How To Become Stronger After Injuries

Do muscles get stronger after they heal from injury?

Yes they do! Everytime they heal they get stronger, becuase sometimes there is pain when they tear or rip, and that means you have more pain tollerence for the next rip, thus making your muscles stronger and able to stand more pain!

Do broken bones heal stronger than before the injury?

Sort of…. During the healing process a callus forms around the fracture site. The callus is ossified (turned into bone). Since the callus is bigger than the original bone, there is usually more bone tissue than originally at the fracture site. On the other hand the orientation of the bone tissue in the healed area is not organized very well. In normal compact bone tissue the osteons all run parallel to each other giving the bone tissue great strength. So - at the healed site there is usually more bone tissue, but the tissue is not as strong. Over time (years) the bone tissue will remodel itself such that the internal organization will be closer the original, and the overall shape of the bone will become more like it was originally.

Is Vader stronger before or after his injuries?

After his injuries. Stronger in the Dark Side? Oh, yes. Stronger with the Force in general? I'm gonna say, still yes.Before his injuries, as Anakin Skywalker, he was undeniably naturally strong with the Force. Perhaps the strongest of any Jedi to have ever lived.After his injuries, as Darth Vader, he became “more machine than man.” Unnaturally strong with the Force. Aside from the mechanical strength the suit gave him (physically much stronger than Anakin’s pre-injury body), Vader lived in a bubble, in a sense. He lost all connection with those he loved and was thus forced look inside himself, to dwell on his anger, regret, hatred — all the emotions that make one grow stronger with the Dark Side.In his first few years as the suited-Vader, the remaining Jedi that survived Order 66 tried to kill him (both individually and working in teams) several times. They all failed, beaten by the the sheer strength-in-the-Force that was Darth Vader. He was still stronger with the Force in general than all the Jedi who came against him.

Does pulling a muscle make you stronger?

"Pulling a muscle" is different from what you're thinking of, which is "tearing down a muscle." When you "tear down" a muscle, you're breaking the bonds between muscle cells at a molecular level, and when they rejoin, they get stronger. They also produce lactic acid, which if not flushed out, will make your muscles sore. This is why people confuse injuring their muscles with the same pain that is experienced when you "tear down" a muscle and have muscle soreness the next day.

"Pulling a muscle" is actually an injury called a "strain" where you stretch a muscle beyond where it is supposed to be stretched. Symptoms of a strain are swelling, soreness, and sometimes bruising, but without the bruises it would be easy to dismiss a strain as post-workout soreness.

The main difference in the pain is that with a strain, the pain is immediate, while your pain from your tear down will happen later on, as the lactic acid builds up in your muscles.

Did Darth Vader become stronger after burning on Mustafar? Considering that losing most of his body tissue and hatred of Obi-Wan pushed him to become more knowledgeable in the Force.

He actually became much weaker after his defeat from Obi Wan on mustafar. I believe the emperor mentions this to him at some point in one of the Vader comics.One of the biggest abilities Vader lost the option to have was force lightning. Due to the loss of his left forearm, being left with both robotic forearms for his left and right arms, he was rendered unable to generate force lightning, a very powerful Sith ability.Vader used his hatred to keep him alive, but had he not been so badly injured, he would have been so much more dangerous to his enemies.Vader relied heavily on his life support systems, which could be damaged and exploited by his enemies during combat. This was a problem for him, and although even if the systems went down he could keep himself alive, he couldn’t do it for very long.Darth Vader was very powerful, but compared to his former self, he was weaker.You could argue that his pure anger and hatred for his existence made him stronger, but in reality he was much weaker due to his heavy reliance on robotics and life support.The only thing made stronger by his defeat was his presence. His suit and mask, basically the entire ensemble, was completely overpowering to anyone in his presence.

Why do tendons/ligaments become weaker after injury, but bones stronger after injury?

Bones, ligaments and tendons are different types of tissues in the body that repair themselves differently when injured.Bones respond to use from most exercise by becoming more dense (stronger).Ligaments connect muscles to bone and once torn are slow to repair themselves without surgical repair. Imagine a piece of duct tape being cut at one end by 10 or 20%. The remaining percentage decreases the ability of the muscle or group to exert forces.Tendons conduct movement and limit travel of bones. The muscles power the movement. The ligaments attach the muscle to bone and the bones contain the forces acting on them.Part of the balanced approach in training is to allow sufficient time for these connecting tissues and bones to adapt to heavier loads and longer duration of use.Low impact lifting, swimming and others provide resistance without the foot, knee and spine jarring that running and cycling can cause.People who are.middle aged need to help their bones before getting used to running or cycling. They can get started with light weights and increase bone density immediately.

Can a fractured bone heal stronger than before the injury?

First of all, it will all depend on the type of fracture, the treatement given to it and the age of the individual.Kim is right about the micro-fractures. It is a common practice in martial arts/combat sports to cause these micro-fractures. It is the same mechanism used for muscles: stress the bone/muscle, let it rest, heal and repeat. However, just as Kim said, it is not recommended to ‘microfracture’ your bone just too make it stronger over time. If the bone is under too much stress, an actual fracture can take place and only the diagnosis and time will tell if it will heal normally and other factors will tell if previous activities or motions can be retaken.McRee has an example of fractures in subadults and infants. Since they are still in development, bones can heal and grow normally. They will not be stronger; they’ll be a lot weaker during the first weeks after the fracture; thay’s why a cast and other instruments are used to immobilize body segments, to prevent them from moving from the desired position. Once healed (assuming it was treated correctly), the bone will grow normally and the fracture can barely be noticed in some cases on X-rays during adulthood.However, in adults, the fracture is completely different since the bone has finished its development and, with age, it weakens along with the rest of the body.I want to make emphasis about stronger bones. If there’s no reason for bones to be stronger (i.e. adapt to a type of stress like any physical activity), they will not be stronger since they do not require to be so.

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