make good decisions and follow the rules)
c. taking responsibility for the situation (don't make excuses for your behavior) (I know I need to be responsible to follow the rules and that the rules are set for a reason...)
d. recognition of your role in the event ( it was my fault that this happened, and I understand I shouldn't have made this bad decision)
e. a statement of regret (I'm very sorry that I let you down, and I let myself down, I have learned a lesson, and next time I will be more careful to follow the rules)
f. asking for forgiveness (Please forgive me mom, i'm really sorry)
g. a promise that it won't happen again (I promise it won't happen again, and I will do ....------(whatever you need to do to avoid the situation) .. the next time this situation comes up) or ask her advice on how she would handle this situation - what would she say and do if she is in your situation?
h. a form of restitution whenever possible (what can I do to make it up to you and show you how sorry I am?)

You need to think about this and about how your Mom will take this incident and write up something in your own words. Then talk to her one on one and apologize as soon as you can, don't wait to apologize. Of course, you need to tell the boy that this can never again happen, so he understands he needs to help you to keep your mom's rules because that's important to you.

How to apologize to my mom?

Ok. So last Saturday my Mom and I got into a fight. A big, awful, horrible fight. Let me tell you a little bit about how the day was going. I wake up and everything is going well. My friend already left who had stayed the night before. I had breakfast and my mom and I where getting along. We where watching HGTV, and online looking for homemade headboard ideas together. I'm was getting ready to redo my room, and we where planning on redoing it for a long time now.Well my younger sister and I argue sometimes, just like other normal sisters do. My sister ( even for her young age) is really tough. It sounds silly, but she pushes me around and attacks me sometimes,(gets on top me and I can't get up and hits me or mostly pinches and scratches me). If I lay a hand on her, even to defend myself, I get in trouble. I can't help the way my little sister acts I'm nice to her, and we do get along at times but we fight almost everyday and it gets old. Anyways, my mom was going to take me last Saturday evening to get the paint. I got already to go. Then she yells for me ( in a you're in trouble voice). I go downstairs and her and my sister are sitting on the couch. I sit down across from them, and my mom starts yelling at us, mostly me. Then she gets in my face and starts yelling loudly, I walk away not wanting to fight and go upstairs. Then I have to use tge restroom, and she keeps yelling for me to come down, I told her that I was in the restroom and she didn't believe me. She comes up stairs, and repeatedly " whips my butt" she goes she goes downstairs and keeps saying very rude stuff about me and calling me names a mother shouldn't call her child. Then somehow the name calling and everything begins. I used the "F" word with her, called her a "B" word a dumbass, and only once a whore. She called me a ***** when we where downstairs, well I said sorry yesterday and she said ok but things are still the same how do I meaningfully apologize to her so she will accept it?

How do I apologize to my grandma?

Ok, so last week my mom and I had a huge fight about something I can't even remember.
I was so mad that I yelled, "...You liar! Grandma says you barely call her once a week, not every day!"
My mom, always loving to prove her point, called my grandma and put her on speakerphone.
My mom explained what I said and my grandma said, "That's a lie!"
I guess I was just so mad when I yelled at my mom, that the wrong thing popped out, so now I feel guilty about dragging my grandma into into.

How can I apologize to her? It's been a week or to and now I've waited too long and now I'm scared.
What should I do?

Why do I always have to apologize first?

My mom never ever apologizes for anything she does wrong. My mom sometimes does wrongful things, and I fight back and we have this huge fight. Then after, she expects me to apolgize and when I do she doesn't say "Oh, I'm sorry too." She just nods her head. Her parents weren't like how she is now, they're humble and honest. When I ask for an apology, she just sneers and says "Why should I say sorry?" and that whole thing leads I another fight. I'm just so pissed off with her prideful ways, what can I do?

I got into a fight with my mom, what can I do to make it up to her?

Firstly, try taking care of what caused the problem and try not to allow it again especially if it is from you.Apologise and remind her you're still the child despite how many times you get and will still get naughty. Tell her you only want her to keep forgiving and not replace you in her heart.Make a heartfelt promise of trying to adjust and avoid the near occasion of quarrels.If she's the cause of the quarrel, still accept to give in for there to be truce; after all she's your mother; however, when tempers has greatly simmered open a discussion in connection to the quarrel and lovingly, placating and of course with a bit or seriousness,(you can even spice up the air with her favourite drink or snacks or whatever she likes; like movies, it will loosen the tight knot of tensions in the atmosphere) let her know why her actions affected you. Make her know how you felt and how you were affected. I believe she will sober and apologies in a motherly fashion (love and understanding) though it might not be overtly dramatic with some people.Just beware! (Mothers are Gold! #realones#)Goodluck!

My mom drove away after a fight?

Two arguments in such a short time. Who wouldn't want to get away from the people she fought with? Even though she's never done it before, she made a wise decision to leave in order to calm down. Give her time to be alone and think about what happened. There could be other stuff going on that added to her bad day. She most likely said the part about going to be with her sister in the heat of the moment.
Husbands and wives fight, parents and kids fight, it's a fact of life. Everything will be back to normal, just give it time. No reason to worry. But when she does walk thru the door, you should say is how sorry you are for fighting with her, no matter who was in the wrong. It shows maturity.

Just saw your ad's. lol, as a mom myself, I knew she'd come back! She's most likely still mad, so keep it simple. Just say ''I'm sorry about our fight.'' She'll probably still need some space tonite and maybe tomorrow too. Good luck!

How do I say I'm sorry after I got in a fight with my mom?

I just got in a huge fight with my mom for the fort time ever it went from arguing to physical over the course of 2 hours of her trying to punish me. It was my fault and when she went to "spank" me I fliped her and basically pinned her. Now she is saying I can't punish you which is true but I still want rules I miss it and it's only been a day. I miss her telling me to clean up and go to bed on time. This is the first time I have ever got in this big of fight with her.she hold fridges for a long time so how do I make it up to her???? Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated