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How To Balance Estrogen To Reducw Man Boobs

My nipples are larger and man boobs?

is it normal? i have man boobs. my nipples are larger than normal. The diameter is 1.3-1.5 inch... diameter= from one side to another. is it ok? normal?

i'm now training my upper chest muscles to reduce man boobz and cardio.

suggestion for man boobs and my nipples?

thank you God bless! =)

How can I get rid of man boobs by home remedies?

Get rid of your body shame. There are no remedies, home or otherwise, besides surgery, which 1% ever have in a lifetime of the 50% to 70% of men who have mammary growth (gynecomastia) before autopsy. Get used to your own body. More than half of men have gynecomastia and some more have “breasts” purely of fat and muscle without the usual 3rd component, mammary gland growth.There are no BREASTS BEGONE cream or pills or herbs. It’s like the mythical penis pills, they are SCAMS. You either have breast reduction and hope you have a satisfactory results and don’t transfer the shame to the scars because then “they will know” by seeing the scars that you used to have bigger breasts.Spending your whole life in crippling body shame and fear of being found out is no way to live. It goes so far as hiding the hiding itself and for many absolutely can’t be talked about.Losing weight can take off a cup size or so but your stomach can lose a whole lot more and so the breasts become much more outstanding. Building muscle underneath the breasts can broaden the breasts and build up the base of the breasts making them more outstanding. It can also reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which reduces the tendency of gathering fat in the breasts and may reduce the probability of more growth. Once the mammary tissue is there more than a couple of years it isn’t going to shrink. In some growth situation an aromatase inhibitor, a prescription drug, not a home remedy, can stop further growth and if caught early might even shrink them a bit.

How to remove small man-boobs?

i am gymming 5 days a week including 7 minutes of do i remove my man boobs?
Also i am consuming Nutrilite Protein from is a soy protein. I read on the internet that it generates estrogen like chemicals and stops body that true????

How to get rid of man boobs fast?

if ur man boobs are of a genetic condition like many men ..then u cant actually tissue and u can't remove fat from tissue only way is to operate and remove the growing tissue out of ur chest plates ...its a simple operation way to say is to grind or slice of the extra tissue..

the wounds will take a year to completely heal

or if ur just fat go o a strict diet an exercises every visit a doc

one way to tell if u have man boobs or a condition is to keep ur shoulders loose,stand up,back strict and harden ur chest.... take 1 hand finger and massage ur nipples if ur 'boob' if it..the boob moves even a bit freely or feels tender or moves a lot it is a condition

(mussels does not move when chest is stiff, but tissue does)

the condition is know as

How to lose man boobs fast?

Ignorant an rude comments will be reported. I have no time for that!

Like what type of diet should I be on & what excercises & for how long?? Detail please!

How to get rid of man boobs?

Its called "Gynecomastia"

The condition you are describing is caused by a testosterone estrogen imbalance. Men usually have more testosterone and less estrogen. The problem comes when a lot of weight is gained, and then lost. The body doesn't have enough time to balance the hormones. Fat contains estrogen, and muscle contains testosterone. As his body starts to gain more muscle and lose fat, they will reduce.

If they are really bothering him, he should consult a doctor.
In very serious cases it has taken surgery to remove them.

Search for "Gynecomastia" on the internet