How To Ask A Girl To A Ski Trip With Your Friends

Is a ski lift a romantic place to ask a girl to be my girlfriend?

not on the lift itself. its a bit forward when she has no room to back away if she isn't ready. imagine being on a lift with some girl who wanted you to be her boyfriend and you weren't sure. awkward? yeah. race to the bottom on the last run and ask her when she beats you there lol

How can I convince my friends to go skiing?

i love father started skiing when he was 35 and therefore had great difficulty...i started when i was 4, and was recruited by the u.s. ski team when i was 8. the older you get, the more difficult it is to if your friends keep declining your invitations, pretty soon they're going to lose their physical opportunity to learn to ski...and as someone else said, skiing has turned into such a "shiek" sport, and now great dining, stores, and various other activities have now centered themselves around ski resorts made it a great vacation spot...they're missing up on a great opportunity...and since your uncle has a house! they're missing up on even a bigger opportunity...they don't understand how difficult it is to get a house at a ski real estate! explain to them what i just stated and if they still decline, then find other friends to go with...friends that understand the great opportunity your offering them
good luck

My boyfriend kissed another girl on New Year's Eve?

My boyfriend was on a ski trip with friends during the New Year's weekend. He came back last night and told me that he met a girl from high school at a concert on New Year's Eve. He invited her to his friend's place to party afterward. He was very drunk and kissed the girl at the party. Then they spent the night together but according to him, they only shared the bed. Nothing happened more than kisses. The next morning, he took her to breakfast and sent her home.

He said he had to tell me because he felt extremely guilty about it and he truly loves me. He doesn't know what's wrong with him. He was just being foolish. He did tell the other girl the next morning that he has a girlfriend so they can't be together. I really don't know what to do. We have been together for two years. He is 30 and I am 26 years old. We are a good match. When he was away for his ski trip, he called me every day and told me how much he missed me and loved me. We even talked on the phone on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. He said he is very very sorry and begged for forgiveness. He cried and swore that it will never happen again. What should I do? Should I forgive him because it was just a kiss? or should I break up with him because I will not be able to trust him again when he is away?

Something similar happened early in our relationship before and made me feel insecure with him. Two weeks after we met, he went to Mexico with this girl for vacation. The trip was arranged before we met each other so he decided to go. Before he left, he promised me that he would not have sex with the girl but when he came back, he told me that he had a moment of weakness and they had sex. I let it go because it was so early in the relationship (we were not official yet).

My boyfriend is on a guys' trip. Am I wrong to be upset?

You aren't wrong but you aren't really right either. From what you said you don't really have a reason to not trust him and that seems to be the biggest issue. Posting a picture with a girl doesn't mean he did anything wrong. It doesn't mean the girl was invited along nor does it mean he did anything with her. She could have been a friend, a stranger, or someone that they hung out with that asked for a picture. But if you talked and were okay when he got back, it isn't fair to keep holding it against him. Also he is on a guy's trip. He is there to hang out with his friends, relax, and have fun. Give him a break and don't be mad that he isn't texting you 24/7. He shouldn't have to be checking in with you and you shouldn't be panicking or overthinking things just because he doesn't text you every hour. In the details you say, "I haven't been clingy, I give him space and let him have fun with his friends." But if you are mad because he isn't texting you all day, then you aren't giving him space and letting him have fun. You're mad and upset because he is out having a good time with his friends and not spending time on the phone with you. That shows that you don't trust him and you're insecure with the relationship. If you get mad at him for that when he gets home, you are putting him in a position where he has to choose between his friends and you. Wanting to have some free time to go out isn't wrong and he shouldn't be required to text you all day when he is out with friends. As long as he isn't doing anything illegal or cheating on you, give him some space.You don't really have a good reason to be mad at him and you're probably taking things too far. When he gets home talk to him and explain why you were upset. But don't attack him and make sure he knows that you realize you were overreacting a bit and are feeling a bit insecure. If you don't punish him or make him feel guilty, he will probably make sure to make you feel comfortable and secure when he goes out. But if you give ultimatums or yell, you're just going to drive him away. Then, you just need to build up the trust because that is the real issue between you.

How do I convince my mom to let me go skiing with my friends?

You conveniently didn't mention your age, so I am assuming that a minor is asking this question.

