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How To Become A Gameartist

How do I become a game artist after 12th in the science stream?

[EXCERPT] Vineet Raj Kapoor's answer to What professional degree should I get to become a game designer?A good question.Game Design Domain has 3 primary zonesGame Programming - A degree in ProgrammingGame Design - A degree in Game Design, or a course/ specialization in Game Design in addition to a degree in Animation of ProgrammingGame Art - Any degree in Animation would doSome new programs may have fancy names. However, it boils down to understanding the concepts under any name.Game Design is a way of thinking similar to Design Thinking. So, if you’ve been into designing games, or way deep into sports rules and stats you may have the right background for this.

How do I become a video game artist?

Here are some good articles that answer your question:How to Become an Artist for Video GamesHow To Become A Video Game ArtistGamasutra: Skills Needed To Become A Game Artist

How do I become a Game Environment Artist/Level Designer/3D Artist?

As a person who has hired many artists in his life I can tell you this:In order to get a job as artist in the video games industry you need two things: a kick ass portfolio (showing relevant work) and a cool social personality (because you will work in a team).A third thing that I look for as a bonus is whether someone has a strong technical side. Making video games is a very technical endeavor and the more everyone knows about what goes on under the hood the better.So:You are cool (right?)Being very technical is optional.That leaves us with the big one: a kick ass portfolio…I would start by downloading some 3d modeling software and playing around with it. There are plenty of great video tutorials you can follow these days. Plenty of forums to post your work. If you have passion for it and dedicate the time you will improve rapidly.These days most large cities have (digital) art schools that will get anyone but the worst a decent shot at getting their foot in the door. When I was hiring people for EA we would regularly go and hire the top 20% of a graduate class. Another 50% would be picked up eventually by other companies.The art school route is probably the most straight forward way for an aspiring game artist. It can be expensive, especially for the more prestigious schools, but you get what you pay for.You have the advantage that you want to do environment art. This is probably the easiest to get into because games require way more env artists than, say, character artists or animators.If I were you, I would stick with and specialize in environment art and develop your technical side. If you show up at an interview with a great env art portfolio and examples of scripts you made to help you simplify your tasks, you got the job.

How do you find a job as a 2D game artist?

Some, but not all, places to find artists, or to list your art skills:Freelance 2d Artist Jobs OnlineGame developer classifieds! Find a job or post an open position! • r/gameDevClassifiedsHire an Artist • r/hireanartistcommission art from fellow redditors • r/HungryArtists (Art)Envato - Top digital assets & services (Royalty Free Digital Assets) (Free Digital Assets)Find Illustrators (Freelancer)What is a reasonable price to hire a 2d artist? • r/gamedev (Discussion)10 Hand-picked Freelance Game Artists Every Week (Game Artist Source)2d Artist - PeoplePerHourBecca Bair - 2D & Pixel Game Artist for HireArtist Looking For Work (PolyCount)2D Artist available for game work[FOR HIRE] (OpenGameArt)

I want to become a game artist. What skills do gaming companies look forward to from freshers regarding game artists?

firstly,you have to build up your portfolio of works,later you need to have as prior working experience in game/character artist field in any scale company.Minding those both essentials,there are chances that you can get into one big comapny.PS: the work experience and portfolio matters.Keep in mind,the pay to game artists is quite low on scale,they are lacking recognition.All the Best:)

How to become a video game designer?

I've been wondering lately of what i want to become. My main interests are becoming an architect, video game design or becoming a dentist. I don't really know much about video game designing or how to become one and the different areas that available when working in this field. If you know how to become a video game designer or things like that can you please break it down for me so i can understand it further. Thanks

In the game artist colony how do you make dylan and ben inspired it keeps saying their too depressed to work.?

•Inspiration- Any artist will become inspired when their inspiration meter reaches 95% or more. An artist cannot work on a masterpiece unless they are inspired. Artists may become inspired by watching a crush (if they're in love), looking at monuments, flowers, water, or looking at the masterpieces of other artists. Take note, looking at nature will only inspire them up to 80%.

•Falling in Love- Artists become more inspired and create more valuable masterpieces when they are in love or have a broken heart. Artists may at some point think about another member of the colony: drag them near that person for them to either fall in love or have a broken heart. Note this is not a permanent event and any artist can fall in love or have their heart broken any number of times.

If Your Artist in Inspired but won't Create- Sometimes you may have inspired artists, but when you drag them to their area of performance, they won't do anything: this is not a glitch. Usually this means you have to either wait for a new month to start, or you need to sell more masterpieces. The key is patience: eventually they'll be allowed to create again.

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