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How To Become Less Gaurded/be Able To Share More

What makes a dog become food aggressive?

The male was never taught to share his food. Some dogs will guard their food if never taught to share. My one dog became food aggressive at 4 months old when a new puppy tried to share his food. We worked with him and taught him it is OK for other dogs to share his food. Also taught him it's ok for humans to touch his food.

Never take their food bowl away from them while they are eating. This is also another cause of food aggression.

How do I become less of an open book?

Sometimes being like open book are really good. Anyways, change your few little habits, try this - 1) don't explain yourself until you are asked.2) don't give excuse for small thing like for late reply, until you are asked. 3) don't share your each n every feelings too hurriedly to others, only to close friends.4) no need to talk less, utter what are interesting, but don't include yourself everytime in related topic. Instead give examples of other.5) today most of the conversation are on social site, so don't be so accurate on it related to timings and your daily schedule on status.As far I know this must be done atleast.

What steps should an emotionally guarded person take to become more inviting/approachable when dealing with others?

The first step is actually healing your past wounds.Think about it this way. The person is emotionally guarded for a reason. Some things in the past has caused him/her to act this way. People think that time will heal, but it’s not often the case. The inner struggle has to be resolved before you can approach relationships again. Therapists can help because they are trained in understanding how to approach your past conflicts in an easier way & a safe space, but if you can do it yourself, go for it.After that I would encourage the individual to start building trust with a dependable person like a therapist [this is why they are helpful but expensive too] or a dependable friend to get used to a relationship first. Then when you are feeling comfortable about being accepted as a person then you can progress to build more casual relationships.Trying to trust before you are ready might backfire a lot, because the biggest fear for someone that has been hurt in the past is that they will be hurt again. If you are not accepted after they open up, you probably don’t want to open up ever again.Another possibility is that an emotionally guarded person can also just be someone that is extremely skeptical and needs others to prove their trustworthiness before opening up. People that are more guarded in general requires more time to open up, because they are more careful in giving commitments to people. There might or might not be an issue there I can’t say. I’m pretty skeptical myself.In either case, consistency is incredibly important. Consistency in reaching out to each from both the guarded person & the befriending individual to show that this relationship is actually a priority. If there is no consistency, there is probably very little hope. Depending on how guarded the person is, it could be daily to once a week.

How can a man get an emotionally guarded girl to share her feelings with him?

Thanks for the A2A! First & foremost, respect boundaries. If she doesn’t want to talk about something, don’t push it. Assuming she’s just an introvert who is careful about who she shares herself fully with, take your time.Be open about your dreams, goals, let downs & the like. She might reciprocate.Earn her trust by being authentic. People can tell when you’re untrustworthy & they don’t want to open up to phony people.Pause after you ask open-ended questions. Give her time to talk.Let her guide the conversation. She’ll talk about what’s she’s comfortable discussing & eventually feel more & more comfortable sharing more.I’ve got to say this twice because it’s that important- RESPECT BOUNDARIES. If she doesn’t want to open up, drop it. Nothing will get someone to close you out quicker than when you’re pushy.

Im a gemini... who am i compatible with and why?

You are compatible with Aquarius, Libra, Leo and Sagittarius. Air signs and Fire signs get along with each other very good.

Who knows how these two sign are compatible? Capricorn women and scorpio man?

okay if your a Capricorn which is a Cardinal sign, an earth sign, and you're the 2nd decan of this sign.and he's a Scorpio which is a Fixed sign an Water sign and he's the 3rd decan
you guys are very good matches,
If you’re involved with a Scorpio born between 13 November and 22 November, give yourself a pat on the back. These Scorpios are your best match. They are strongly influenced by the Moon, which means your relationship with them will deepen very quickly.
i'm a Scorpio and it's... to be honest VERY hard to charm me, but people can, to charm a Scorpio
based on my experiences with people, smiling and having fun does the trick with Scorpios, also touchy-feely people aren't to bad either, hugging also, pretty much to charm him just believe in him and gain his trust... REMEMBER: it can take years to build trust but only seconds to shatter it.
Just show that your happy with whatever he chooses, a Scorpio usually knows what's going through your mind, and he'll know if he's hurting you.

but... Based on this Scenario, he may still like her i mean having a child with someone can keep a special bond. so don't worry just remember: There million of fishes in the sea.

