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How To Connect A Magnavox Odyssey To A Modern Telelvision

How to hookup a Magnavox Odyssey?

Make sure that all the cables are connected tightly. Make sure the switch is set to game. And adjust the TV's fine tuning (the outside part of the tuner knob).
Edit: Make sure the switch is connected to the VHF terminals on the TV.

How to connect a Magnavox Odyssey to a modern telelvision?

So I have recently just come across my very own Magnavox Odyssey 300 and Magnavox Odyssey 3000.

So basically I am wondering how, if possible, can I connect this to a HDMI port?

If that isn't possible what about the Red Blue Green cables?

Or Red Yellow White?

Also links to whatever connectors I would need would be helpful. Preferably things on Ebay, but anything is helpful at this point lol

thank you in advance

Xbox 360????

Yes and yes, again. The new Premium consoles with HDMI ALSO include the heatsinker that came installed with the Elite. Sorry, but the 65nm chips aren't installed, yet. They WILL come soon, Microsoft said.

What is a list of things that exist now but didn't exist when you were a kid?

I was born in 1960.  We had two channels on the TV.  When I was about seven, my grandfather bought us the first colour TV on the block.We had one phone - a land line with a rotary dial and a cord from the handset to the base (about 3 feet).  Cell phones did not exist.  When we renovated the basement, we put in an "extension" phone.When I was about eight, my father brought home a new tool from work - a calculator.  We were amazed.My father bought and added air conditioning to his company car.  It hung under the dash and was about ten cm deep and close to 80 cm wide.  Air conditioning was a very expensive option on very expensive cars.When I was about fourteen, we got Pong.  That was the first real video game that could be used at home.  That was the last video game that I was dominant on. :(  Edit - Tim Cole told me that the Magnavox Odyssey is the first home video game.  I still rocked at Pong though.  We never had a computer.  My parents, now 89, have never used a keyboard for anything.  My father worked in an insurance office and my mother was a laboratory technician who went on to teaching at the University.  We had a cottage and we got TV via an antenna on the roof.We never had any "play dates".  We just went out and played.  All of our playtime was unstructured, unsupervised and if possible out of sight of adults.  Parents never got involved except to make sure that homework was done and to call us for meals and bedtime.  Nobody wore a helmet on a bike or a seat belt in a car.  When we were travelling for a long trip, my Dad would put a sheet of plywood on the back seat and we would play on it while they ignored us from the front. There were no "helicopter" parents.  We were expected to deal with stuff ourselves with a minimum of violence.  We went high tech with an Eight Track tape deck in the early 70's.  Before that, it was vinyl records and that fat sound.  Sigh!I started in Engineering in 1978.  One of my classes in my first semester was on how to use a slide rule.