How To Deal With A Teacher That Hates You.

How to deal with a teacher that hates you?

Sorry you're having that experience.

School years K - 12 is not just for's also opportunity to learn about self and others...classmates, teachers, various staff. Hopefully you have added resources of guiding parents, another relative, school counselor, parent of a friend, etc. that you can seek added insight to your problem here.

Till then...I'll share this reply that I'd shared with my own son and daughters who are now 15, 19 and 22.

Take this opportunity to learn the skills of how to manage / relate with those who don't like you (or that you don't like).

As you grow further into adult years you will be experiencing people who don't like you (.a neighbor, co-worker, family member, etc.) and you'll be faced with dealing with them.

So, take this as a "gift of a lesson" that's been presented on your path.

When my kids had more challanging situations I'd role play with them, taking turns with both roles so they'd be more enlightened and better equiped to handle the situation. If you're parent isn't open for role playing this situation then you can do this on your own. Just an added idea.

Basically this role play situation is opportunity to openly view both sides of situation. Is this situation a "problem" or a challange? Seeing as a "challange " is more empowering view when moving through a frustrating situation.

Bottom line is . . . whether in school or neigbhorhood, community, family, workplace, etc. (especially workplace and family), this situation is bound to come up.

Life presents on our path the "gifts of opportunity to learn". You did'nt state your age so hope you can grasp this concept of " lesson " that's here for you to take into your transition to adult years.

Using these tools, outcome may or may not be to your peace and satisfaction. That happens in life also. And, to younger persons that's especially frustrating. Know won't always be able to change a situation. What a person CAN change is how they react to any given situation. Know that experience is what we get when we don't get what we want. Yet, we can learn tools to manage through those challanging life moments.

" I'm not afraid of the storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship ".

Peace to you.

How to deal with a teacher who hates you?

you should still tell your parents. that way a school counselor (you can also just tell the counselor) can get involved and talk to the teacher. i had a problem with a teacher once too, and it ended up with her, my mother, me, and the school counselor all having a meeting, and during the meeting she was very indignant, but then she laid off afterwards. if you show you are willing to do something, she will chill out. otherwise, she will walk all over you. she's probably just a bitter old maid but if other adults scold her for being a jack, she will probably snap out of it-realize she's being incorrect, you know? after all, she doesn't want to get fired, and teachers are supposed to teach, if people see this teacher isn't teaching well, and she's not being helpful/encouraging to the students, she looks REALLY bad. you have the upper hand here. but you definitely need to tell someone. if after whatever meeting you guys have, she STILL gives you a hard time, you could probably go up even higher in the chain of command at your school (like principal or something? i forget whose at the top) and really screw her :D. best of luck to you

How to deal with a teacher who hates you?

Ok, I'm not sure about his feelings, but my head-teacher makes me feel miserable.I'm not from the same city as most of my colleagues, but from a smaller town, however I'm at the top of my class.
But my teacher uses this argument to make fun of me and humiliate me in front of my colleagues, and that's how I can't get along with them either.
He made up a pathetic nickname for me, and the whole class now uses it to call me.I've repeatedly told them I hate being called like that, and that they should just use my first name, but they like to poke fun at me, so that I barely talk to them although I'm entering my 3rd year of highschool.
I can't really respond to my teacher because if I'm ironic he'll become aggressive and start discriminating me in examinations, so everything will go even worse.He makes me feel so bad, I'd just like to be invisible sometimes.

How to deal with a teacher that hates you?

My orchestra teacher hates me so much its not even funny. I am in a advanced orchestra group in high school and she just stares at me like a hawk every second I am in her class and every mistake I make she calls me out in front of the class. This is bad because she makes me really nervous and I mess up a lot in front of her. She thinks that I am so stupid and she greatly regrets accepting me into the higher group. Everyday, I go into her class regretting it. I cannot change back into the lower group because one, its embarrasing, two, there are no more spots left. I am the only one she picks on. What should I do????
Thank you so much

How to deal with a teacher that hates you.?

My English teach is the biggest b**** I've ever met. She gave me an F on a project that I clearly met all the requirements for I triple checked everything before even leaving the house. She then gave me a demerit (if you know what that is) for someone else's trash that wasn't even on my desk! She just assumed it was mine just because I sit next to the desk. Really? -_- So I explained my side of the story and she didn't want to hear anything I said. I even told my parents so they could help me..She STILL refused.

How do you deal with a teacher that hates you?

First of all, I am sure she doesn't "hate" you. I suggest you sit down and talk to her. Let her know you are concerned and hurt that you don't get good reports and you want to know why. Ask for specifics. If that does not satisfy you, discuss it with your parents and have them set up a parent teacher meeting with you present. Be sure if you hear anything that is not correct about you, that you say that it is not correct and explain what is correct.

Do your best and be as respectful as possible at all times. You have to make sure that you’re always in the right. This is not going to be easy, but it’s the best thing you can do. If the teacher is blatantly out of line, go to an administrator if you can trust them. If you can’t, go to your parents and explain the situation. I say go to the parents last depending on the type of parent you have. Some parents go in guns blazing and looking for blood which won’t help your situation at all. Teachers and administrators usually shut down and take the side of the teacher when the yelling starts. This usually only works if you’re in the right which is where my first bit of advice comes in. Don’t spend any more time with them than you have to. Be there for class and then leave promptly when dismissed.

How to deal with a teacher you hate?

I am a slight rebel myself, I cannot handle people talking to me that way. If she had anything to say about my clothes in a negative way I would just say, "Really? You're not fond of my clothes? Lucky for you, you don't have to wear them! So we both win!" I know super rude but that is going to sound really silly to the Principal when/if you get sent to the office. Especially when you explain to the Principal that she insulted your clothing style which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the lesson at hand--especially if it is within the school handbook (like not inappropriate etc).

Or you can just kill her with kindness, and bring your teacher some cough drops because you thought she was sick. And when she says, "You think I am sick?" Just respond, "Why, yes, isn't that why your voice is so pitchy?"

I hope what I said at least made you feel better even if you don't actually do them. Just go ahead and report it to the school office and your parents. Good luck.

How to deal with teachers you hate?

Dont get on there nerves is the first thing, because then they will begin to hate you. Also, just don't even focus on teacher, focus on schoolwork. If it gets bad enough asked to be switched (talk to your counselor about schedule changes). Also just breathe, you won't like everyone in the world, but sometimes you just have to put up with them.

I totally understand your problem. I faced this issue in class 10, and I remember my Maths teacher telling me that I would never do much in life. She told me that it was impossible for me to score above 80% in my 10 ICSE board exams and I wouldn't score well in Maths too. She really hated me and this struck me from within. The result? I started despising her and made it a point to prove her wrong. I scored 95.6% overall and got 95% in Maths. And all she could do was smile.The key  here my  friend is, to really ignore what the world thinks about you.It is a defect of the society to judge someone because of any action which the person might have done and that judgement can really make or break you. Mostly, it just breaks you. I request you to take it positively.Good.Your teacher hates you. What  now?Are you gonna sit, and think why she/he hates you? Useless work....Are you gonna sit there and try to resolve it? Too much work....(unless the teacher means something to you).Are you gonna  prove how silly he/she is? An idea....And will you learn something worthwhile? Well...that's definitely  worth it :DI hope you do well in life.