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How To Cope With The Summer For Asthma Sufferers

What is the permanent cure for Asthma?

I suffered from acute bronchitis for almost all of my childhood, it was too frustating till i joined college. i started regular exercising in gym, it was very difficult at first but now i am absolutely fine. I can eat what i want, go wherever i like. So, i would suggest you to start exercising daily. It will make you healthy.

How do you treat asthma?

Asthma cure from ayurvedic medicine:I am not a doctor,but an asthma patient.There is asthma in my family history also.I narrate how a miracle happened and completely cured my asthma.I am asthma patient since my childhood.Now I am 68 years old.I was controlling my asthma with inhalers, anti-allegic tablets,sometimes with oral steroids.I know what triggers my asthma. I was avoiding all triggers and managing.One of my friends,gave me some seeds ,saying it improves joint pains .Since I suffer from knee pain,I accepted them and started using themwef Oct 15th,2017.After using for a week, I felt some improvement in my asthma condition.I started increasing spacing of inhalers and completely avoided wefNov 1st,2017,but continued tablet daily (Monteculast sodium+citrizen).I found lot of enthusiasm and stopped that tablet also wef Dec 1st,2017.It is simply a miracle to have asthma relief even in winter also.The seeds I used are : (3mg + 3mg soaked in water for 12 hours,morning and evening before food).Mahabeera in telugu, Talmakhana in Hindi,KOKILAKSHA in Sanskrit (ikshura,gokshura,gogulkanta)Botanical name-Hygrophila spinose T anders,AstercanthaFamily-Acanthus. I got these names from web search.Fortunately these are available in my place,at Nellore.Andhra Pradesh,India.I started suggesting this to many sufferers. One lady got complete relief,some people got 50% relief. Some people did not get relief. Some people neglected its use.I hope some research is to be done by institutes on this to be useful to more people.

What is the best treatment for an asthmatic allergy?

It would be difficult to explain the detailed treatment of asthma on this forum. However, I would like to give the guidelines of the treatment.Asthma is a reversible conditionAsthma can be life threatening.Asthma begins usually in childhoodSmoking, pollution and environmental irritants and allergens such as dust mites and animal dander can aggravate or trigger it.Asthma can worsen if a proper lifestyle is not followed. Refer to my article on Articles and WhitepapersAsthma can affect your quality of life leading to chronic misery.All this can be overcome if we diagnose Asthma early and take regular and proper treatment on a continuous basis.The most important treatment after good environment control isInhalation TherapyThis consist ofSteroidbeta agonist bronchodilators which may be either short acting such as salbutamol or long acting like salmetrol and formetrol.Supporting drug:theophylline, montelukast, antihistamine (limited role) and the latest being Omalizunab an anti IgE drug.These should be taken under the supervision of an Asthma specialist with regular home monitoring.Lifestyle should improve with a healthy diet and regular exercise.Studies have shown that 75% of Asthma patients have allergic rhinitis and 30 % of Allergic rhinitis have underlying Asthma.Hence it is important that allergic Asthma patients be treated with intranasal steroids. One of the reason why many asthma patients do not respond is due to failure to recognize this nasal allergy.Hence all allergic asthma patients of moderate to severe persistent type should be on:intra nasal steroids (Mometasone, Fluticasone, Budesonide and Beclomethasone.).In addition if the IgE is more than 1500UI/ml, therapy with omalizumab may be considered.if the patient’s Forced Expiratory volume (FEV1) measured by the lung function test is more than 80% with treatment, then this patient must be considered for immunotherapy. For further details on Immunotherapy, please refer to: Managing Allergy

Is it normal for allergy sufferers to have an unending stuffy nose?

I am right there with you... My daughter has had the same thing for over 2 months. There is a terrible virus that is going around right now. What happens is the virus is running it's course, their body fights it off. They seem to start getting better. Well that is not the end of it, because the virus morphs, or changes just enough to keep the stuffy head going. Keep a close eye on his ears too. My daughter ended up with a secondary ear infection caused by all of the congestion. Sudafed and Ibuprofen seem to help the most to keep her cleared up.

Are beagles good dogs for people with asthma?

If your allergies include dog dander, the beagle wouldn't be the best choice..
Hypoallergenic dog breeds are those touted as being hypoallergenic; that is, provoking fewer allergic reactions in allergy sufferers.

There are various coat types that are said to produce fewer allergens: single-coated dogs, who do not have a thick undercoat; dogs whose coat continues to grow, like human hair, rather than shedding regularly; and hairless dogs. These breeds usually shed less dander and hair and are, therefore, considered hypoallergenic. However, even hairless dogs can produce enough dander to affect a highly allergic person.

List of hypoallergenic breeds

Single-coated breeds

* Afghan Hound
* Basenji
* Bedlington Terrier
* Bichon (all types)
* Bichon Frisé
* Bolognese (dog)
* Cairn terrier
* Chinese Crested (hairless)
* Coton de Tulear
* Greyhound
* Havanese
* Irish Water Spaniel
* Italian Greyhound
* Kerry Blue Terrier
* Lowchen
* Lhasa Apso
* Maltese
* Poodles (all sizes)
* Poodle hybrids
* Portuguese Water Dog
* Schnauzer (all sizes)
* Shih Tzu
* Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
* Yorkshire Terrier
* Whippet
* Native American Indian Dog
* Border Terrier

Hairless breeds

* American Hairless Terrier
* Chinese Crested (hairless)
* Mexican Hairless Dog (Xoloitzcuintli)
* Peruvian Hairless Dog

Anyone who has asthma?

Please, if you have any reason to think that you have asthma, go get checked by a doctor! A friend of ours just died of asthma complications...he was 35. It can be controlled, but you really need to get this checked out. Your life could depend on it.

How do you get bronchitis in the summer time?

Seasons don't matter. It's the virus. I take it that we are just talking 'Standard' chest infection? Some people are just proned to them. My sister was when she was a child. If it lingers, see a doctor,get anti biotics. I take Vitamin C every day and it seems to keep a lot of them blighters away.