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How To Be Talked To First

Girls NEVER talk to me first?

I know that the guy is "supposed" to talk to the girl first. But I seriously never, ever have girls talk to me first. Ever.

If they do, its because they HAVE to for some reason..

Does this mean anything? Am I intimdating? Im actually pretty skinny.. and I workout, i take care of myself.. I'd say im pretty good looking, not brad pitt but not rosie odonnel either..

If she talks to me first?

Your not giving her a chance to get to know you. Also just because she talks to other guys doesn't mean shes in love with them all. She may like you and she may feel snubbed. Maybe she doesn't know she is attractive maybe she is wondering why you aren't trying to talk to her maybe she feels you don't like her even as a friend.
She seems like she wants to talk to you more. I would say get to know her more because it doesn't seem against you. She is probably single because alot of guys thinks she is taken and she is probably shy believe it or not. I have these kinds of situations because im shy and have alot of guy friends. I seem outgoing to alot of people but alot of the time its because people pull me into to situations that make me stand out but I don't like to stand out.
Just because she is attractive doesn't mean she is off limits.

How do I talk to my crush for the first time? (my crush is a guy)

Depending on the type of guy he is,precisely talking about cool guys who don't judge others.  Its the easiest thing to do. The male mind is programmed with a soft spot for the females. You never know what the world has in stock for you.  He might also like you. There is nothing to lose.  If you talk to him and you guys hit it off,its a win.  If he doesn't feel the same, he respects you and you remain friends and maybe little by little,he gets charmed and eventually begin to develop same feelings.  So in any way, its kind of a win win for you.  Guys are easy to get when they are been chased.  If the guy is a mature mind kind of person. So again, it depends.

How do you talk to your crush for the first time?

Almost the exact same situation here! Except I'm a sophomore, him a senior.
Okay. So I guess you're just going to have to step out and say something. It's a lot easier than you'd think. Do you guys have lots of classes together? Does he wear t-shirts with his favorite band on it? Check out the band and the next time he wears the shirt, make a comment about a song you genuinely liked.
Once you've talked to him once, it's not as bad the second time. Ignore the butterflies, take a deep breath, and talk! Good luck!

If a girl always talks to you first?

For goodness sakes, man! TALK TO THE GIRL! For about 5 years, I was stuck on a guy who:

- had a mouth full of cavities
- was losing his hair
- was 21 and loved Pokemon
- had crappy grades and no car
- smelled like old Popcorn
- was probably just as shy as you

Ya' know why? He could charm the fuzz off a peach! I looked past all his friends (several of whom asked ME out and one of whom was a pretty boy with a major singing voice) because there was just something about *HIM*. She has her own reasons for liking you. So give the girl a chance, please!

Why do girls never talk to boys first?

Hi, I noticed that girls at my high school always wait for me to talk first, is it because girls are always scared to talk in front of boys? If I just look at them and say nothing then they look at me in silence.

Talking for the first time over the phone?

Okay, so I met this girl online (reputable service) and we've e-mailed back and forth for about a week but haven't gotten into too much really, but did schedule a first date. She gave me her phone number and I am going to be calling this weekend.

However, in the past, my experience with this has been a little awkward as I'm sure it is with everybody, men and women alike. I don't really know what we should talk about and how to make our conversation as non-awkward as can be (no long pauses or "ummm's" in there).

Perhaps bringing something up that she mentioned in her profile would be a good start? I'm just trying to get ideas on some topics and how to make our first conversation go smoothly.

How do I talk to girls on the phone for the first time?

The first phone call from a Girl your intersted in can be a intimidating thought indeed, especially in the moments before she or you make the call. First be aware that even though the first 5 minutes or so of that call maybe awkward it does get easier and starts to flow better. However if you are after specific “tips” or topics then i suggest1, first 5 minutes just open up with and ask a open ended question like simply “so how was your day? did you get up to much?” this follow up is much better than just saying “did you have a good day?” because that allows her to just say “yes” or “no” especially if she is shy.2, while you are listening to her answer be sure not to just remain silent and just now an again pop in with little signs of interest like “wow really?” and “that’s so cool!” just to simply let her know that you are interested.. another good tip if while she is doing this and the story is about to wrap up and end, and for example she says “and we ended up getting lost it was a horrible day haha” you could then reel off a similar experience or story you have and be like “that’s so crazy ! that reminds me of the time me and my friends etc etc” and then continue to tell your own story.3,I always find telling little funny and interesting stories about your life and things you’ve been up to (in context with the conversation) the best thing to allow a conversation to flow because from these stories you get off shoot questions like “no way! what made you do that” and bang ! before you know it your both telling each other stories and laughing and asking questions about it and before you know it 2 hours have passed (the time really flies when you have a good conversation) and just before the conversation runs out of steam (DO NOT let it get to the point of been awkward and silent otherwise the last 2 hours work has been un done and it leaves a bad impression) say something along the lines of “It was really nice talking to you! i enjoyed it but I have a appointment to get to” or “I have to cook dinner” or “have plans to meet a friend” or “there’s someone at thee door” you pick the excuse but just pick a reasonable one to allow you to end the conversation this will make her think “wow he’s so fun to talk to !” and then your in her mind my friend. Hope this helps you out in some way ! :)