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How To Ask Mom For Pink Bras

How to ask my Mom for a VS PINK Bra?

I want to ask my Mom for a VS PINK bra. But I'm afraid, she'll say no and say that she doesn't even get her own bras there. On a regular basis she goes to Justice and buys ugly ones from there. But I don't like those bra's for one they tear easily, two they get small in the washer and sometimes the cups fall out, and three I want bra's that I will be able to wear with confidence.

I don't want a push up bra, just lightly lined or cotton ones. I'm trying to avoid going to the exact store victoria Secret ( the one for older people) because I don't need that much support for those types of bras.

My Mom isn't against VS PINK because she let's me by panties from there but I want to buy bra's from there now that I'm getting older and Justice bra's just aren't cutting it.

How can I ask my mom to buy me a bra?

Tell her “Mum, i need a new bra”. If you don't have a good communication with her, go braless for as long as it will take for her to notice. That's pretty easy.

How do i ask my mom for a victoria's secret bra?

Well, nearly all of VS bras are push up if you ask her for a bra (leaving out the 'push up' part) from VS, chances are the one you get will be a pushup anyway!
There's a way to say it without putting a mental block in your mom's head. Tell her a color you want or that you want a bra that fits better or something, and then she won't be thinking "PUSH UP BRA VICTORIA'S SECRET MY DAUGHTER IS A SLUT SHE WILL FAIL IN LIFE BE A STRIPPER AHHHHH"

How can I ask my mother for a proper bra? I really need one and I am so embarrassed (I’m 12).

Maybe try sending her a note. That way you do not have to face her her while asking. We are all timid at times. You have no reason to be embarrassed. You are perfectly normal. Nothing to be ashamed of. Your are entering the second part of life, Womanhood. Or find a friends mother to help you with finding a bra that fits you good. Some times non family members are much easier to address than family members. Every girl in the world goes through this same thing. Everyone in the past and girls a hundred years from now will have this issue to. Embrace your maturity sweetie. You are a cute girl and will one day be a gorgeous young lady. I will keep you in my prayers. Take care and know I am with you in spirit.

How do you ask your mom for a padded bra?

I'm guessing you don't want to go through want I went through to sit down have a talk even involving my dad.

One way:“ Mom, my sports bras are a bit tight can we get new ones.” When you're at the shop say your going to pick out some bras and change in the fitting room. She could wait outside the door and let her in to see how it fits or just call her on your phone to come and she’ll see it fits.'

Another way:Go online to the website with the bras you want then make it noticable for her to see it. She’ll say,”What’s this?” Reply:”Oh, me and my friends saw this bra and when I tried it on it fit me” Mom:glimpse at boobs I think? ” really?” You:” Yeah lets go on ──day” or you could go back to the mall take pics of bras you want that fits and show her for this.

Third way:Mom going to run errands or something. ”Hey mom can you pick up some 32B bras for me” Her:”Why you don’t even fit them” You: ”I need to wear cupped bras for our cheerleader uniforms because of the cut and I know I fit them because I got measured(lie if you can) and I fit” or she would say yes to the first question, or you can show her a pic.


Why wont my mom buy me Pink bras and how to convince her to?

Im in high school and im a 36a but it varies. I have asked her multiple times for PINK bras but there is always some excuse. One time we went in and she looked at the 32a's and then looked at me and said "ohhhh noo!" My mom only buys me wireless bras from gapbody. I have one wired one from there and it took a lot of convincing for me to get it. The price is not the problem bc the gapbody ones are more expensive. One day i sort of convinced her to get me pink bras. I asked her in the car and she said oh um i guess so or something like that. but then later that day gapbody a sale and she made me order them from there instead. I didnt realize that that meant i wouldnt get my pink bras. Then four months later we were passing the store and i asked if we could go in to buy some bras and underwear and she was like "I just bought you new bras!!! Why woudl you need new ones??????" so then she just bought me underwear. I only own 4 bras. She is being so annoying about this especially because my sister's bat mitzvah was PINK themed. Her cake even had the PINK dog on it. Every girl in my school has them and why wont my mom just come to her senses? My mom is the same freaking bra size as me and she just thinks im totally flat. When i aksed for a wired bra for the third time she said that i "had nothing to support"

Sorry i'm ranting i just had to let it out though it may sound stupid

I did ask my friends for PINK gift cards for my bday so she couldn't say no to me buying stuff from there

How do I get my mom to let me buy a normal bra?

I would try to talk to her and appeal to her values. For example, she doesn’t want you to look like you have big breasts. This suggests that she is concerned with modesty. So you explain to her that when your nipples show, that’s not modest, it’s rather revealing. She says that she is concerned about you wanting to make your breasts look bigger. The solution then is to get your bustline measured using a proper tape measure and state exactly how big your bust line is, and exactly what cup size you need. She can’t argue with the facts!If she won’t give in, then there is another reason why she doesn’t you to have one. It may be she has an irrational reason. You can’t win against an irrational reason.If she really cannot be convinced to buy you a bra, then you may have to find a means of obtaining money to buy one. You might also want to consider going to another trusted adult female who can maybe help you purchase one online if going to the store is not an option. If you have a close trusted female relative, you might want to get this person to talk to your mom. Maybe this person will have a better understanding of both you and your mother’s perspective so she can help you negotiate the situation.

How do I ask my mum for a padded bra?

Hi there,I think the real question is why do you want it? How old are you? What do you think it will accomplish?I assume it is to boost you self-esteem and get noticed by guys.I feel there are better ways to accomplish this. That being said I did have a “boob” job myself at 30 yrs old fir different reasons. I worked out a lot (2–3 hrs, 5 days a week) and list a lot of weight. My boobs went from 34C to 34 A. Now with boob job, I am back to 34 C/D.The better way to boost your self esteem is to show off your intelligence and personality than your “boob” size.You can do push-ups daily and your pec muscles will make your chest bigger naturally.You don’t want a guy to be looking at your “boobs”, not a good feeling, I can tell you from personal experience.If you are absolutely stuck on having the bra, just ask your mom for money for a bra and go buy one.Ultimately, at the end of the day, you want to feel good about yourself because YOU LOVE YOU not because some guy likes you!Be joyful and happy with who you are! What you look like is only one fourth of the equation. You consist of so much more. You were designed very special and unique by the God of the universe!!! He made NO ONE else like YOU:-).You ALONE have this AMAZING compassionate personality, BEAUTIFUL soulful eyes, DEEP intelligence, RICH caring emotions in your soul and uniquely and beautifully designed body, unlike anyone in the WORLD!!!CELEBRATE YOU❤️!!!You were made to stand out so don’t ever try to blend in!!! God made you for so much more