Sorry, but a 22-year-old male is not a fit chaperone for 8 teenagers. He has no authority over people so close to him in age. I would say No regardless, unless I or at least one of your friend's parents (not just a young father) were going to be in the house with you.

You can ask your mom and hope for the best, but I caution you to disregard the advice you got about lying. Don't lie about a single thing. Parents always check with the so-called "chaperone" as well as with other parents, and any lie you tell is going to come back to bite you.

How do I convince my parents to allow me to go on a trip with my friends?

I agree with Mani Shankar that parents need to be sure of your safety. When it comes to Ladakh, most people know the hazards of the road. I presume you will be going by road and perhaps by bike. Besides, flying directly from Chandigarh, Srinagar and Delhi, one can travel by road by bus, shared cab, own car or a bike. There are two road links to Leh. Manali to Leh road is the most dangerous and unreliable road in the world. It's for adventure loving who care less for their safety. As for the parents, I think none will agree to travel on this road. There is a stretch of 250 kilometers without a fuel station, civilization and hazardous. If one gets stuck, it can take any turn. I've been twice on this road. Once two of my friends had to abandoned their travel when they were only 150 kms away. Srinagar to Leh. This travels via Sonamarg and Kargil. I go from Kolkata but prefer to take this road because I don't want any interruptions in my travel plans. I'm a rally driver and a regular traveler and I've come to the conclusion that if I've to travel and enjoy more, I should be safe. I also go for trekking. The road from Srinagar has many communication options. One can take own vehicle, shared cab, bus or a bike. There is no need to worry about carrying extra fuel tank, spares and any life threat. The road has all required things including inhabitants. This is important for your parents. You must open up and explain this to them. If they want, they can communicate with me Co I know the place like back of my hand. The following link may help you.

What would you do if your brother asked to tag along on a ski trip that you had planned for just yourself and your girlfriend?

When I first read “ski trip” I thought “a week” and thought, jeez, that’s a bit of a downer, having your brother intrude on a vacation like that.But a day, I’d be more inclined to suck it up and just go skiing with your brother.It really depends on personal circumstances. If your brother is depressed, or lonely or whatever, then do the guy a favour and let him come skiing with you.If he’s basically happy and OK, then it’s alright to say to him in a relaxed manner “Actually, I was planning to just go with my girlfriend”.If it was a week or something, then maybe you’d want to do something about that. But for a day, I’d say you’ve got some real first-world problems right there.

My boyfriend asked me to go on vacation with him, should he be paying for some of my expenses then?

I’m 20, he’s 22. We’ve been together for 8 months now. This is our first time going on a vacation together. The trip is about 4 days and it’s probably going to cost around $500 each. He works a decent job. I don’t work right now. However, my dad feels as though, if he’s asking me to come with him (and knows I have to rely on my dad for the money), that he would offer to help out. I had to explain to my dad that he’s still young and saving up. But my dad still feels as though if he really wanted me to go, he would work extra shifts or ask his dad for a loan. He doesn’t have to pay for my entire trip, but maybe throw down $150 or whatever. I don’t entirely disagree with my dad, because I would feel that way if we were together for years/ or if he was 26 with a salary. But we’re both still young and I would never expect him to pay for my stuff like this. Do you guys think my dad is right? Or is he just being an old fashioned guy? My boyfriend was already expecting to pay for my meals too

How true is the saying "No friends on a powder day"?

About half true. There’s some debate about the usage, so here’s how I use it:With any activity you’re good at (skiing included), there’s two kinds of friends you bring with you:friends who “do” skiing sometimes and kinda suckfriends who can shred and ski regularlyIt’s classic douchebag behavior to invite a friend from Category 1 out on a powder day and then ditch them, saying “no friends on a powder day”. However, it’s not mean at all to tell them beforehand, “you’re just starting out at skiing, and I really want to get some quality turns in, so I’m actually going by myself. No friends on a powder day!”Similarly, if your friend is in category 2, it’s not asshattery at all to bring them with you on a powder day, and then yell “no friends on a powder day!” when they start bitching about how they want to go inside because it’s too cold. The difference is, you know they can keep up, and that their self-esteem won’t take a hit. They’re just being a baby about it. My older brother and I have this kind of dynamic. We know that we both are expert skiers. I know that if he says “no friends on a powder day” and ditches me, my role as little sister is to hurry the fuck up and catch him. I’m not offended at all.