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As a citizen, in what ways are you improving Indonesia?

The most tangible contribution from me right now is to contribute to the economy and become a good citizen. I pay taxes regularly and I have stopped taking away IDR 350 million per year from people’s taxes to Singapore to fund my study. I was also responsible with my scholarship by being transparent, from reporting all expenses and school grades to helping the new minister to solve scholarship-related problems. In the society, I always try to use public transportation whenever possible.What about my job? I am in charge of travel disruption management products where we aim to make people’s journey as smooth as possible, even in unexpected situations. As an archipelago, Indonesia relies on air transportation, and by making people’s air journey hassle-free I could help in improving people’s mobility. There are still things to improve in this sectors and I hope to make many contributions here.On the other hand, I am aware that my achievement in winning a gold medal at the 7th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) in 2013 gave a domino effect in the field of astronomy olympiad in Indonesia.Firstly, I broke the 5-year gold-less streak for Indonesian team at IOAA. It was tough because my team knew how good our predecessors were, but they did not manage to grab the gold home. Therefore, when the stakeholders in Indonesia first heard about my result, they were jubilant. Of course I was also jubilant.But beyond my “direct” contribution of winning that medal, my achievement raised a belief that we could actually perform well at IOAA. A guy was preparing for his national olympiad when I won at IOAA. 2 years later, Joandy Leonata Pratama - in front of my eyes - continued my achievement and made it even better by topping IOAA 2015 and becoming the absolute winner.Beyond our medals, we hope that we have inspired our juniors to work hard and achieve their dreams. We make them believe that there is nothing that should make them inferior to. Even if the quota for national team is limited, we have raised students’ interest in Astronomy or science in general. At least that can help to fight flat earth theory, eh?

Which software is good for data entry?

Hi,Great question!It depends on the use case, if you only need to collect data on a computer with internet access Google Forms can work just fine. If you won’t have internet access and you need to collect more information (Location, Pictures, Signatures, Numbers, Lists…) you may want to read this.