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How To Become Smart If My Dad Is Stupid

Why did I all of a sudden become so stupid?

Its been bugging me lately. I've realized that I have become slower, and slower as the years pass by. When I was a kid, I was the smartest person in my class. When I was in the 1st grade, I was put into a 6th grade reading level. I always got 100%'s on my test from 1st-6th grade. (Yeah, easy times but I did better than all of the other kids). During the SAT's from those grade levels, I would always score as one of the top in my district for that whatever grade level I was in. But ever since the 7th grade, I've dumbed down quite a bit. I got into gaming and my grade dropped down. I never did homework, couldn't focus, or stay awake in my classes. I've completely lost all of my social skills too. I always looked away from the somebodies eyes when I talked to them. I respond to things later than usual. And I can't really do anything right. For example, a teacher would give me directions but somehow I would always screw up or just not be able to follow them. Now comes highschool, and this is where I feel stupid the most. Now for some reason, I'm put into regular leveled classes. During freshman year I couldn't care any less about my grades. I failed about 4 classes just because I was too caught up on gaming. I always used the ''I don't care about my grades'' attitude to cover up the fact that I just didn't understand a damn thing. All my other friends would take notes and understand things right away. About the whole gaming thing, my friends see me as a really good player. I'm better than all of my friends in any game I play. I know a lot about computers and programming. I sleep extremely late just because of video games. I get off at midnight and shower and stuff, which ends up going to bed at 1AM in the morning on weekdays. On weekends I sleep until around 6AM. I don't smoke/drink. There are people in my school who sleep almost as late as I do and drink/smoke a lot, and yet they're still smarter than me. I go on everyday feeling extremely exhausted and tired. So my question is, why was I so smart before? But now I'm completely stupid.

Can stupid people become intelligent or smarter?

Yes. Although I wish I could point to studies or anecdotes. Ask questions, there isn't any such thing as a stupid question.  Of course, the hard part might be listening to the answers, or reading the answers. And ponder the answers until you understand them, and then ask another question. Curiosity and effort can eliminated ignorance. I personally think the brain is very elastic, and that it's really never too late to learn anything. Now, there are reading disabilities, and learning disabilities that would make this a difficult path, but aren't most paths difficult?  Aren't we here for a lifetime? What is effort in comparison?

How can I become less stupid?

How can I become less stupid?Actually, It is kinda simple.Let me present you a small story and you’ll understand the vital mantras of being less stupid.STORY:It was a nice lukewarm afternoon, 4 Monks made an agreement to meditate in silence til next afternoon and not speak a single word… During the day they maintained silence, But as the darkness grew, The flame of the candle started to flicker.Seeing that Monk-I said: Oh, the flame is going outMonk-II said: Eh, we should not speak a single word. Remember?Monk-III said: Why must you two break the silence?Monk-IV said: Ha ha ha! I’m the only one who did not speak!Monk-I got distracted and felt compelled to point out the outside event; Instead, he could’ve just re-lit the candleMonk-II reminded everyone that the rule had been broken. He could’ve just kept meditating and not careMonk-III vented his anger… But, could’ve just stayed calmMonk-IV got carried away with his impure ego… But, instead — could’ve just enjoyed his success in silence.Mistake made by all four of them: Sharing their thoughts without filtering them (none of which added anything to improve the situation).If there had been another wiser monk (Monk-V) — here’s what he would have done: Remain silent and keep meditating.For you to be “less stupid & become smart”, 2 fundamental lessons need to be learned from this storyMoral-I: The more you talk, the more likely you are to say something stupid.Moral-II: If you ought to say something, then add the things that are important to improve the topical situation.The less you talk, the more you can listen. Listening leads to learning. Most of the time, wisdom is cultivated in silenceWhat’s more —When you’re not talking, you have time to observe the situation until you spot a moment when it’s actually important to say somethingOnly speak when you think what you say is likely to have a significant, positive impactAs one quoran (Niklas Göke) in his answer said:The less you speak, the smarter you get. And, maybe not quite coincidentally, the smarter you get, the less you speak.Image and content source: Buddha — Breaking the silence: The Book of ZenHope my answer help you in becoming less stupidAuf Wiedersehen

Who is someone who was stupid and then became smart?

While others point to YOU, I point to MYSELF.As I am always judging my own actions and challenging my knowledge and beliefs, many times I manage to prevent myself from passing as "stupid", thus becoming "smart" (I hope)... ;)However, I would change the word "stupid" by "illiterate" or "uneducated", as "stupid" mainly refer to people who are stubborn and unwilling to listed, learn or change.Question now is: which one fits you? ;)

My dad talks to me like I'm stupid.?

I suffer some form of anxiety for sure, and with my dad talking to me the way he does makes my situation worse. From when he steps foot into the house, he makes me feel nervous. The way he speaks, he always says that he "gives up" all the time. He always makes me feel stupid. The conversation could be about anything. Like today, he thought I didn't know what Harry Potter was. This winds me up, I ended up scratching the back of my wrist with a 1p coin until it started to bleed. I don't know what to do, I just want to get him back and make him out to be stupid.

How can a dumb person become smart ?

Well there are different types of "smartness" or intelligence.... so it depends.

Theres the quick-learning intelligence. This is the ability to learn facts, processes, ideas, formulas, etc quickly w/ little or no help. If u werent born w/ this, there's not much u can do to improve it.