How to invest and how many minimum shares can i invest?

This is really a broad question. If you have little capital to invest, then putting money into a bucket of stocks is the way to go in my opinion, say a mutual fund or ishares.
If you have a lot of capital and are young, I would say growth stocks, small cap and such, buy as much as you can. You can take on more risk when you are younger and recoup losses over the long run and switch to less risky stuff along the way.

It really depends on many factors, I would check out broker sites like TD Ameritrade and such to help you with this decision. This is a really broad question.

Why do INFP's not like to share their feelings?

They do want to share their feelings, and they actually do so, but only when they feel entirely secure. The problem is they may never be able to say if the environment is indeed secure or not, so they just close up.The inner world of INFPs is sometimes peculiar and the nuances they experience in terms of feelings is not matched by other types. Thus when they talk about their feelings, few relate with what they actually say. The moment they perceive a funny reaction from those they open up to (and they are very perceptive of any form of changes in the outside world via their extrovert intuition) they just shut up. Not having a good extrovert thinking they can't solve this problem efficiently. They often can't judge that those who listen to them sometimes simply want to better understand what the INFP is talking about and not really judge them for what they are. But there are instances when they are indeed judged for what they are, like everyone else may sometimes be. Well, INFPs are not very good at knowing the difference between danger and no real danger when it comes to expressing their feelings.

How to overcome retroactive jealousy?

I stuggled with this when we first got together. Then for quite a while I didn't until a story about their sex life he told me about his ex a few days ago. I told him it upset me and asked that he didn't share some of those details. He didn't seem to think it was a big deal but apologized none the less. Now the "retroactive jealousy" has returned. We've been together 2 and a half years and I've had no previous rerelationship. I suffer from depression anxiety and some insecurities at times anyway and this makes it worse. It's like I play a movie inside my head of their relationship, what it was like, how he felt, etc. He told me it wasn't even a very good relationship at times and then I wonder why did he stay, would he stay with me under those circumstances, etc. We have a great relationship do I don't know why these unwanted thoughts have to torment me. How do I get over it?

Why are some people very private? How does such a trait develop? Is it possible to link this to childhood and if so, how?

There are a lot of reasons people are private. Here are some of the reasons I have observed:1) These days, some people are extra private just to compensate for how generally public our lives have become. They do everything they can do "stay under the radar" because once you are on the radar, it can be very difficult to get off it. By this, I am talking about the epidemic of oversharing that is occurring in today's culture. There are benefits to how easy it is for us to share with today's technology, but there are also a lot of downsides. So someone that seems private, may actually just be less publicly exposed than others. Or they may truly want to keep their info private for fear of it being publicly exposed.2.) Some people are just quiet people and often times this becomes confused with private. I know some people who would never offer up information about themselves to anyone that they don't talk to on a regular basis. However, if you are one of those people they normally talk to, they are going to tell you EVERYTHING. I guess I'm saying, some people are just shy, but once they warm up, they aren't so private after all. A better example of this is people who are shy in person, but post every thought or feeling on social media sites.3) Some people simply don't feel the need to share their person lives with others that are not close to them.4) Some feel they need to bare their own burdens alone. This could be for a number of reasons. Maybe they were screwed over by someone they told something personal too. Maybe they sustained some trauma when they were a child. Maybe they are surrounded by blabber mouths who they can't stand and so do everything they can to avoid being that way.5) Some find comfort in being alone with one's own thoughts. They prefer to sit and think own their own than to socialize with others.6) Some people also keep in a lot of personal details and opinions for fear of being ridiculed due to low self-esteem.7) There are people who have deep dark secrets that they don't want anyone to know about.8) Some people are genuinely paranoid. Some people honestly believe that the world is out to get them. That everyone they talk to could be a government spy looking to steal their life and as part of a giant grand scheme. No seriously, people do believe this.9) And last but not least, there are also people who believe that they are just superior to you and I and that we don't deserve their time of day.