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How To Contact Capital One

Capital One- is this a scam?

The call is NOT from Capital One. This SCAM has been common for YEARS. They have claimed to represent EVERY bank on the planet at one time or another. Anyone it HASN'T happened to doesn't have a phone.

My favorite is the call from 'account services' about my 'current credit card account'. I haven't had a credit card for more than 3 years.
If ANY financial institution contacts you for ANY reason, the FIRST thing they will do is identify the financial institution they are calling form. The SECOND thing they will do is confirm YOU are the person they attempting to contact by using YOUR name. If they say ANYTHING else before doing BOTH of the above, it is a scam. Doing both does not guarantee it is not a scam, but failing to do so guarantees it is.
Also note: A legitimate financial institution will NEVER ask for personal information if they contacted you. They will ONLY ask if you contacted them. You should NEVER contact them except by using a PUBLISHED number. Any number provided by someone that contacted you is part of the scam.

Note2: If the inquiries are 'soft' inquiries, that means your account match criteria they submitted for to send 'pre-qualified' offers. If they are 'hard' inquiries, that indicates someone applied for credit using your information. The credit report should clearly indicate the type of inquiry.

How do you activate a Capital One account?

The process might have changed during the last years. Currently, this is what you have to do.If you haven’t enrolled for an account yet:Follow this link: will need to provide your personal information. Most of it can be found on the papers you received with your credit card.The verification process is included into the steps they provide. For your safety, be sure to use an e-mail that you know the credentials for.If you have already enrolled and are waiting for verification:Most companies provide different verification options. It’s probable that you have to receive a link after you’ve created the account. (Contact the company if you’ve lost it)That link usually expires, so if you didn’t activate it in time, you have to do the same thing - contact the company and ask for a new one.The verification link you’re supposed to receive can be sent over phone or e-mail. Be sure you’ve given the right address / phone number when you registered.Since Capital One provides more account types, you can log differently depending on the type you use.Here’s a guide for the online banking platform that also provides relevant help links: Capital One Online Banking Login.

Capital One won't accept my power of attorney!!!?

If you have a POA that was drafted by the military and signed by your husband prior to deployment, then that is all you need.

You must have talked to some idiot in a cubicle who has no understanding of your rights and your husbands rights under the The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act of 1940 (“SSCRA”)

You need to talk to a Supervisor not just a temp. Also if you get someone who does not speak english very well, you have the right to request to speak to an american citizen.

Also under the SSCRA, your husbands credit card interest rates must be reduced and your mortgage interest rates must be reduced as long as he has requested this action be taken. (this should have been done by his units admin prior to deployment).

I have provided a link for you to research your rights in the source section.
Hope this helps answer your question.

How do I get my Capital One account and routing numbers before I get my card?

You can find this information on your Capital One mobile application.Sign in and click on the account you need the routing and account number for.There should be a tiny little “i” next to your available balance. Click that, and your account number and routing number will be displayed, (along with interest earned and APY if available on your account).Hope this helps!

How do you do a wire transfer with Capital One?

Sending Wire Transfer From Capital OneTo transfer funds to an International/Domestic account from your Capital One account, you will need to visit a Capital One Bank branch or call the number listed on the back of your debit card. You will require the receiver’s complete information as mentioned in the above section to initiate the wire transfer. Also, note the following points:Wire transfer requests must be received and confirmed by cut-off time of Capital One for same-day transaction.There is a fee for sending a wire transfer.Check this link for more details: Capital One Wire Transfer

Is there a number to call to activate my Capital One card?

Yes. There is two way you can go about it.One via the phone number: 1–800–678–7820AndSecond via the website: Sign In

How do I get my Capital One credit card number and CVV?

Very odd, Erick, that your profile is completely empty, and not even this question is listed as one you've asked, and there is absolutely nothing in your edits.That, and that anyone who has a credit card would know to simply look at it for these numbers.With these in mind, I can only conclude, unless you're willing to get back to me in the comments with an explanation, that you're one of the many who use Quora trying to figure out ways to use other people's cards to obtain money or products illegally.