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How to check liver cancer in Human Body?

Can liver cancer be cured? ?

My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 47. They took out the piece that had the cancerous tumor. When they found out it had started to go to the lymph nodes,they took those tumors out to. On my mothers last appointment with the doctor he said the scan showed activity in her liver. My mother has secondary liver cancer. We looked at the xray and there is 3 spots in my mothers liver. The doctor said the cancerous spots could be surgically removed. Is this true? I think the doc lied. He said "they can cut that piece out ". I thought it was only one spot in her liver. But the xray shows 3 spots. Can this be cured?Please be honest. I like to be told the truth. I feel so divested. I don't cry in front of my mother cause I don't want to worry her but i cry at night in my room when shes asleep. What am I going to do without her? If she passes away i don't think i can handle it.

Liver cancer/function?

my grandma said the docs think she has liver cancer..gets test.. then tells me the results were her liver function/level is a 2.. and she needs transplant... but too old plus not in good health.. she has also had hep b for over 30 years... wanting to know how bad a 2 is and an estimated time she has left... she will not tell me anymore... she will not even tell me if it is cancer... i know her hep b caused alot of the problem... just not sure how serious this is... how long can liver function at a 2?

What r the symptoms of liver cancer?

No early symptoms - there are often no symptoms in its early stages
Upper right abdomen pain
Swelling in upper right abdomen
Abdominal pain extends to back and shoulder
Swollen abdomen
Enlarged liver
Weight loss
Loss of appetite
Feeling of fullness
Jaundice - and the various symptoms of jaundice:
Yellow skin
Yellow eyes
Darker urine
Fluid retention
Asymptomatic in early stages
Abdominal lump
Abdominal pain
Abdominal swelling
Weight loss
Loss of appetite
Early puberty in boys
Liver damage
Metabolic disturbances

Is it possible to have liver cancer with normal blood?

From what injury is the liver nodule regenerating? What does your Dr say about the nodules or potential cysts? Why were you having the CT scan? Parts of the puzzle here are missing.

If the test you are talking about is an alpha-feta-protein AFP this is not a very accurate marker for all types of liver cancer. Usually this test would be done with a complete CBC also which might also give some indication of your having cancer.

There is no way to guarantee that you might not have a very small liver tumor but the results you have mentioned do not indicate that the radiologist suspected liver cancer.

This link might help you.

What does a liver do for your body?

cleans your blood