How To Check Whether It Is Genuine Bag

Where can I check the serial number on my Coach bag?

I just bought two bags and I have some pretty good experience and knowledge in knowing real from fake designer bags, however I'm looking to prove a friend wrong (she doesn't believe it's real) about the bag being real since I bought it Plato's Closet, and someone has owned it before and they traded it in. So if anyone couldtell me where I can check the serial numbers, if I can, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

How do you tell if an Etienne Aigner bag is authentic?

I think if it is reasonably priced it is probably a knock off. Also...where did you buy it at? A lot of these designer least the current ones or the ones that don't have a manufacturers flaw....are only available at high priced stores or boutiques. Sometimes...if you carefully look at the handcrafting in the lining you can see whether or not it is a knock off.

How can I check if my Nine West bag is authentic/real?

I got this Nine West bag from a yard sale. It is brand new and unused and still has the original tag on it. It says it was $59.00 and has the serial bar/number and everything. I want to know if there's any way to check if it's real by it's appearance or if there's any websites where you can put in the serial number or something to check if it's real.

How can I tell the difference between an authentic Louis Vuitton bag and an imitation?

I would be happy to give you a 1–2–3 sequence but it’s not that easy.The key to difining a fake is knowing the original bag, all its details. So it really depends on the bag. The first thing you need to check if this model exists. You can do that via old Louis Vuitton catalogs. However, there are some things that generally are wrong in fake Louis Vuitton items.1) The date code. The date code is not the only factor that proves bag to be authentic or not but it’s very important. Use a Louis Vuitton date code checker here  a[1]nd see if your code is valid. If the date code says that the bag was released in 2008, use a catalog to check if the bag was really available in 2008. If the date code implies that the bag was manufactured in Spain, check the ‘made in’ plate to see if that’s the case.2) The heatstamp.This is an image of an AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton ‘made in’ heatstamp in recent bags (from 2000 onwards).It is little bit different but I bet you can see a pattern here. The leather plate is nice and has sharp edges. The O is very round, V and N are very sharp on the bottom. This heatstamp may be embossed on the leather on onto the lining, it is different depending on the model. Still you may compare the font on your bag to these pics and see if they match.Here are some FAKE LVs just for reference to see the difference.3) Hardware and stitching quality.Here’s a comparison of an authentic Louis Vuitton Pallas with a fake one, but I am gonna illustrate just the hardware part. The left picture is of an authentic bag. See the difference in quality?All in all, to be able to tell real Louis Vuitton items from fakes you need to check that there are no red flags:1) Have knowledge of Louis Vuitton product lines (catalogs & forums) to know if this model ever existed. If that’s a real model, check.3) Check the quality of the bag to see if there are red flags. Does stitching seem to have high quality? Are there any loose threads? Is glazing dark red, not just strawberry jam red?4) Check the ‘made in’ tag to see if there are red flags. Is the font correct?5) Check the date code. Is it valid? Is it in line with what ‘made in’ tag says?These are the primary steps. But of course to be able to tell real bags from fakes you need experience. So in case you ever need help - I’ll be glad to help.Footnotes[1] Bagaholic TV: Buy Authentic Preloved Louis Vuitton Bags

How do I know if this bag is fake??

How to know if my designer bag is fake???
I got a tommy hilfiger bag and want to know how i know if it's real or fake. What are things i can check where-to see if it's a real or fake.??????
the details- i got it as a gift so i don't know where they bought it. If its from a ross store is it fake? it has T then H decorated on all sides. It has a tommy hilfiger name on the outside of the purse and inside.
thank you to you wonderful people

How can u tell if just cavalli bag is original?

Here are a few steps to take in making sure your bag is an original:

Avoid purchasing your bag from flea markets. If you're at a flea market, more likely than not the purse is going to be fake. They're not all fake, but most are. If you are looking for a real bag at a Flea market, be sure you know all the tell-tale signs of fakes.

Examine stitching. Make sure that the stitching on the bag is nice and neat. No sloppy stitching! Design Houses take pride in the quality of their products.

Check the tags. Make sure the tags inside of the bag are either stamped into leather or hand-stitched (example of an obvious fake: the tag on the inside doesn't have a name on it). Also look for a tag on the outside. Many designers have authenticity tags on the outside of the bags.

Look at the material. If the bag is leather make sure that it smells like leather. Also, it should be heavy like a leather jacket.

Verify the logo. Bags with Logos: The most "knocked off" bags are the ones you should be careful of because it's so easy to be taken advantage of. Most Design houses like Louis Vuitton who make bags with their signature logo or monogram have ways to tell if it's fake or real. Louis Vuitton's signature "LV" bags are the hardest to detect a fake. When you look at the stitching on the sides and you see the "LV" it should be continued onto the other side of the bag and this also goes for the other symbols on the bag. The leather on the handle, after a few weeks, should look like a good worn leather jacket does. It should have that aged look.

Look for evidence. Look for things to see if it is authentic. Look for a serial number, a stamp inside that says the brand (may not be in all bags). Also, check and see if the logo is true when it comes out of a dust bag. For example, most knockoff Chanel bags have interlocking Os instead of Cs. This actually makes it legal to sell. Then they snip it to make it look real when it comes out. Beware of this.

Good Luck,

How do you find out the difference between an original American Tourister Backpack and a duplicate one?

Yeah you can find it out just by observing the following thingsZips ( contains trademark as AT )Straps ( you can find white coloured straps inside which contains the details about materials used and directions to wash etc)Inner material used ( on the black colourd material inside there was written American tourister all over it in a small way you can see it if you observe it closely) This the best way to find out whether it's original or notAnd mostly you can find you in many dupicates they'll write likeAmerica touristerAmerican touristInstead of American tourister.