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How To Become Friends With This Girl I Dont Know

How do I become friends with an unknown girl?

Well two possibilities!!1.Offline unknown:This one easy to crack! you just have to approach her and have some formal talks. Few prototypes :a) i think i have seen you somewhere? b) have we met before? your face seems similar? c)hi! i couldn't resist to talk to you would you mind if we can carry this conversation over a cup of coffee?d)Hey i  think you dropped your pen!Disclaimer : this are not tested by me so proceed at your own risk :P2.Online unknown: Well they are really hard to crack.For this maybe you require a solid profile and some really great communication skill that could force her to replyt to your answer!! Because they receive 100 of these hi/hey messages daily! so you need to make your message stand out of crowd to make it work.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Even i was working on it. Well for me it didn't worked out for me. So no more trying to it from my side :)Here's my story :I recently message a girl on quora. my first quora message btw :To Ms. Y :"hi !! well your description is tempting to leave a message to you :PI know you daily receive thousand of these messages !!This is my first quora message btw !!I was just sitting and getting bored and for a moment thought to explore quora messaging :PI won't know how it works until i get some response :PI read you were online most of the time that's why you are my victim :P "Well i knew the probability of getting a reply were nil still i waited odd 15 -20 mins. To confirm that she must have seen it i opened his profile and saw her recent activities and there it was Y upvoted this . zzz . 2 mins ago.Then it confirmed there's no use of waiting for it :P Moral : Deduce yourself!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All the best may you get to know the unknown. May the odds be with you !!

How can I become friends with girls?

I'm an average guy, maybe a little shy not really though, but I can't seem to become friends with any girls. I talk to a few girls occasionally but not on a consistent basis, I'm facebook-friends with a bunch of girls but I don't really even use facebook and it would be weird if I talked to girls on there since I'm not really true friends with any girls. And I have no special interest in anyone at my high school, and I don't see anyone from any other schools. But all my friends are guys, so I was wondering what should I do to be friends with some girls and get their numbers for texting just as friends. It seems like all the girls I see are always with a bunch of other friends at the same time and guy friends. Please help, and no negative feedback. Thanks!

How can I become friends with this girl in college?

I met a girl in one of my college classes. Right now we're just saying hi or how are you to each other when class starts. We don't really talk during class or walk out of class together. I want to become friends with her, but I don't know what to say ever. I'm going to a football game at my old high school this Friday. Should I invite her to it or would that be wierd?
Please give me some advice, thanks

How do I make friends with girls in my class? I dont know anybody in the class or know just 2 to 3 boys. How do I start interacting with girls?

See, be normal when you talk to girls. Don't be too frank as with boys because some girls might spot you as desperate. Be casual in beginning and try talking to them. It will take time if you are introvert but once you understand their nature then you will be their best friends. Be smart leader at time of group activities. This will leave good impression in their eyes. These days girls and boys both can become friends very easily because of broad minds.Don't do any show off or try to force any girl to have a chat with you or else you will loose all friends in class including boys. Don't show that you are in need of friends. Human being is a social animal so friends circle will automatically build up.Visit Universe of Thoughts - Words that reflect your life to read cool blogs written by me on various topics ranging from relations, love, emotions, gaming. technical etc. Also discover cool quotes and poems written by team UoTVisit our YouTube channel and do SUBSCRIBE - Universe of Thoughts

How do I make friends with girls?

There is a famous dialogue from the movie Maine Pyar Kiya, which goes like this "Kya ek jawaan ladka aur ek jawaan ladki kabhi dost ho sakte hain?"Now I assume that you are not one who believe in this statement.Ek ladki bahut achhi dost ho sakti hai unless she is someone as hot as Emma Stone or Scarlett Johansson. It will be tough to remain friends in such case,no!But seriously, keep the following basic things in mind and you are good to go with girls:Be clear in your mind when you approach a girl for the first time. If you start talking to a girl because you are infatuated with her then don’t act like a friend, tell her straight and ask her out. Don’t mess up the things.Even before you get a chance to speak, your body language says much about your intentions and girls can read them. Show it with your moves what you are up to. Don't act as bollywood villains do!Never ask a girl whether you two can be friends, it doesn't work like this. Why, because most guys who can’t ask the girl out for a date straight use this line to reach there and chances are girl won't take it positively.Every girl deserves to be treated with respect and love. Make her feel safe and special around you.Talk about her interests, girls like to talk about themselves. Listen to her patiently (even if she is talking about her boy friend) and don’t offer your shoulder to cry if she’s having problems with her love life. I mean help her out but don’t sympathize too much.Friendship is a chain, in most of the cases you meet one through your mutual friends. Spend time in a group and you will get plenty of opportunities to talk to girls. Chances are you will end up being friends with a few.Be confident and be real, every girl needs a BFF. Girls can be awesome friends and they are less complicated than you would have imagined.Celebrate your friendship more often!

How do you become friends with someone you don't know?

So first off, I'm a girl & I'm a sophomore in high school. There's this one girl I want to become friends with (not because she's popular or anything, I don't even believe she is popular. ALSO, I'm not lesbian, I'm just trying to be nice!). I've seen her around school 3 or 4 times and she's always walking by herself, I think she may have just moved to my school this year because I didn't see her last year, but I don't know. I know NOTHING AT ALL about her, but I added her on myspace earlier, I want to like write to her and say something. I need something friendly to say that could eventually put us to becoming friends, any ideas?

How can I become friends with someone I don't have any classes with (see comments for the details)?

When you don’t share a class or have friends in common, you have to do it yourself. Find out what they’re interested in - you should get some idea from classes they take, or people you both know. Then make an excuse to run into them, maybe at an event they’re interested in, and say something like “hi! I didn’t know you were interested in this. I’m just checking it out for the first time, can you explain it to me a little?” Or if they like to read comment on a book they’re carrying, or if you’ve taken a class they’ve taken or are going to, ask how they like it or what they thought of the teacher. It takes very little to start a conversation- just plan a couple of versions out ahead of time and then just follow the flow. If they don’t react to what you bring up you could ask what they do like to do, or read, or eat, or watch - there are many possibilities. Maybe “I need something to eat and I hate to eat alone. Could you come along and we can talk?”Once you’ve had a conversation with them you can then say hi when you see them and ask how they’re doing with whatever you discussed. Asking for help is always good, too, if you can come up with questions about a class. Try to relax, take deep breaths, make eye contact, and smile.I hope this is helpful!