Emotional intelligence is actually now testable. This evaluates how a person reacts emotionally, what is the norm, where they should be & maturity levels, etc. Of course the guy who originally developed this testing, believed that women r ALWAYS less mature in this area than men, so the tests r prejudiced against women & for men. This is something that should develop as we age, but sometimes is stunted for some reason, hard to fix if u've got a serious problem in this area.r

Theres book intelligence. This is really just another term for being highly educated. We always meet people who seem so highly educated, went to college for 10 yrs or more.... yet they make the dumbest choices sometimes. A large vocab or good mental recall of facts doesnt mean ur entirely smart. One can always go to more & more school to get more of this tho...

Theres wisdom intelligence. Which is being able to make wise choices, often involving doing the right thing even when it hurts, balancing ethical & moral behavior w/ what u want. Also a form of maturity. This is something that grows w/ age, but can be added to through experience and many many introspective/retrospective sessions brought on by philosophy classes & stuff like psychology, sociology, cultural anthro, etc. (Humanities & human sciences). Some ppl never have much of this one. A sub-division of this is "common-sense," this is like street-wisdom intelligence, just being able to do the most straight-forward, honest and rational thing when u need to. Common sense is applying the senses & rational mind to figure out the person or situation or problem & solve it in a practical & efficient way. U dont have to be well educated or have a high IQ or be very wise to have some good common sense.

Why Does my dad call me Stupid?

I felt that way, too. I was constantly seemed down on and used to be instructed that my cousin used to be higher at everything and that I wasn't. Wasn't intelligent adequate; wasn't pretty ample. If I got an 'A' on my document card on a difficult field, good, "what took you so long" may be the response. Could under no circumstances win. However, if in case you have any university counselors or any grownup trainer or any adults for your family that you simply look up to to inform about your sorry fats slob of a nugatory father, then i would inform them what you instructed us. I'm hoping this advice helps. Also, when he asks what do you want to be when you grow up, simply believe to your self, "not you, because I have no love or admire for my baby and no appreciate for myself, accordingly now not realizing that after my son grows up and strikes away, i will traditionally kiss that relationship goodbye and be cherished via other humans who would now not mind having a exceptional person like me of their lives." And,FYI, it does now not subject what ethnicity your are, Asian, African-American, Latin-American, who cares. It's the individual inside that makes the man or woman.

Have you ever met a smart person who was stupid?

There are different way I to interpret your questionFirst: me, my sister and some people i know are pretty smart in school ways having master, really good grade and able to do hard abstract thinking but don’t give a hammer and nail we start a fire or kill someone. In some area we well seem genius but in other thing really dumb, confused or clumsy.So with those type of people you could say to yourself “ this this person is so smart how can she do/think something this stupid”Its a bit like Sheldon in the Big Bang theoryThe other way I can interpret your questionIs people that have good intelligence potential but don’t use it. This apply to so many people that its feel depressing. I live in Quebec where 50% + people under 25 go to university yet only around 30% graduate. In high school I had a little more than average grade there was still a lot of people that had better grade. Yet with Facebook I can tell that a ridiculous amount of them didn’t go to university and seem to stop learning about anything. Its like after 17 they stop getting smarter.So in this case your sentence could become : he as so much potential but he does nothing with it! what a waste. The best example i have of this in my life is a guy who 35 years old still at school (not university) and in is mother basement, make almost no money. Yet he use to be better at school than is brother that has a master in aerospace engineering from MC gill university which think is brother could actually be smarter than him.

Why am I so stupid, and everybody else is so smart?


I am a Christian and you are not dumb or stupid. It obvious to me you need my math tips. As for why you are not so good in anything is due the fact you have a Defeatist attitude. do the following and you find you are not a Failure.

1) Pick your sorry butt up, and believe in yourself After all you are better than that. Okay

2) Try doing something and Learn from it - If you fail- So what? Learn from it - the Greatest people in History failed but seceded by keep at it and learning from there mistakes and correcting them


Thomas Edison had three thousand failures with the Light bulb before he got it to work and you give up after one try? - Give me a Break

General Ulysses S Grant was a Failure and a Drunkard but was the greatest Union General and the 17th President of the United States.

The US Military suffered it Great defeat on Dec 7, 1942 when the Japanese attack the Pacific Fleet , and American thought it lost the war . But franklin Roosevelt sent Amd Halsy in he assured the People they Have not because the Japanese made four military mistakes :

1) they didn't attack the fuel tanks
2) The didn't attack the Ship Repairs Area
3) Attack them on a Sunday
4) Gave the US Government grounds to attack them while being attacked : there ambassadors where discussing peace with the US government and silence the war protesters which were a stumping block

Albert Einstein was consider stupid by the scientist of his day until his theories start checking out.

there are Countless examples I could give you in history of stupid people who are smart and Viceversa

As ADD only a Medical doctor can make that evaluation

Here a websites for My Math tips:;...

I hope this helps

How to become a lighter sleeper??no stupid answers?

I dont know why anyone would want to become a lighter sleeper, but i used to be a VERY heavy sleeper. I could sleep through a tornado. but when i moved in with my dad he would always wake me up in the morning and i hated it! Now if i hear someone walking to my room i instantly wake up because of what my dad did. Its a curse!